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Exciting, exhilarating, magnificent, mind-blowing, there are not enough words to describe the 7 most amazing football stadiums in Europe. Moreover, even if you think you can grasp their greatness, only when you step in, that you really understand the magic.

So, if you are an enthusiastic Byren Munich, these 7 football stadiums are totally worth your attention and place of glory on your bucket list.


1. The Most Amazing Football Stadium In Germany: Signal Iduna Park In Dortmund

Signal Iduna is the largest football stadium in Europe and can host 80,000 enthusiastic fans behind its impressive glass facade and underground heating. This is due to the 2006 renovation. for the FIFA World Cup. Therefore, you can totally plan your football vacation for the winter games.

Signal Iduna has been the largest football stadium in Germany since 1965, and today it is home to the Borussia Dortmund football team.

How To Get To The Signal Iduna Football Stadium In Dortmund?

You can get to the stadium via Dortmund Stadtbahn light rail and RB trains that connect Austria and Germany.

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Football Stadium in Dortmund Game opening


2. Allianz Arena: Munich, Germany

The second-largest football stadium in Munich, Allianz Arena is one of the newest football stadiums in Europe. Allianz football stadium in Germany was opened in 2005 and has been the home field to the FC Byren Munich football team.

If you happen to be visiting Munich for football games, you’ll be amazed by the stadium’s inflated plastic panels and color-changing exterior. These 2 features make Allianz one of the 7 most amazing stadiums in Europe.

How To Get To The Allianz Football Stadium In Munich?

You can get to Allianz Stadium from  Frottmaning U-Bahn station, located nearby.

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Allianz Arena: Munich, Germany at night


3. The Most Amazing Football Stadium In England: Wembley Stadium

The second-largest football stadium in Europe, Wembley stadium can host 90,000 fans. The largest football in the UK was built in 2009, and its most prominent feature is the 134 meters high arch, crowning the stadium.  Thus, you’ll find that watching the League Cup games, and national league play-offs are quite an amazing experience.

Therefore, Wembley is not only a site for FA final cup, but also a central landmark in London.

How To Get To The Wembley Football Stadium In London?

You should take the London Underground Circle Line from Paddington station to Baker St station and then change onto the London Underground Metropolitan Line to Wembley Park station.

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Panoramic view of Wembley Football Stadium in England


4. The Most Amazing Football Stadium In Italy: San Siro Stadium In Milan

San Siro is the largest football stadium in Italy. This amazing stadium in Milan was named in the honor of two-time world cup winner Giuseppe Meazza.

The stadium was opened in 1926 and can host 35,000 enthusiastic football fans. One of the features you cannot miss in its exterior facade is red protruding girders.

How To Get To The San Siro Football Stadium In Milan?

San Siro football stadium is 5 km from Milan city center. You can reach San Siro by the M5 metro line from Milan central.

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5. Louis II Football Stadium In Monaco

Louis II football stadium is another mind-blowing stadium in Europe. The stadium has nine impressive arches at the away end of the ground. The stadium can host 16,000 fans for epic games in the French Riviera in the background.

In 1979 Prince Rainier III decided to rebuild a new sports arena in the  Fontvieille district. Parisian architects took the grand mission, which ended in 1984, and made the Louis II stadium one of the most spectacular stadiums in Europe.

How To Get To The Louis II Football Stadium In Monaco?

Louis II football stadium is 10 hours away by train from London.


6. Groupama Stadium, Lyon

This spectacular stadium is on our 7 most amazing football stadiums in Europe, can host 60,000 fans. In addition, it is home to the French football club Olympic Lyonnais and will host football in the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris.

So, if you are planning to visit Paris for the Olympic Games, you should definitely visit this great football stadium.

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Groupama Soccer Stadium, Lyon


How To Get To The Groupama Stadium In Lyon?

You can get to the Groupama stadium from station Decines Grand Large of tram line 3. It’s super close to the stadium – just 10 minutes’ walking.


Amazing Football Stadium In Lyon


7. Velodrome Stadium In Marseille

This amazing stadium in Marseille opened its gates to spectators back in 1937. Since then, Velodrome stadium welcomes 67,000 fans every football season in France. One of the things you’ll notice most about the stadium is the glass-arched roof, which is very hard to miss.

You’ll be surprised, but the Velodrome stadium is not only a football stadium. On the contrary, it is a multi-purpose stadium, with a cycling track. Today, it serves as a home to the Olympique de Marseille club.

How To Get To The Velodrome Stadium In Marseille?

The Velodrome Stadium is about 3.5 km from Marseilles city center. Therefore, you can reach the stadium with metro line 2. You can even grab the metro from the train station if you are traveling across Europe by train.

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Amazing Football Stadium in Marseille France


Attending a football game is one of the best things to do in Europe if you are an enthusiastic football and sports fan. Here at Save A Train, we will be happy to help you find the cheapest train tickets to any of these 7 most amazing football stadiums in Europe.



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