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For all the keen travelers out there who are looking for places in Europe reachable by train because you would rather embrace the joys of a rail travel thrill than an airplane, here’s a piece of great news you’ll love. European train trips ride daily into the hearts of the big cities, allowing you to experience Europe’s wonders without breaking the bank while enjoying the unique experience of a train ride. 


Here are some great places in Europe reachable by train:

Strasbourg (France)

This train ride will last for about 5 hours and cost you approximately £168 for a return ticket. If you’re having second thoughts about visiting France, here’s why you should drop that negative attitude. Get your train ticket sorted and head towards this gorgeous country. First off, French women are lovely. Second, the food is excellent, and wine is everything they say it is – expensive but worth it. The country that successfully marries Gallic and German influences is by far one of the most spectacular experiences you’ll get to see in a lifetime. Out of all the Places in Europe Reachable By Train, Strasbourg will have you swoon, and you’ll be taking selfies in front of the super dramatic Strasbourg Cathedral.

Paris to Strasbourg Trains

Luxembourg to Strasbourg Trains

Antwerp to Strasbourg Trains

Basel to Strasbourg Trains



Cologne (Germany)

Grab a book you’ll want to read for about 5.30 hours because that’s how long it’ll take you to get to Cologne. To answer your question straight away: yes, you’ll be changing trains in Brussels. The return ticket costs £177, but it’s worth it. Why? Because this is, without a doubt, the most attractive city in Germany; regally sitting on the banks of the Rhine, Cologne looks marvelous throughout the entire year. Are you a foodie? You’ll love the eateries along the waterside drag of Am Frankenturm! Also, check out the Museum Ludwig for a glance at superb modern art.

Frankfurt to Cologne Trains

Brussels to Cologne Trains

Vienna to Cologne Trains

Stuttgart to Cologne Trains


Cologne is among our 4 Underrated Places in Europe Reachable By Train

Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Rotterdam is one of the best places in Europe reachable by train. You’ll ride for approximately four hours, and will have a change of trains in Brussels. You shouldn’t spend over £185 on your return ticket. Rotterdam has long held a kind of negative reputation due to its gritty port with nothing but cranes and shipping containers. Recently, it is shaking off that reputation and getting tourists to see it in an entirely new light. This time around, you’ll love the city for its artistic treasure trove, the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen which runs the gamut from Brueghel the Elder to Salvador Dali. There’s so much to see and experience here, and the fact that Rotterdam is reachable by rail is just another plus.

In addition, on the way there you will see the famous tulip fields, this will definitely get you to the city with a great vibe.

Brussels to Rotterdam Trains

Antwerp to Rotterdam Trains

Berlin to Rotterdam Trains

Hanover to Rotterdam Trains



Our last pick on “Places in Europe Reachable By Train” is – Antwerp (Belgium)

The quickest way to get to Antwerp is by traveling approximately four hours by train and changing trains in Brussels. You won’t pay over £87 for an incredible return ticket. Despite its weird position (the city is on the border between Belgium and Netherlands), Antwerp is, strangely enough, super accessible by train. You can even buy an “Any Belgian Station” ticket through Eurostar and get anywhere in the country, Antwerp included – at the same price as a ride to Brussels. Antwerp will be very interesting for all the diamond lovers: Antwerp, Belgium prides on its Diamond District which boasts of being the city where some of the most exceptional cutting, polishing, and trade of diamonds/gems take place.

Brussels to Antwerp Trains

Breda to Antwerp Trains

Lille to Antwerp Trains

Cologne to Antwerp Trains


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