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Europe’s nature and landscapes have inspired fairy tales. The vast lands are home to amazing hiking trails that lead to some of the most extraordinary wonders of the world. Remarkable caves in Hungary, a Grand Canyon with turquoise water in France, ice-palaces in Austria, and a pyramid-shaped mountain in Italy, are 5 of the best natural wonders of Europe.

These marvels of nature will take your breath away, and provide amazing scenery for the best vacation in Europe. Whether you are keen on hiking or taking a cable car, these 5 wonders are simply a must-visit on any trip to Europe, at least once in a lifetime.


1. Best Natural Wonders Of Europe: Eisriesenwelt, Austria

You might remember Salzburg from The Sounds of Music and the Von Trapp children singing to the mountains. But, beneath the Hochkogel mountains, hides the largest cave in Europe. Eisriesnwelt ice cave in Austria is one of the most intriguing natural wonders of Europe. Above all, the highlight in this 3000o sq meters is the ice palace, Eispalast.

This natural phenomenon is the largest ice cave in the world, and it was created by ice formation under lava or limestone underneath the ground.

How can I get to Eisriesnwelt ice cave?

Interestingly this 40km cave is a train ride away from Salzburg, and trains leave every hour. In addition from the Werfen, there’s a 15 minutes’ minibus ride to the cave. Moreover, most tourists to Germany, haven’t discovered this natural wonder, so you could be one of the special explorers. You could do the 4-hours hike up or 3 hours’ tranquil tour with a cable car ride.

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2. Best Natural Wonders Of Europe: The Verdon Gorge, France

The Grand Canyon of France stretches to the southern region of Provence. Steep cliffs and limestone, make for a spectacular background for the unbelievably beautiful lake’s water. Therefore, this natural wonder’s unique name “Gorges du Verdon” means Gorges of green, in French.

 This amazing lake in Provence is perfect for summer swimming and chilling, as well as a hiking paradise. There are 1500 trails for enthusiastic climbers that wish to admire this European wonder from above. So, you choose if you just want to bathe in the sun on a boat, or discover on foot.

How Can I Get To Gorges Du Verdon?

The closest town is Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, and you can get there by train from Paris. Then head to the entrance at bridge Pont du Galettes, to enter this natural wonder.

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Turquoise water in The Verdon Gorge, France


3. Best Natural Wonders Of Europe: Matterhorn, Italy

Monte Cervino in Northern Italy is 4,478 meters above sea level. In addition, Matterhorn is famous for its almost perfect pyramid shape. The Matterhorn was naturally created when African and European lands simply slammed into one another. As a result of this land movement, the grand rock found its way to the top.

If you are looking for a memorable experience in the Matterhorn, then stay in the igloo village at the mountain’s base. The ice and snow igloo accommodates travelers for an unforgettable night. If you are afraid of the cold, a drink by the bar will keep you warm as you admire the beautiful mountain on a starry night.

How Can I Get To Matterhorn?

This natural wonder is only the starting point on your amazing journey. You can travel to the Matterhorn glacier by train travel from Zermatt. In the highest train station in Europe, you can admire the 360º panoramic of Italy, Switzerland, and France. This means you can get the perfect picture from any angle in Spring, summer, or snow-covered in winter.

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The sky above Matterhorn is a natural wonder of Italy


4. Aggtelek Caves, Hungary

Aggtelek caves are a marvelous natural wonder in Europe. The unusual name means ‘dripping water’ which originated from the natural process of water dripping through the stone. Consequently, the source for the beautiful shapes in the magnificent caves in Aggtelek national park.

The Baradla Domica Cave is a 25-km-long of dripstone cave system between Hungary and Slovakia. Thus it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

How Can I Get To Baradla Domica Caves?

Aggtelek caves are a 4-hours train journey from Budapest with changes. So, if you are planning a day-trip from Budapest, it can be a bit tight.

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Aggtelek Caves, Hungary lighted


5. Best Natural Wonders Of Europe: The Black Forest, Germany

Famous for its mystical and dense trees, the Black Forest in Germany is a fascinating natural wonder of Europe. This spectacular mountain range in Baden-Wurttemberg has inspired many legends, like Grimm’s tales. This is where you walk out of Baden-Baden spa town, and into an enchanted forest of tales and cuckoos.

If you are interested in an adventure, Triberg Falls, are waiting up a forest hiking trail. Another great way to explore this magnificent natural wonder in Germany is hiking with a guide because the last thing you want is to get lost in the heavily wooded lands.

In Conclusion, these 5 best natural wonders of Europe are all the world’s greatest mysteries. So, you can definitely explore Europe like a tourist and do a popular sightseeing route, or you can discover and see for yourself the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes of Europe. Most, importantly, all these natural wonders are accessible by train and other means of transport, from the central cities in Europe.

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The Black Forest is a natural wonder of Europe


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