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Planning a weekend getaway, or perhaps a well-deserved vacation with the girls? check out these 12 best girls’ trip destinations worldwide. From laid back jungles to cosmopolitan cities, these places are amazing locations for a fun holiday with friends.

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1. Girls Weekend Getaway To Amsterdam

Picturesque canals, cafes in small, charming alleys, and a great relaxed atmosphere, Amsterdam is a wonderful girls’ weekend destination in Europe. The cute canals are all adorned with colorful blossoms in May, the streets are lively, and the cafes are full of laughter, which adds to the Dutch city’s charm.

If you are not a relaxing group of ladies, you could rent bikes, and explore the city like locals. Moreover, when tired of the city, you could bike or ride the train to the nearby town and even the flower market for an amazing photoshoot in the tulip fields or the windmills for a great picnic. Bottom line, Amsterdam has a lot of things to do, and ideas for a great girls’ city break.

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Girls Weekend Getaway To Amsterdam


2. Best Girls Ski Trip To The Austrian Alps

If you have always wanted to experience an active holiday in the enchanting Austrian Alps, then a ski trip to Salbaach is the ideal option for you. Grab your besties, on an unforgettable trip in the snowy breathtaking Alps. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you could stay in a cozy and eco-friendly cabin, sipping on wine, as you chat the night away reminiscing on other fantastic girls’ trips taken together.

Moreover, the Austrian Alps are a fantastic girls’ trip destination thanks to their secluded location. The Alps are grand and vast, offering plenty of secluded spots and various types of accommodation, where it will only be you and your gal pals, many kilometers away from any interruptions, loud groups, and tourists. This way, you can benefit the most from the amazing landscape and the girls’ quality time.

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Best Girls Ski Trip To The Austrian Alps


3. Girls Trip To Las Vegas

Thrilling, colorful, mysterious, Las Vegas is famous for its parties, grandiose bashes, and lights. While most visitors come for the city lights and the promise of a never-ending party, Las Vegas is a great girls’ trip destination.

In addition to Vegas’ fun vibes, there are great places to visit nearby and admire some of the world’s most breathtaking views. For instance, you and the girls could go up to the 7 magic mountains and the Valley of Fire. From hiking to taking in the desert views and silence, this trip will elevate your girls’ weekend to Las Vegas to a completely different level.


Girls Trip To Las Vegas


4. Best Girls Trip Destinations Worldwide: Bali

The closest you will ever get to nature at its wildest and most serene form, Indonesia is a magnificent destination for a girls’ trip. From the magical monkey forest and temples in Bali to the beaches of Bali and turquoise waters, Indonesia has something amazing to offer to any group of friends traveling together.

In addition to exploring the fascinating Indonesian culture in Ubud, you will have a blast trekking up to Mount Batur. So, while most travel to Bali to relax in a marvelous villa, you can also experience the adventurous side of Bali with your besties from some of the most unforgettable points in Indonesia.


Best Girls Trip Destinations Worldwide: Bali


5. London

Afternoon tea or cocktails with a view, vintage or high-end posh shopping, London has got it all for the perfect girls’ trip. One of the fun cities in Europe, London is an amazing weekend getaway destination, for little girls’ fun. In Addition to a great selection of rooftop bars, boutique, and cultural events, the city is absolutely beautiful.

Therefore, there are plenty of colorful and lively spots to take snaps of your amazing girls’ trip and spread the fun on social media. So, pack your best bags, and bring an extra for all the shopping and memories you are going to bring back from London.

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London Drinking outside


6. A Girls Trip To Paris

The fashion capital of the world is a favorite among the world’s ladies. Paris is the quintessential girls’ trip destination worldwide, for shopping, sightseeing, nightlife, and patisserie for dessert. Everything in Paris is better, magical, and unforgettable.

So, be ready to spend at least a week on your girls’ trip to Paris, when the first two days will be for classic sightseeing and the rest for special things you can only do. For instance, you can visit the Louvre in the morning, have a picnic in Tuileries Garden for lunch, Moulin Rouge in the evening, and cabaret club for the after-party. Whether it is your first trip to Paris or fifth, but this time with your gals, a trip to Paris is always a good idea.

