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Europe is a wonderful meeting place of many different cultures — and culinary traditions. Every nation has its own distinct identity, which draws the visitors right into its history and everything else it offers. And in some countries, that also means flavorful drinks!

Those of you who travel to excite your palate and have some locals approved fun will enjoy visiting these countries. Here are our top 5 best local drinks to drink and try in Europe:


1. Best Local Drinks In Italy: Limoncello

Limoncello is a wonderful Italian invention that you can find all across this beautiful country. However, if you wish to try this light lemon liquor at its best, head to Amalfi. There, on the beautiful Amalfi Coast, they make limoncello from the best lemons in all of Italy. The original recipe makes this drink taste like an aromatic lemonade that is only slightly sweet. However, sip it slowly and carefully, because its strength can take you by surprise.

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2. Bordeaux Best Local Wine — France

For a wine lover, one of the best local drinks to try in Europe would certainly be a Bordeaux wine. Even though it is a famous French export, it is certainly an experience to sample this exquisite wine while in Bordeaux. A wine tour is a perfect way to explore the region and its wines. What is more, you will learn a lot about making wine, gorgeous chateaus, and microclimates.

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3. Pimms Cup — England

If you find yourself in London during the summer, you simply cannot leave without sampling Pimms Cup. It was James Pimm who invented the drink in the mid 1800s, and he served it in a large cup that to which he lent his name. It is a refreshing drink that combines fizzy lemonade and Pimms No. 1, as well as fruit slices and mint sprigs. Absolutely delicious, and perfect for enjoying on a mild summer day in a garden setting, Pimms Cup will charm you.

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Pimms Cup England

4. Best Local Drinks In Germany: Schnaps

In Germany, Schnaps is an umbrella term for a strong alcoholic drink that can have a variety of flavors. For example, you could have a fruity Schnaps or a herb based one. Whichever one you choose, you will be having a popular local drink that will evoke the spirit of Germany. The locals love having Schnaps after a large, heavy meal, where its strength helps with digestion. So when you are in Germany, feel free to feast and drink up!

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Best Local Drinks in Germany is the Schnaps


5. Westvleteren Abbey Best Local Beer In Belgium

Belgium is synonymous with beer, perhaps even more than Germany is. But among all the amazing local Belgian beers, there is one that will knock you off your feet. Abbey beers, also known as Trappists, are very popular in Belgium, but Westvleteren abbey beer is the rarest one. To get it, you need to reserve it from the abbey 60 days ahead of time. However, it is well worth the trouble.

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