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Authentically spicy and brimming with incredible flavors, good Chinese food is sometimes hard to come by in Europe. However, the good news is that there are significant Chinese restaurants in Europe — you have to know where to find them, and how to get there. Since most of them are in major European cities or capitals, it’s preferable to arrive by train.

With a well-developed fast train network that Europe boasts, it’s possible to get anywhere in a matter of hours — and enjoy scenic routes on the way as well. For those of you who crave some Asian food staples, here are the best Chinese restaurants in Europe, and how to get there by train:


Sea Palace — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Most restaurants are focused on giving the customer something great to taste. However, the Sea Palace in Amsterdam aims to provide you with an experience that will not only engage your taste buds but also be easy on the eyes. Built like a pagoda, this floating restaurant is a perfect place to relax with some of the best Chinese food out there.

Rice dishes, dumplings, buns, spring rolls — you name it, they’re all on the menu and tasting as authentic as if you were in China. That’s what’s expected from one of the best Chinese restaurants in Europe. If you wish to get to Amsterdam by train, you can catch a train ride from Paris, Berlin, and other European cities.

Hamburg to Amsterdam Trains

Hanover to Amsterdam Trains

Luxembourg to Amsterdam Trains

Dortmund to Amsterdam Trains


Good Friends and Best Chinese Restaurants in Europe — Berlin, Germany

In a city chock-full of Chinese restaurants, being declared one of the best Chinese restaurants in Europe holds special significance. Located in Kantstrase, in Berlin’s Chinatown, Good Friends is an establishment that boasts an extensive menu and authentic food favored by both Chinese immigrants and tourists.

You won’t go wrong if you visit Good Friends when in Berlin. To get to Berlin, you could take a train from virtually any major city in Europe and be there within hours.

Dortmund to Berlin Trains

Dusseldorf to Berlin Trains

Dresden to Berlin Trains

Heidelberg to Berlin Trains


Hang Zhou — Rome, Italy

When we think of Italy, we usually don’t connect it to Chinese food. If you feel the same, you’ll likely be surprised to learn that the Italians do have a soft spot for Chinese specialties. And one of the best Chinese food restaurants in Europe, Hangzhou, certainly proves that claim.

It incorporates some Italian influences, but most of the menu is authentic Chinese food that you must try if you find yourself in Rome. Tour Italy by train to make that happen, or take a train to Rome from one of the other European capitals.

Terni to Rome Trains

Foggia to Rome Trains

Grosseto to Rome Trains

Arezzo to Rome Trains


Cite Du Dragon is of course among the Best Chinese Restaurants in Europe — Brussels, Belgium

sun in Brussels


Another restaurant that boasts a fantastic interior and garden design alongside its amazing dishes, Cite Du Dragon in Brussels is rightfully called one of the best Chinese restaurants in Europe. With over 300 seats and an exquisite ornamental garden, you’ll feel like you walked into a proper oriental dream. Any dish is marvelous, but we are going to single out the dim sum and the house specialty, Peking duck, as two things you must try if you’re visiting Brussels by train.

Bruges to Brussels Trains

Maastricht to Brussels Trains

Halle to Brussels Trains

Ghent to Brussels Trains


China Kitchen No. 27 — Vienna, Austria

Best Chinese Restaurants in Europe / Vienna chapter


In Chinatown in Vienna, China Kitchen No. 27 is often mentioned as one of the best. If you like your food spicy, this is the place. They also offer some more unusual dishes, such as octopus salad, though we recommend Gong Bao chicken if you want to stick with the classics. You can easily travel to Vienna by train from most major European cities, so don’t miss that opportunity.

Dortmund to Vienna Trains

Dresden to Vienna Trains

Heidelberg to Vienna Trains

Dusseldorf to Vienna Trains


Ready to sample the exquisite dishes of some of the best Chinese food restaurants in Europe? Book your train tickets early, and hop on a train to take you to your next big gastronomical adventure.



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