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A Girls Trip To Paris


7. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Sandy beaches, colorful places and villages, and Italian food, nothing beats a holiday on Amalfi Coast. Thus, a girls’ trip to the Italian Riviera is one of the best options for a summer vacation in Italy.

So, if you are planning a girls’ trip to Italy, Capri or Positano are excellent choices to stay in Amalfi. You could rent a fabulous villa by the beach, or a cute little house overlooking the Mediterranean if you prefer living like a local. To conclude, Amalfi Coast has great weather, views, rentals, and food for a great girls’ trip in Italy.

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on a boat in Amalfi Coast, Italy


8. Best Girls Trip Destinations Germany: Berlin

Trendy, easy-going, and fun, Berlin is an amazing destination for the long-awaited girls’ trip to Europe. Berlin is the fashion and party capital of Germany, where your wildest dreams come true. So, whether you are traveling for a bachelorette party, gal pals’ weekend, or a birthday trip with your besties, you will have an absolute blast in Berlin.

Vintage shopping at The Bergmannkiez, art galleries, drinks at Madame Claude, are just a few of the great things you can do on your girls’ trip to Berlin. These are great options if your gang is keen on thrills and taking the best Berlin has to offer. However, if you’re mind is set on relaxation, then there are plenty of amazing spas in Berlin, for some relaxation and wine with the girls on your 48 hours escapade to Berlin.

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9. Mykonos

While it is not as touristic as Santorini, Mykonos is a hot travel destination in Greece. So, if you have a birthday coming up, get your gang together for an extraordinary weekend in sunny Mykonos. With great beaches, postcard-like views, and streets, Mykonos is a dreamy girls’ trip destination.

Party on a yacht, sun-bath on the rooftop of your villa, or stroll around the old part of the island, Mykonos has something to offer for everyone. Isolate Agios beach, cobbled streets, and hidden cafes are just a few of the things to discover in Mykonos. Despite the greek island’s petit size, there are many spots for memorable group pics that will capture your amazing time together.


Mykonos views


10. Dublin

Famous for its pubs and nightlife, Dublin is a fantastic girls’ trip destination. Bar hopping, food, or city walking tour are only a few of the fun ways you can explore the great big city of Dublin. On the contrary, you could explore all of Dublin’s hidden gems on your own

If you choose independent exploration, then starting with a brunch at the Pepper Pot, followed by shopping at the Powerscourt Centre, and closing the day with cocktails at Farrier & Draper, is an example of a great day in Dublin. Thus, if you have never been to Dublin, and wish to celebrate a special event with the girls, Dublin will be an excellent choice.


Dublin streets


11. Best Girls Trip Destinations Worldwide: Porto, Portugal

Overlooking Douro River, or by the sandy coast, the cute little cafes in Porto are waiting to welcome you and your girlfriends. Porto’s location and vibes make it a great destination for a girlfriends’ summer trip to Portugal. Porto is famous for the chilled atmosphere, where the morning stretches slowly into brunch, and into a lazy afternoon.

Nonetheless, Porto is home to many creative minds, so as you are strolling through the streets, you will come across many galleries and art installations. Then, change into your party outfit and go to the streets of Rua da Galeria de Paris and Rua de Candido dos Reis, for some great dancing. To conclude, Porto is a vibrant and young Portuguese city, ideal for a 48-hours or a very long lazy girlfriends’ weekend in Porto.


Porto, Portugal seaside


12. Zurich

The international Swiss city is an amazing location for a girls’ trip, whether you are planning a short weekend stay or extending your trip to a whole week. Located on the lake, with the Swiss Alps surrounding it, Zurich can be perfect for an active holiday, or a relaxing weekend with the girls. The lake is so vast, that you will have plenty of space for a boat ride or swimming.

Moreover, the surrounding mountains provide plenty of hiking trails and viewpoints of the wonderful lake and town. So, if you fancy a picnic or a group hike, you are traveling to the right place, because Zurich has got it all, and although the city is a popular destination all year round, the location and surroundings provide many spots for moments of solitude and serenity.

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Girls Trip To Zurich


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