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Across Siberian taiga, the most ancient lake Baikal, wild Kamchatka to Moscow, these 12 amazing places to visit in Russia will take your breath away. Just choose your way of travel, pack warm gloves or raincoat for the tricky weather, and follow us to Russia.

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1. Altai Mountains

Between Russia, Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan Altai region is home to 700 lakes, forests, and the highest Siberian peak of Mt Belushka, at 4506 m. Altai is barely populated, so you will find it untouched by modern civilization, and only the wildest nature and wildlife will greet you.

In addition, if you are an adventurous traveler, then a trip to any of the 1499 glaciers in Altai will amaze you. Moreover, rafting in the greatest Katun and the Biya rivers is an epic experience. On the other hand, a wildlife safari can be a more relaxing option. You could get a rare chance to meet the snow leopard, ibex, lynx, and more than 300 bird species. No doubt, Altai is one of the best wildlife destinations in Europe and an amazing place to visit in Russia.


The Scenic Altai Mountains in Russia


2. Kazan

Kazan is architectural heaven in the Tatarstan Republic, western Russia. The center of Tatar world is situated on the banks of the Volga, and Kazanka rivers, and is considered the fifth largest city in Russia.

As mentioned above, the architecture of Kazan’s main sites will catch your sight with its white and blue colors and design. For example, Kazan Kremlin, a world heritage site, Kul Sharif Mosque, Epiphany Cathedral, are just a few of the places you could visit to learn more about the Tatar culture.


Kazan Russia View


3. Amazing Places To Visit In Russia: Lake Baikal

The oldest lake in the history of the world, Lake Baikal has formed 25 million years ago. Its icy and vast surface make Lake Baikal a winter attraction in Siberia, and in the summer, you can jump into the clearest waters in Europe, or explore the rarest wildlife in the world.

Cruising, admiring from Baikal trail on foot, or having a barbecue on the shores of the most amazing lake in Russia, you will have a mind-blowing adventure. The pine trees around, Taiga and wilderness are a train trip from the nearest city Irkutsk, another fascinating place to visit in Russia. To top it all off, you could begin your Baikal adventure from China or Russia, via the Trans-Siberian train, summer or winter.


Frozen Amazing Places To Visit In Russia: Lake Baikal


4. Saint Petersburg

The city of Tsars and legendary palaces, Saint Petersburg has inspired poets and writers. If you haven’t been to Saint Petersburg, you haven’t really seen Russia, because this city is one of Russia’s most famous and impressive icons.

The Hermitage, Catherine Palace, the Winter Palace, and Peterhof gardens, are just breathtaking. Every step you make will pull you closer to a Russian fairytale and will enchant you. Saint-Petersburg’s history and architecture make it a must place to visit in Russia and of course one of the top 12 most amazing places in Russia.


Neva River in Saint Petersburg Is one of Russia's Amazing Places to Visit


5. Kamchatka

Wild, vast, beautiful, and surprising, Kamchatka is waiting for you almost at the end of the world. The Kamchatka peninsula is at the far east of Russia, home to almost 300 volcanos, most are active, and the most mind-blowing views of the Pacific Ocean and Russian wilderness. Very few know of Kamchatka’s wonders, so Kamchatka is by far the most amazing and extraordinary place to visit in Russia.

You will see that it is not that easy to reach the marvels of Kamchatka, due to its remote location. However, when you do, you will be taken aback by the primal nature, natural wonders: the hot springs, rivers, wildlife, and of course volcanos. A volcano expedition is one of the most extreme and thrilling things to do in Kamchatka. For example, Klyuchevskaya Sopka is the highest peak and an active volcano, desired destination for many travelers in Kamchatka.



6. Amazing Places To Visit In Russia: Sochi

On the coasts of the Black Sea, surrounded by green mountains and resorts, Sochi is the ultimate summer holiday destination in Russia. Sochi is so popular that the city attracts 4 million people every year, for their summer vacation by the sea.

In addition to sunbathing, The Sochi Arboretum, or little Italy, is perfect for panoramic views of the Black Sea and Sochi, and wandering in the gardens admiring the peacocks.

