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New experiences are an excellent motive for traveling. However, sometimes a tourist-friendly sight can’t hold a candle to a shopping spree, no matter how impressive. People who visit for shopping know this, and there are fortunately plenty of cities in Europe where they can unleash their spending tendencies.

However, to have more money and energy left for shopping, it’s a good idea to travel cheap but fast. Getting to the best cities in Europe for shopping by train fulfills both of those conditions. Let’s have a look at some of the major shopping destinations and how you can get there by train:


Shopping in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for many things, and its shopping centers are one of them. The city offers a vast range of shopping activities and brands, depending on how large your budget is. If you’re looking for some upscale shopping, the P.C. Hoofstraat is the street for you. For department stores and shopping centers, you could hit De Bijenkorf, Magna Plaza or De Kalvertoren.

De Negen Straatjes or The Nine Streets are also great for shoppers if you want to experience many different stores and styles at once. You can reach Amsterdam by train easily from most major European cities, including Paris and Copenhagen.

Brussels to Amsterdam Trains

London to Amsterdam Trains

Berlin to Amsterdam Trains

Paris to Amsterdam Trains



Shopping in Milan, Italy is our Fashion pick for Best Cities in Europe for Shopping

Milan is counted among the best cities in Europe for shopping thanks to being considered the capital of fashion. However, Milan isn’t only about the Quadrilatero della moda and high-street fashion in the Duomo area. There are many other places to explore, from the artsy shops of the Brera district to the funky influences in the Navigli area. Milan is indeed a shopper’s paradise. If you’re intrigued by it, you can travel to Milan easily by train from Rome, Venice, as well as other cities in Europe.

Genoa to Milan Trains

Rome to Milan Trains

Bologna to Milan Trains

Florence to Milan Trains


Zurich, Switzerland

Best Cities in Europe for Shopping

Experienced shoppers love Zurich, especially those who can make the best of its most expensive stores. Zurich is one of the best cities in Europe for shopping because it feels different than most metropolises. The Sihlcity shopping center and shopping mall Glatt aren’t the huge shopping malls you’re probably used to, but they do offer a quality retail experience.

Other notable hotspots include the Bahnhofstrasse, Europaallee, and the area surrounding Langstrasse, especially if you want to check out Swiss and urban design. Getting there by train is easy from Berlin, Munich, Vienna, and other major European cities.

Interlaken to Zurich Trains

Lucerne to Zurich Trains

Bern to Zurich Trains

Geneva to Zurich Trains


Berlin, Germany is also among Best Cities in Europe for Shopping

berlin skyline and towers

Berlin justifies the title of one of the best cities in Europe for shopping with its huge retail districts where you can find virtually anything. For those with deeper pockets, Kurfurstendamm or “Ku’damm” is a must-visit, while those with a tighter budget will undoubtedly enjoy a trip to the Tauentzienstrase. As a popular European destination and a major city, Berlin is easily reachable by train from many other cities in Europe.

Munich to Berlin Trains

Frankfurt to Berlin Trains

Hanover to Berlin Trains

Hamburg to Berlin Trains


Antwerp, Belgium

One of the things that make Antwerp unique shopping-wise is its world-famous diamond district. However, Antwerp doesn’t lack designer and vintage boutiques, antique stores or bustling markets either. It can provide a unique experience to all shoppers, even those that are hard to please. You can reach Antwerp by train from Berlin, Paris, and other cities in Europe.

Brussels to Antwerp Trains

Amsterdam to Antwerp Trains

Lille to Antwerp Trains

Paris to Antwerp Trains


Ready for some great shopping in some of the best cities in Europe? Plan your journey, and book your train tickets early!



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