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Маладыя, прадпрымальны, з удзячнасцю за культуру, і вельмі незалежная, Пакаленне Z мае вялікія планы паездак 2022. Гэтыя маладыя падарожнікі аддаюць перавагу сольным падарожжам, а не падарожжам з сябрамі, і цэняць выдатную культуру ў даступных месцах, а не на раскошных курортах. такім чынам, гэтыя 10 Gen Z travel destinations will feature in every social media travel story.

1. Напрамкі падарожжаў пакалення Z: Mount Etna Sicily

Europe’s tallest volcano is a thrilling travel destination, especially for the extreme-loving Gen Z Mount Etna is an active volcano in Catania, a gorgeous off-the-beaten-track city on the Italian island. The best time to hike Mount Etna in Sicily is during the shoulder season, May to Mid-September.

Ski mountaineering excursions, and hiking up to the views of the impressive crater in summer are a couple of activity ideas. Thus Gen Z travelers put Mount Etna high up on their 2022 travel list.


2. Напрамкі падарожжаў пакалення Z: Лондан

Offering great activities and places to visit for індывідуальныя вандроўцы, London ranks high in the 10 Gen Z travel destinations. One of the most visited cities in Europe, London boasts a fantastic atmosphere. Акрамя таго, the neighborhood’s pub is just around the corner to get acquainted with the locals and trendy boutiques across the street. It is not surprising that London is loved by all who visit.

У дадатак, the local pub can also be a fantastic place for the bright young Gen Z minds to make connections, create strong business opportunities, and most likely was the place where London’s top startups came to be from a mere idea into some of the leading startups worldwide.

Амстэрдам Лондан Цягнік

Парыж у Лондан цягніка

Берлін у Лондан цягніка

Брусэль у Лондан цягніка


Gen Z Travel Destinations


3. 10 Напрамкі падарожжаў пакалення Z: Парыж

Thanks to spectacular architecture and culture, Paris is the top travel place for Gen Z living in the US and China. You might know Paris as the most romantic city in the world, but Gen Z travelers choose the Parisian capital for its green nature and its beautiful French parks.

Paris has the highest usage of digitalized mobility services such as bike-sharing. You can grab a bike from multiple spots around the capital, hike from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower solo, or join a guided tour. This eco-friendly solution allows the Gen Z traveler to explore on their own and discover hidden gems in a city that seems everyone knows its secrets.

Амстэрдам Парыж цягніка

Лондан Парыж цягніка

Ратэрдам Парыж цягніка

Брусэль у Парыж цягніка


Girl And The Eiffel Tower


4. Берлін

Easy-going and playful in nature, Berlin attracts millions of travelers every year. Gen Z travelers will find Berlin a wonderful playground, with great bars and nightlife scene, since it is the quintessential party city.

У дадатак, Berlin is the perfect travel destination for Gen Z travelers because it is the most affordable city in Europe. Travelers in their early twenties will often choose to combine several European cities into one Euro trip, so cheap accommodation and living in Berlin can be a great way to save and enjoy the rest of the journey across Europe’s beautiful cities.

Франкфурт ў Берліне цягнік

Лейпцыг ў Берліне цягнік

Гановер ў Берлін цягніка

Гамбург Берлін цягніка


10 Gen Z Travel Destinations - Berlin


5. 10 Gen Z Travel Destinations Germany: Мюнхен

This German city is famous for its unforgettable Oktoberfest festivities. In September, Munich boasts party spirits, welcoming hundreds of travelers to the biggest beer festival in the world. One of the best experiences is tasting delicious white sausage with a pint of Bavarian beer.

Дык вось, while Gen Z travelers prefer traveling alone, a festival of Bavarian culture is a great opportunity to socialize. Сюды, great food, напоі, a mix of cultures, and partying are brought together in one unforgettable event.


Oktoberfest In Munich


6. Напрамкі падарожжаў пакалення Z: Амстэрдам

One of the leading European cities in entrepreneurial Spirit & інавацыі, Amsterdam ranks high in the top 10 Gen Z travel destinations. Offering great opportunities for business, out-of-the-box thinking, and rebellion are part of Amsterdam’s nature.

такім чынам, many Gen Z travelers choose the city as a place to explore, ствараць, and as their home base for different trips to nearby destinations. While the city is relatively small it maintains its cosmopolitan speedy vibes inside the picturesque and village-like canals.

Брусэль у Амстэрдам цягніка

Лондан Амстэрдам цягнікоў

Берлін Амстэрдам цягніка

Парыж Амстэрдам цягніка


10 Gen Z Travel Destinations - Amsterdam


7. Ганконг

Impressive skyscrapers together with the most exciting theme parks worldwide place Hong Kong in the top 10 Gen Z travel destinations. The futuristic city is not only an island of breathtaking views but also offers incredible experiences for young travelers.

Apart from amazing theme parks in Hong Kong, Gen Z travelers can go out of the city center. Hong Kong has amazing beaches and nature, ideal for outdoor activities like hiking up to East Dog Teeth or surfing. У двух словах, Hong Kong is a huge playground for young travelers.



8. Gen Z Travel Destinations Italy: Рым

Discovering Italy’s rich culture and history in the ancient city of Rome гэта выдатны вопыт. Piazzas, фантаны, завулкі, everywhere there is art and history, so Rome will enchant a young Gen Z traveler

Adding to the magic of Rome is, канешне, Італьянская ежа. From Pasta a la carbonara for lunch, dinner, and gelato for dessert, with views of the Colosseum – words are not enough to portray Rome’s many advantages.

Мілан Рым цягніка

Фларэнцыя Рым цягніка

Венецыя Рым цягніка

Неапаль ў Рым цягніка


Colosseum In Rome


9. Вена

This city is a wonderful place to discover by wandering around. Vienna is the ideal city break destination with a mix of modern and traditional architecture, magnificent gardens, and squares. Adding to its many charms is the affordable cost of living in Vienna.

Despite being the capital of the wealthiest nations in the world, Vienna is not as expensive. Young travelers can find great budget-friendly hotels. Here they can meet other Gen Z travelers and plan their trip to дзіўныя прыпынкі ў Еўропе разам.

Зальцбург Вена цягніка

Мюнхен Вена цягнікоў

Грац Вена цягніка

Прага Вена цягнікоў


10 Gen Z Travel Destinations - Vienna


10. Фларэнцыя

Florence is a fantastic travel spot for Gen Z індывідуальныя вандроўцы. Па-першае, the breathtaking old city center where the Duomo, Florence cathedral, and tower catch the eye and steal the heart of every first-time traveler. па-другое, Florence is relatively small and very easy to get around on foot, with all the major landmarks and best pizza places a few minute’s walk from one another.

Па-трэцяе, young travelers can hop on a train and visit the nearby Cinque Terre if they want to discover more. This colorful region offers great views of the sea and a hiking trail through all five scenic villages. Дык вось, a trip at any time of year will look fantastic in social media stories, і 48 мільёна Italy hashtag results prove this country is a favorite among Gen Z.

Рыміні Фларэнцыя цягнік

Рым Фларэнцыя цягнік

Піза Фларэнцыя цягнік

Венецыя Фларэнцыя цягнік


Smiley Girl In The Palace


Traveling by train is a fast and comfortable way to squeeze multiple European destinations into a single trip. Мы ў Захаваць цягнік will be delighted to help you plan a trip.



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