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Month: August 2021

12 Most Fascinating Cathedrals In Europe

Reading Time: 8 minutes Angels, frescos, glass-painted colorful bright windows, are a few of the elements in the 12 most fascinating cathedrals in Europe. Every cathedral is taller, larger, and more captivating than the other, each featuring elements of the other. Rail Transport Is The Eco-Friendly Way To Travel….

10 Alcohol Drinks To Try Worldwide

Reading Time: 7 minutes Secretive recipes, mind-blowing tastes, and highly alcoholic, the world’s best bars and clubs serve these 10 must-try alcohol drinks. From China to Europe, some of the 10 alcohol drinks to try worldwide are a few hundred years old. Nonetheless, they are so popular, and grabbing…

10 Amazingly Stunning Squares In Europe

Reading Time: 7 minutes Bright colored facades, the heart of major cities in Europe, and home to the most impressive landmarks in the world, these 10 amazingly stunning squares draw travelers from all corners of the world. The most beautiful streets in Paris, London, Moscow, and Munich will lead…

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