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Local sweets come in many varieties all over Europe. Every country and region has its own little treat they are proud to offer. For tourists with a sweet tooth, there is nothing more alluring about traveling than new tastes. Here are our top 5 best local sweets to try in Europe.


1. A Local Sweet – Mozartkugel, Salzburg, Austria

One of the most popular and renowned local sweets in Europe is the Mozartkugel. As we know, Paul Furst created the original recipe in Salzburg over a century ago. It is a layered chocolate treat with green pistachio and nougat.

There are several industrial-made budget versions, and you can find them in supermarkets. However, the original version is not too expensive, and it is worth the difference in price. Overall, they are one of the best local sweets to bring home from your Austrian trip.

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2. A Local Sweet – Berliner Pfannkuchen, Berlin, Germany

Berliner Pfannkuchen Sufganiot

You do not have to tie your tongue in a knot to say the name of this local sweet. People shorten them to Berliner outside Berlin, and Pfannkuchen in Berlin. Unlike American doughnuts, they do not have a hole in the center. When you follow the traditional recipe, you get a delicious ball of sweetness, filled with jam or marmalade, with sugar icing.

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3. Stroopwafel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Stroopwafel is one of the Best Local Sweets to Try in Europe

Stroopwafel is one of the most addictive local sweets one can find in Europe. Unlike many other sweets, there is no debate on who originated the recipe and where. Bakers in the Dutch city of Gouda made them first. Because they pack and travel well, they make excellent souvenirs.

Two thin wafers brought together with a caramel “glue” make one Stroopwafel. Even though it does not sound special, the universal appeal makes them one of the best local sweets. These sweets make a perfect snack after a long day of train-hopping, shopping, and cyclist dodging – all typical Amsterdam activities.

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4. Danish Pastry, Copenhagen, Denmark

Even though Denmark is small, the legends of its best local sweets travel far and wide. Danish pastry traveled to Denmark with a group of Austrian bakers. Of course, they modified the recipe over the years, and many Scandinavian immigrants brought it to America. However, you will enjoy it most in the country where the dedicated bakers perfected it.

This local Danish sweet is one of the lightest things you will taste. The bakers top it off with jam, cheese, or cream to infuse that perfect Scandinavian flair. Even though it is rich in flavor and calories, after a day of exploring Copenhagen in the snow, you will enjoy both of these qualities.



5. Cuberdon, Belgium

Cuberdon is among the Best Local Sweets to Try in Europe

Cuberdon is one of the best and most obscure local sweets in Europe. It is hat-shaped, often purple, and filled with raspberry filling. When you bite into one, your teeth sink into the soft middle filling with ease. They often call it Belgium’s best-kept secret. Because it is difficult to preserve it after a few weeks, they do not export it often. However, for a tourist who wants to try something unique and bring it home, the cuberdon is perfect.

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