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Whether you are a diva, fashionista, queer, gay, lesbian, or not ready for self-definitions, these 10 awesome LGBT destinations will join and celebrate you. From kissing in Paris to partying like a rock star in Berlin, these amazing European cities are all about equal rights, pride, and love in all colors of the rainbow.

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1. Awesome LGBT-Friendly Destinations In The world: Berlin

It all started with the foundation of the first gay and lesbian organization in the world. 1897 is the year that marked the first step in Berlin’s transformation into the gay and lesbian capital of the world.

Beauty and love come in all forms, colors, and sex. Berlin is one of the most tolerant, open, and welcoming cities in the world. Berlin is an awesome LGBT destination in Europe and welcomes all kinds of love. Today, berlin is the ultimate LGBT destination, but it has earned its popularity only in the course of the 20th century, so super impressive the long way the city has made.

Nollendorfplatz in Schoneberg is the heart and wild soul of the notorious gay scene in Berlin. Here, you can party, dine, drink, and enjoy the LGBT life and culture.

The best time to experience the LGBT extravaganza is summertime, in the epic CSD Berlin. Almost 1 million people and hundreds of decorated floats create one of the biggest pride parades in the world, for equal rights and freedom to love in all colors of the rainbow.

Best Things To Do

Visit the gay Schwules museum, the first monument of the gay movement, the famous Marietta bar, Cafe Berio, the oldest Heile Welt gay club, or for the best queer party in the KitKat-Klub.

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2. Awesome LGBT Destination In The Netherlands: Amsterdam

When you are the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage, you are also one of the most awesome and LGBT-friendly destinations in the world. So, fun and amazing Amsterdam was the first city in Europe to host the Gay Games in 1998 and Amsterdam’s pride parade is considered one of the best in the world.

If you don’t know which places to hit in the city, then stop at the Pink Point, the place for information about LGBT- friendly spots in Amsterdam. Amsterdam has an awesome nightlife scene, but before the sun sets, you should stroll along the next streets and areas, where the LGBT scene breaths and kicks: Reguliersdwarsstraat, historic Kerkstraat, Amstel, and then to Zeedijk and Warmoesstraat for the fantastic LGBT nightlife scene in Amsterdam.

Best Things To Do

Discover the infamous drag scene in the Queen’s Head, sip on a cocktail in the Getto, get inspired in Amsterdam’s LGTB bookstore, the Vrolijk, and party at the Taboo or Exit clubs on Reguliersdwarsstraat street. In addition, the Amsterdam canal pride is one of the most unique pride parades to visit in the world.

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3. Best LGBT Friendly Destination In The UK: Brighton

Since the 1930’s Brighton has been a safe haven for everyone that needed to explore their sexuality. The once seaside town has become a friendly LGBT destination in the UK, close but far from the capital.

Kemp Town neighborhood is the LGBT area in Brighton, thanks to its boutique hotels, pubs, and restaurants. Here, you’ll find amazing vibes, a chilled atmosphere where you can celebrate love in all forms. Moreover, if you are planning to go all the way with your sweetheart, then Brighton has more than a few wedding venues like the Royal Pavilion, and straight from there begin the festivities on Charles Street or Brighton beach.

Best Things To Do

Enjoy a pint in gay The Bulldog pub, but first relax in The Brighton Sauna, and finish the night in Revenge, the top LGBT nightlife club.


Awesome LGBT parties


4. Awesome LGBT Friendly City In Germany: Cologne

The city with more pubs than people, and more pride events than anywhere else, Cologne is one of the most awesome and LGBTQ-friendly destinations in Europe. Cologne is so LGBTQ-friendly that it has its very own Gaily tour, so you can discover the city’s best kept secrets for any flavor and rainbow color.

In addition, cologne is the ultimate LGBT destination, because it has 2 gay scenes, yes that is correct. The old Heumarkt-Mathiasstrasse and the urban Bermuda Triangle for the younger crowd. The west has the best parties and dance clubs to rock your body and the east for laid-back classy and traditional hangout places.

Don’t have time to visit both? No worries! Because with S-Bahn underground train, you can travel back and forth as many times as you wish and super-fast.

Best Things To Do

Don’t miss Cologne’s Christopher Street Day, the world-renowned Cologne Pride of course. In addition, Cologne’s Gay Christmas market, and Carnival in February. For the after-party check out Deck 5 or Amadeus.

