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In the depths of oceans, hidden away from civilization, and untouched by time, are the 10 best diving sites in the world. From colorful and bright coral reefs to WWII vessel wrecks, wild sea life, and blue holes, prep your diving gear because this diving session is about to the most exciting yet.

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1. Best Diving Site In China: The Great Wall

10 million tourists travel to the Great Wall of China every year, but very few know that they can scuba dive in one of the most iconic sites in the world. While most people walk along the 21o00 km wall, snapping pics for social media, Panjiakou Reservoir is an underwater diving site. The Great Wall of China is the only Wonder of the World, you can actually dive in.

It might not be as fascinating and beautiful as diving in Indonesia or Fiji, but you will be absolutely taken back by the view of the Great Wall of China. Not just admiring the surroundings from the top, but discovering it from the beginning, from the bricks and up, a structure standing still for thousands of years, surviving nature hazards, dynasties, and political changes.

The Best Time To Dive:

Diving the Great Wall in China is a challenging experience even for advanced divers. The reason is the low temperature, reaching a maximum of 10 to 11°C, at 7 meters deep in the summer. Therefore, the best time for diving in the Great Wall is only when you are well prepared. An additional requirement is a completed minimum of 100 to 200 dives for recreational divers.


Best Diving Site In China: The Great Wall


2. Best Diving Site In The UK: Wales

With caves, 500 wrecks, and magnificent sea life, the coasts of wales are an amazing spot for diving. Here you can dive to more than 50m in the water of Skomer, and Skokholm, and Middleholm islands. The visibility is one of the best in the area, allowing you to admire the beautiful sea life and discover WWII wrecks if you are into history.

Despite the sleepy perception it has, Wales is actually a fantastic diving place in Europe. For example, Skomer Marine Reserve in Pembrokeshire is one of the best diving sites in Wales: catfish, dolphins, sea slugs and seahorses, are only a few of the sea creatures you will meet.

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Sunset on the coast of Wales UK


3.  Best Diving Site In Italy: Portofino

With 20 different diving spots, Portofino is more than a charming coastal town in Europe. In addition to charming townhouses, restaurants, and beaches, the Ligurian coast is a fantastic diving site in Europe.

Firstly, the Portofino Marine Reserve offers amazing reefs and wrecks for beginner and advanced divers. Secondly, the statue of Christ, Christ of the Abyss is one of the top 5 diving sites in Portofino. Last, but not least, the Canadian MOHAWK deer wreck is another diving attraction at 20-40 meters.

To conclude, Portofino’s diving sites are ideal for your first diving, and to discover another stunning natural wonder if you are an experienced diver.

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Crystal Water Diving Site In Portofino Italy


4. Best Diving Site In France: French Guadeloupe Islands

In the Caribbean paradise, the la Guadaloupe islands are a little piece of French diving heaven. This little group of islands consists of La Grande Terre, and Petite Terre, home to a volcano, rain forest, beautiful landscape and beaches, and most importantly one of the best diving sites in Europe.

Guadeloupe islands are not as popular as Bali or Belize, but the marine life here will definitely keep you underwater for your entire vacation. Cousteau Marine Reserve is the best diving site in Guadeloupe, with wonderful fauna and flora, tunnels, caves turtles, and many more hidden spots for the adventurous diver, and for first-timers that simply want to enjoy the sea life in the Caribbean waters.

The Best Time To Dive In Guadeloupe Islands:

The water temperature remains 23-28°C all year round in Guadeloupe, so you can come diving whenever you want.

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French Guadeloupe Islands


5. Orkney Islands, Scotland

Over green meadows, hills, and mountains, the Orkney Islands have the best maritime history in the world. Literally, there are 7 vessels at the bottom of Orkney waters in Scotland. These wrecks from the German High Seas Fleet in Scapa Flow, in 1919.

In addition to the wrecks, there is amazing marine wildlife to explore in the clear waters. For instance, the waters of Churchill Barriers and the Yesnaby or Inganess are ideal for spotting wild sea life.

The Best Time To Dive In The Orkney Islands:

Easter to November, when the temperature is 13°C.

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Underwater Wrecks In Orkney Islands, Scotland


6. Best Diving Sites In Europe: Silfra, Iceland

Between two continents, in the heart of the Thingvellir National Park, the clearest water in Iceland await you for an amazing diving experience. The unique geological features in Silfra offer mysterious tunnels and caverns for experienced divers.

The most exciting thing about diving in Silfra is the fissure. This diving path was formed by the annual 2 cm movement of North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. This was first created after an earthquake, but is totally safe for diving these days, so you can start preparing for an unforgettable diving experience in the Icelandic waters.

The maximum diving depth allowed in Silfra is 18 meters.

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Perfect Diving In Silfra, Iceland


7. Best Diving Sites In The World: Bali

Surrounding sandy beaches, temples, volcanic mountains, the waters of magical Bali are a world wonder on their own. Undoubtedly, Bali is a wonderful destination for vacation and perfect for diving.

In Bali, you can split your time between the many diving locations because they are everywhere. From colorful coral reefs to giant fish, and caves to mind-blowing Buddha statues, Bali underwater is a thrilling and spectacular world for diving and snorkeling.

The Best Time To Dive In Bali:

May to November is the diving season in Bali, and the best time to see Manta Rays is April to May.

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Diving near mind-blowing Buddha statues on Bali


8.  Best Diving Sites In The World: The Blue Hole In Belize

125 meters deep, circular in shape, and with a magnificent aerial view, the Blue Hole diving site in Belize, is one of the top 10 must diving sites in the world. This giant hole is right off the Lighthouse Reef in Belize, and in good visibility, you might find yourself on an unforgettable diving adventure.

Unlike the other best diving sites on our list, the Blue Hole is not home to Balinese sculptures, rare sea life, or colorful reefs. What you find is a challenging and gratifying diving experience, that will take you to the next divemaster level.

The Best Time To Dive In The Blue Hole:

April to June are best for whale sharks watching and diving.

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9. Raja Ampat: Diving At The End Of The World

Kept away from civilization up until 2004, Raja Ampat is a hidden paradise, located between Indonesia and Australia. Thanks to this late discovery, the marine wildlife in Raja Ampat is one of the wildest in the world.

When you dive in Raja Ampat, you will discover over 600 species of hard corals alone, in addition to the colorful and out-of-this-world marine life. This unique world is in the center of 4 main islands: Waigei, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool in the remote West Papua.

If you are intermediate to the advanced diver, then you should definitely book your next diving vacation in Raja Ampat.



The Best Time To Dive In Raje Ampat:

November to April with temperatures ranging from 27 to 30 °C.

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Diving in Raja Ampat


10. Best Diving Sites In China: Shi Cheng Ancient City In Qiandao Lake

Deep in the thousand Islands Lake, in Zhejiang province, the ancient city of Shi Cheng lies. At the depth of 40 meters, you will discover the marvels of a lost Chinese city. Despite the fierce water and time passed, the city’s architectural features, and even wooden details are well preserved.

For these reasons, the city of Shi Cheng is a hidden paradise for divers. Many come to discover the beauty of Qiandao Lake, but this lost city is one more amazing reason to travel. The city and valley were flooded in 1959, but it is completely safe for diving.

The Best Time To Dive In Shi Cheng:

Fall, thanks to the dry and warm climate.

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Shi Cheng Ancient City In Qiandao Lake


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