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Passionate travelers know how important it is to have a good itinerary. With a good look at the map, a solid plan of transportation, and most importantly, wonderful activities — you’re set for your 10 days Switzerland travel. And when you’re traveling through Europe, a train can take you almost anywhere. Those who wish to explore Switzerland need to have a plan because the country is packed with breathtaking sights. If you need help or inspiration coming up with your own, let’s have a look at 10 days Switzerland travel itinerary:


Day 1 Of Your 10 Days Switzerland Travel Itinerary – Geneva

The place where you start your trip will vary, but also set the tone for the rest of your stay. Most travelers recommend starting in either Geneva or Zurich because big cities are transportation hubs. What’s more, you can try this itinerary backward if you’d like — what’s important is to have fun!

If you land in Geneva first, there is a multitude of things to see on your first day in Switzerland. We recommend touring the Old Town and the City Center. Additionally, the Treille Promenade and the United Nations seat are also great sights.

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Day 2 – Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

Starting in Geneva offers you a unique opportunity to stick around Lake Geneva a little longer. For the second day in Switzerland, it would be ideal to visit the town of Montreux, nestled close to the lake.

 It’s only a short train ride away from Geneva, and it’s worth seeing. What’s more, those who love medieval castles will be thrilled by Chateau de Chillon, and nature lovers will undoubtedly enjoy the lake.

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Day 3 – Zermatt – The Alps, Switzerland

Spending time in Switzerland without seeing the natural beauty of The Alps would be like going to a gourmet restaurant and not ordering any food. And there is no reason to miss it when an early morning train can take you to Zermatt. From there, your adventure in the Alps can begin.

There’s plenty to do in Zermatt if the weather is nice enough. We recommend the 3-hour hike around the five lakes, starting in Blauherd. It is a beautiful hike and a great way to begin your Alps experience.

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Day 4 – Zermatt – Again On Day 4 Of 10 Days Switzerland Travel Itinerary

You can take your fourth day to explore Zermatt fully, as this is one of those charming Swiss mountainside towns. There is a magnificent river to see, and the Matterhorn to view. In case you’re a more experienced hiker, you could take the afternoon to see the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge.

For that, you’ll need to go to Randa, where the hike to the bridge starts. It’s about a 2-hour hike to the bridge. It’s not an easy trail to complete, and the bridge itself isn’t for the faint of heart. However, seeing it is worth the trouble.

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Day 5 – Matterhorn Glacier

To fully experience the Alps, you should take the opportunity to get on higher altitudes. Zermatt is a great starting point for that, as you could easily reach both the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise and Gornergrat from there.

It takes some lifts to reach the top of the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise or a train ride to Gornergrat. Both these day trips offer fantastic views of the Alps, and there’s some exploring to do once you’re there, too.


Day 6 – Schilthorn Switzerland

Schilthorn day 6 of 10 days Switzerland travel itinerary

For the sixth day of your Switzerland itinerary, it’s time to catch some more spectacular views from Schilthorn. Catch a cable car to Schilthorn from Murren and enjoy everything it has to offer. A rotating restaurant, plenty of viewing platforms, and even Bond World can all be found here.

Schilthorn is enough to fill out the entire day, but if you’re feeling adventurous, check out Lauterbrunnen as well. It’s a hike through a gorgeous valley full of little village stops and views of mountainside waterfalls.

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Day 7 – Jungfrau region

Day 7 would be perfect for prolonging your visit to the Jungfrau region and keep exploring the Alps. There are some popular hiking trails you could take from Grindelwald. A cable car can take you to First Mountain, where you can pick one of the many available hiking trails.

One of the most popular ones is undoubtedly the Bachalpsee Lake hike, which is a round trip that takes around 2 hours. However, there are plenty of other activities at First, so make sure to get acquainted with the area well.

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Day 8 – Wengen

The base for your eighth day of 10 Days of Switzerland Travel exploring can be Wengen, a small mountainside town. While in the area, you could explore Mannlichen by taking a cable car up the mountain and hiking the trails. There are some intriguingly named ones, such as the Royal Walk.

The Panorama Trail from Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg is probably the most scenic one. It offers views of the valley below and the three famous mountains — the Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger. From Kleine Scheidegg, take a train back to Wengen.

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Day 9 – Lucerne

Close to the end of your 10 Days Switzerland Travel Itinerary, you’ll want to make your way back into the cities. For the 9th day, we recommend a visit to Lucerne, as it is the perfect city to explore on foot. After all the hiking, it’s going to be a treat to roam the streets in search of sights like the Church of St. Leodegar, Museggmauer, and the Lion Monument.

Lucerne has a great riverfront and plenty of beautiful landmarks. Furthermore, it’s a great stop on your trip to Zurich, where you’ll be ending your visit.

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Day 10 – Zurich and our last day of 10 Days Switzerland Travel Itinerary

Your final day should be a full one, and Zurich is an ideal place to spend it in. Use the time to see its many historical sights, such as the churches of Grossmunster and Fraumunster.

Zurich also has its famous shopping street to offer, so make sure you buy something at the Bahnhofstrasse. Walk through the Old Town and enjoy exploring before you head back home.

Whatever you choose to do in Switzerland, you are going to have the time of your life. Just remember to plan your activities, transportation, and length of stay carefully. That will ensure that your holiday is hassle-free and genuinely relaxing, as it should be.

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Switzerland is a beautiful country every traveler needs to experience. Are you ready for a 10 Days Switzerland travel? Book your train tickets now and let yourself be swept away by the beauty!



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