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Europe produces and consumes an unfathomable amount of coffee, it has the best coffee shops and cafes in Europe. It is a coffee lover’s mecca and frankly, a great deal more than just that. Cafe culture is a window to the world. We seek out coffee shops more than we visit interesting museums, monuments, temples, and churches! What would Paris, Vienna, and Italy be without their enviable cafe culture? 

Here are the 10 Best Cafes For The Best Coffee In Europe!

Coffee and cafes connect us. We sip and savor, engage with interesting locals or loved ones, and disconnect from the commotion of modern-day life. It is the elixir of productivity.

There are hundreds of best coffee shops in Europe worth visiting, these are a selection of what we believe are the 10 Best Cafes For The Best Coffee In Europe:


1. Barcelona: Satan Coffee Corner

This coffee shop puts the hip in hipster. It is owned by a 25 year old who is in love with the coffee bean. He has meticulously mastered the art of brewing his blends. They change with the season so be sure to ask him what the current blend is.

To complement these sublime brews, a variety of homemade snacks are available for purchase. Pull up a chair, enjoy the large windows that let a stream of light in and watch the world go by. This is definitely one of the best coffee shops in Europe. Barcelona: Satans Coffee Corner


2. Zurich: Cafe Odeon

Art deco is the gorgeous style of Cafe Odeon in Zurich. This bohemian classic opened its doors in 1910 and is famous for being the haunt of writers, poets, musicians, and intellectuals. Some of the most famous visitors include Albert Einstein and Picasso.

This is old-school European elegance with high ceilings, brasserie fittings, mirrored walls, and formally dressed waiters.

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Best Cafes For The Best Coffee In Europe


3. Paris: O Coffeeshop 

A surf-inspired coffee shop in Paris is what you get when an Aussie and Frenchie start a coffee shop, in one of the most famous cafe culture-obsessed cities in the world. It makes it high on the list of our best coffee shops in Europe.

O Coffeeshop does not disappoint with some favorites including noisettes, caps, and flat whites. Eggs Benedict is a showstopper, so make sure to order it!

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Paris: O Coffeeshop


4. Vienna: Cafe Schwarzenberg

Vienna has a rich coffee culture history; people congregating and discussing politics, religion, and science. Writers and thinkers sipping the perfect brew in deep philosophical conversation. Not much has changed from the old days to today and it is one of our favorite best coffee shops in Europe.

Cafe Schwarzenberg is the ideal coffee shop in Vienna. It is traditional, gorgeous, and perfectly photogenic for your next great Instagram picture, #coffee.

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Vienna: Cafe Schwarzenberg


5. Brussels: Mok 

Thanks to establishments such as Mok, Brussels is earning its spot on the best coffee shops on Europe map.

They roast their coffee beans themselves which translates to them being of the highest quality.

The food served at Mok is all vegetarian dishes, while you drink a delicious flat white, you can tuck into sweet porridge with nuts, grapefruit, pomegranate, and vegan yogurt.

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Brussels: Mok is on the list of Best Cafes For The Best Coffee In Europe


6. Italy: Milano Roastery

Starbucks in Italy? It feels wrong and yet, it is so right. Espresso is the gift Milan gave the world and Milano Roastery pays homage to that ingenious creation.

It has been dubbed the theatre of coffee. It definitely has a place on our best coffee shops in Europe list. This space is a celebration of coffee traditions and has a tasting room with a state-of-the-art Roastery. Think Willy Wonka meets coffee.

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7. Lisbon: Copenhagen Coffee Lab

The Copenhagen Coffee Lab is a small chain and an operation that is making big waves in the coffee industry. It is fast becoming one of the best coffee shops in Europe. The Copenhagen Coffee Lab is a firm believer in the third wave coffee culture. This means that they appreciate coffee as an artisan or craft beverage and clearly that makes all the difference.

Lisbon: Copenhagen Coffee Lab


8. London: Kaffeine

The owners of Kaffeine traveled to Australia and New Zealand and found their inspiration for a coffee shop that they could open in London. Their dream was realized and they opened one of the best coffee shops in Europe.

As with most coffee shops in Europe, food is a part of the experience and Kaffeine is no exception. Salads, sandwiches, and anything hot out of the oven is on the menu.

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Kaffeine London on the list of Best Cafes For The Best Coffee In Europe


9. Edinburgh: Brew Lab

In Edinburgh, the Brew Lab is on-trend and is one of the best coffee shops in Europe.

Brew Lab’s uniqueness has people banging on their doors for more. Their coffee menu is a testament to their passion.

It features four rotating single-origin coffees. Two have been brewed on their brew bar and the other two on their espresso bar. Coffee pairs deliciously with cake or pastries, which the Brew Lab has no shortage of.

Edinburgh: Brew Lab


10. Prague: Misto

Modern, bright, and vivacious, Misto is a must.

The name is Czech for, The place. Their specialty is rich coffee drinks and delicious food.

No matter the time, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Misto will welcome you in true style and make sure you get your caffeine fix.

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Prague: Misto Coffee Shop


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