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5. Awesome LGBT Friendly Destination In France: Paris

The most romantic city in the world celebrates love every minute of every day, and you are most welcome to celebrate your love in all colors of the rainbow. Full of glam, style, class, and fun, Paris is one of the most awesome LGBT- friendly destinations in the world.

The lovely Marais is the center of the gay scene in Paris, with all the popular LGBT venues situated in the famous Place de la Bastille, Place de la Republique and Hotel de Ville. Throughout the year, from January to July, there are amazing events dedicated to the LGBT community: festivals, arts, film, and of course the pride parade. Here, you will feel right at home, and have plenty of ways to explore the LGBT French community and discover Paris.

Best Things To Do

Raidd Barn for go-go dancers and sexy dancing, Debonair cafe on the roof of Cite de la Mode et du Design for macaroon and amazing views of the Seine, and Badaboum bistro in the Bastille district for all the new and trendy French artists, and kiss with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

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LGBT parade & flag


6. Awesome LGBT Friendly City In Austria: Vienna

The rich Austrian history and culture are full of stories about gay emperors, so being LGBT- friendly is part of this beautiful city’s DNA. Therefore, no wonder that in Vienna you can go on 2 Gay city tours to discover the history of the LGBT community and life. In addition, similarly to the other LGTB friendly destinations on our list, there are more LGTB events than you can count throughout the year.

One of the most special LGBT events of the year is the Rainbow Ball. Hotel Schonbrunn is hosting this grand ball, where you can dance the Waltz and show off your classy sense of fashion in amazing ball gowns and tuxedos.

Best Things To Do

Taste Viennese coffee in Cafe Savoy, party with Miss Candy in Heaven Vienna club, say I Dos in an amazing Alpine setting, and take your wedding photos when the city’s remarkable architecture is all around you.

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7. Awesome LGBT Friendly City In Ireland: Dublin

Perhaps Ireland is known by many as very strict, religious, and frozen in time. However, that’s not the case with Dublin which is vibrant, fun, and very LGBT- friendly. In 2015, gay marriage became legal, an amazing milestone in Ireland’s transformation into a liberal, and open nation.

Thus, you’ll find Dublin an amazing alternative LGBT- friendly destination to Amsterdam and berlin. June is Pride month in Dublin, but you should also check out the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, the biggest in the world.

Best Things To Do

Cocktails or parties at the George Bar, a gay institute in Dublin, PantiBar, Oscars Cafe, cruising, or a gay sauna to relax are the ultimate things to do to really enjoy the amazing LGTBQ community in Dublin.


8. Awesome LGBT Friendly Destination: Belgium

Ghent and Brussels are known as the 2 most awesome LGBT-friendly destinations in Belgium. This country was the second to legalize same-sex marriage. In Brussels, Rue du Marche au Charbon is the center of the LGBT scene.

For example, in Rainbow House, you can enjoy the Lesborama film festival, art exhibitions, and many other cultural activities. However, if you want to flaunt what mama nature gave you, then Chez Maman welcomes divas in all colors and glitters of the rainbow.

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LGBT flags in a street in belgium


9. Awesome LGBTQ Friendly Destination: London

The West End, pubs, architecture, the queen. London is an icon not only because of the royals, but because it is an awesome LGBT destination in Europe. The city is a microcosmos to the world, meaning the city that welcomes people from all corners of the world, is also super warm and friendly to gay, lesbian, queer, or transgender.

Exclusive bookshops, amazing rooftop bars, theatre, and music, London’s got so many exciting spots to enjoy the best of LGBT life and culture.

Things To Do

So, if you want to enjoy the best of LGTB in London, head to Dlastone Superstore for the best cabaret. For the best queer scene, The Glory pub is superb, and be sure to stop by the oldest LGBT bookstore in England, Gay’s The Word.

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10. Great LGBT Friendly Destinations: Milan

Unlike the other LGBT-friendly cities on our list, LGBT rights are not legalized in Milan. Nonetheless, the fashion and elegance capital in the world is boasting a vibrant gay scene and even hosts an annual LGTBQ film festival.

When in Milan, the Porta Venezia neighborhood is the heart of the LGBT life and culture. On Lecco and San Martini streets, you will find the coolest gay-friendly bars and clubs.

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Milan LGBT nightlife


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