To conclude, there is no better place for a relaxing holiday, in Russia style, Russia than in Sochi. Therefore, it is not surprising you could travel to Sochi from Moscow and any point in Russia, as well as from Central Asia and Eastern Europe, by train.


panoramic sea view of Sochi


7. Veliky Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod has a place of honor on our 12 most amazing places to visit in Russia. You could say that the great Novogrod is where Russia came to be the great country it is today. Back in the 9th century, Veliky Novogrod was where Prince Rurik, in 862 announced the modern Russian state and made Novogrod the center of trade, democracy, and literacy between Russia and the Balkan.

So, if you are into Russian history, Veliky Novogrod should be on your bucket list. The Novogrod Kremlin fortress, Cathedral St. Sophia are just 2 of the must-see sites in Veliky Novogrod that will astound you. Standing for 800 years, just think of the stories and events that took place here.


The bridge in Veliky Novgorod Russia


8. Amazing Places To Visit In Russia: Olkhon Island

Lake Baikal is so big, that we had to add another amazing place one should visit when in Russia. Olkhon Island is the largest island in Lake Baikal, similar in size to New York City. The island is home to think forests, rocky landscape, and only 150000 residents, unlike New York City.

However, Olkhon Island is a popular point for travelers to Lake Baikal. This means that in the summer you can come to swim in the clear pristine lake water and dive in the deepest lake in the world. In the winter, on the other hand, you can come to admire the oldest lake in the world, in its winter attire, frozen and beautiful in white.

The island is a ferry away from Sakhuyurta and by the Buryat people is believed to be 1 of five global poles of Shamanic energy. In fact, you can find the shaman rocks in the center of the island.


The Amazing Place of Olkhon Island, Russia


9. Irkutsk

If you are on your Trans-Siberian journey, then you will probably stop in Irkutsk, the unofficial capital of Eastern Siberia. 19th-century Russian churches, wooden brown and blue colored houses, Siberian Taiga, Irkutsk is a beautiful historical city.

Moreover, Irkutsk was once a place of exile of many Russian nobles and intellectuals in Siberia, if the reigning government decided they went against power. So, Irkutsk and Siberian taiga feature many Russian works of poetry and literature. Nonetheless, today Irkutsk is a beautiful city: block 13 of wooden 18th-century houses, the Savior’s Church, and the Bronshteyn Gallery are a few of the places you should visit.


An old house in Irkutsk Russia


10. Amazing Places To Visit In Russia: Stolby Nature Reserve

On the banks of the Yenisei River, Stolby nature reserve is located just south of the city of Krasnoyarsk. The reserve does not fall in beauty from the top 5 most beautiful nature reserves in Europe. After a long journey on the Trans-Siberian train across Russia, you will find that wandering around the reserve uplifts your spirits wake up the sleepy body and soul.

Stolby has 5 main colored-coded trails, so you won’t go lost in the many tiny forest trails. Once you reach deep in the forest, you will discover the reserve’s name origin. There are 100 stolby – rocky pillars of stone, impressive and tall clusters of stolby amidst the trees. 

Visiting this beautiful nature park is all about enjoying the best of mother nature. There’s nothing like the smell and views of Russian forests, in summer or winter. However, if you are planning a winter trip a quick reminder to wear many layers, as Siberia gets very cold and snowy.


Amazing Places To Visit In Russia: Stolby Nature Reserve


11. Moscow

Colorful Arbat, Kremlin and the Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and Moskva river, feature in every postcard, image, and piece about Moscow. However, only until you set foot in these marvelous sites, that you really appreciate their greatness and beauty. There is no question about the beautiful charm of Moscow. So, it’s not surprising the capital is one of the 12 most amazing places to visit in Russia.

While Moscow is breathtaking, the underground city of metro stations is as equally magnificent. A city walking tour in Moscow’s underground is one of the best things to do in Moscow. Here, you will get tons of info about the art, design, and history of every station, as well as the city, from the locals.


Night time in Moscow Red Square


12. Amazing Places To Visit In Russia: Kizhi Island

Wooden churches, an octagonal clock tower entirely of wood, constitute the unique Kizhi Pogost. This extraordinary complex of wooden constructions was made by carpenters, on one of the islands in Lake Onega. You will be amazed to learn that this type of model was popular in ancient times. These wooden spaces were popular parish spaces in the 16th century, and perhaps earlier.

While churches are not a rare sight in Russia, wooden churches are. The Kizhi island is a wonderful example of Russian artisans. Kizhi Island is a UNESCO world heritage site, and one of the world’s wonders, as the entire complex, fits in magnificently in the natural landscape.


Wooden churches in Kizhi Island


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