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You can travel around the world, but you will experience the best of every place through the food. Our 10 best food markets around the world will tell you all the secrets about its people, culture, history, and how to blend it, with every bite from the pasta, star fruit, and sausages. In addition, if that is not enough, you could always ask the food stalls’ owners for insider’s tips, from Europe to China.


1. Cours Saleya Food Market In Nice

The biggest outdoor market in Nice is the food and flowers market on Cours Saleya in Old Nice. Here you’ll find fresh pastry, cheese, herbs to bring back as souvenirs, and local delicacies.

Not only will you indulge in the best of French cuisine, but you’ll experience it all in the fresh sea air. The flowers stand nearby complete the setting for a wonderful culinary experience.

Nice’s amazing food market will be waiting for you every morning, except Mondays.

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Amazing cheese at Cours Saleya Food Market In Nice


2. Best Food Markets In The World: Borough Market In London

London is known for its amazing street markets, beautiful neighborhoods, and streets with unique vibes. Nothing can compete with the special and lively atmosphere in London’s food markets, and the Borough food market is the best.

Here you’ll find the best street food: Kappacasein cheese toasts, bread Ahead’s pastries and cakes, Mrs. King’s Pork pies, and Greedy Goat’s ice cream for dessert. This amazing market welcomes visitors every day, for the last 1,000 years, and is one of London’s top landmarks.

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Borough Market In London

3. Best Food Markets In The World: Sanyuanli Market In Beijing

Exotic fruit and rare foods, Sanyuanli is one of Beijing’s hidden secrets. The food market is where local chefs and westerners come to buy their star fruit and fresh food, and imported herbs

So, if you like experimenting in the kitchen, need to get inspired, this is the place. In the Sanyuanli food market you can find anything, at wholesale prices, but pay in cash only. Sanyuanli food market is in Chaoyang District and open daily.


Star food at Sanyuanli Market In Beijing

4. The Best Food Market In Munich: The Viktualienmarkt

If you are an early bird, then at 6 am you’ll be greeted with the fresh brewed coffee and pretzels scent. Karnoll’s pastry stand is one of the first food stands to open in the Viktualienmarkt food market in Berlin.

In addition to this Munich’s specialty, in Viktualienmarkt you’ll be tasting the exquisite white sausage and other Bavarian dishes. In the square between Frauenstrasse and Heiliggeistkirche, you’ll find the farmer’s market and the Muncheners meeting place.

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Influencer in Viktualienmarkt, Food Market In Munich

5. Best Food Markets In China: Kowloon City Wet Market In Hong Kong

With an outstanding number of 581 stalls, the Kowloon food market is the largest market in Hong Kong. You’ll find this amazing market open daily from 6 am to 8 pm, and just 14 minutes by walking from Lok Fu station. The best time to visit Kowloon market is at night when the lights are on, and food festivities begin.

Kowloon City Wet market offers the best fresh products, from seafood to vegetables.  This market is so big, that you’ll need an entire day to cover all 3 stories, beginning with Hong-Kong breakfast to lunch and dinner. This includes tasting Thai food since the Thai population here is the biggest.

Our best tip for the Kowloon market is to follow the crowds. Thus, the most popular stalls and stores offer the freshest products, thanks to the high product turnover.


Kowloon neighborhood in Hongkong is one of the best food Market in the world

6. The Quadrilatero Food Market In Bologna Italy

With the amazing scents of balsamic oils, kinds of pasta, and mortadella, The Quadrilatero food market is absolute culinary heaven. You’ll agree that Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world, and street food tops the food charts worldwide.

If you still have room, then Romanzo’s tagliere of cold cuts will be a feast to the senses. You’ll find this divine food market near Piazza Maggiore, open Monday to Saturday.

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Meat Sandwitch in The Quadrilatero Food Market In Bologna Italy

7. KadeWe Food Market In Berlin

KadeWe food market is one of the most luxurious food markets on our 10 best food markets around the world list. This German food market is located in one of Berlin’s top department stores and spreads on an entire floor.

Thus, although it’s a food hall, you’ll find an unparalleled selection of foods in the KadeWe food market. For example, if you fancy cheese, then 1300 different cheese at your selection. Or, exquisite desserts and traditional wurst, as KadeWe food market, is for the finest and most delicious foods.

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Special food in KadeWe Food Market Berlin

8. Bastille Food Market In Paris

Dining in the biggest food market in Paris is something every food lover should do. The huge market is named in the name of the big Revolution. So you will be tasting with your eyes and mind everything Paris has to offer.

Twice a week you’ll be welcomed with open arms and French chic. You’ll mingle with the locals and indulge in French pastries, fresh cheese, and fabulous sausages. Just head to Boulevard Richard Lenoir, and you’ll see the amazing number of food stalls, scents, and colors.

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9. Rialto Fish Market In Venice

On the banks of the Grand Canal, you’ll see the oldest food market in Venice, Rialto Fish Market. Named after the central bridge in Venice, the Rialto fish market offers an amazing variety of seafood and close mingling with the Venetians.

The Rialto market is open from 8 am until lunch, Tuesday to Saturday. You’ll find the Pescheria and Erberia side by side, so you can get anything you need for lunch, from fresh vegetables to scallops straight from the sea.

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Rialto Best Fish Market In Venice

10. Testaccio Food Market In Rome

Humid Italian days or rainy winter weekends, the Testaccio food market is the best hangout place in Rome. This amazing food market is located on a Roman archeological site, so you’ll be biting on a dish of fresh pasta seasoned with ancient history.

The Testaccio market is called Nuovo Mercato since it moved to its new location in the Testaccio neighborhood 80 years ago. However, you’ll still find the old street food boxes, Mordi e Vali’s panini in box 90, Casa Manco’s fresh pizza in box 22, and many more.

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Pizza is always a good idea


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