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Europe’s castles and charming streets and places have been the setting to amazing tales for thousands of years. Until today Europe is the quintessential party destination in the world. It is the mecca of parties for travelers from around the world like bachelor and bachelorette trips. So, we have meticulously selected the best 5 party cities in Europe for an epic and wild vacation.

Berlin to Amsterdam, ruin bars to the largest nightclub in Europe, by train travel or club hopping, fasten your seat belt for the wildest trip yet.


1. Party In Berlin, Germany

One of the friendliest cities in Europe, Berlin is the mecca for artists, musicians, and the world’s best DJs. Its history and culture have influenced its diversity and super open approach, which means that anything goes. Therefore, Berlin is the wildest and best party city in Europe.

Berlin’s club and party scene usually begin late after dark. If you want to experience Berlin’s nightlife like a Berliner, pack comfortable shoes, and casual wear and arrive on Friday. Grab a drink at one of the many bars in Berlin and head to the industrial area.

The best clubs in Berlin are hidden away in Berlin’s industrial area and beneath the train tracks. Prepare yourself for a party that never stops, or stops only when the last man is standing. Berliners’ clubbing nights begin as early as 1 am on Saturdays until Sunday night. This definitely puts Berlin among the craziest and best party cities in Europe with tourists and clubbers traveling from all over the world.

What Is The Best Nightclub In Berlin?

If you are up for 48h of partying and you have time for only one club, then be sure to party at the Berghain. The best techno and house sounds will rock the dance floor all weekend long.

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Hamburg to Berlin by Train


Best party cities in Europe and Berlin Germany


2. Party In Budapest, Hungary

During the day and sunset hours, Budapest is an absolute stunner with its impressive architectural gems and sites. As you wander around the streets, your eyes can barely keep track of the most beautiful landmarks in Europe. But, at night you will discover an alternative world, a world of derelict buildings that turn into Europe’s most unusual bars, and this unique scene puts Budapest on our 5 best party cities in Europe.

After dark, in an alternative space, where there are no etiquette nor house rules, things are bound to go wild.

What Is The Best Nightclub In Budapest?

Szimpla Kert is Budapest’s iconic ruin bar in district 7 and its labyrinthine upstairs section and a must-visit for an especially bewildering experience of Budapest’s party nights.

Vienna to Budapest by Train

Prague to Budapest by Train

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Graz to Budapest by Train



3. Party In Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe. During the day you will feel like you went back in time to castles, princes, and knight’s stories, but during the night you time travel to crazy nightlife, where inhibitions are left behind the door.

The city is full of beer gardens by the river, pubs, and bars with amazing views of the city, and of course a notorious club scene.

What Is The Best Nightclub In Prague?

Prague is home to the largest club in Europe, the 5-story Karlovy Lazne Club. So, if you are planning a trip to Prague with your friends or a Eurotrip to explore Europe’s best party cities, then this is a must-stop on your adventure. Be aware that once you enter the club’s doors, you might exit a completely different person Whatever happens in Prague, stays in Prague.

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People dancing at prague czech republic party at a nightclub instagram picture


4. Party In Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Famous for its beautiful canals and coffee shops, Amsterdam is a popular European vacation destination. It has a very tranquil vibe, despite its notorious red lights district and coffee shops.

While the Dutch prefer low-key gatherings, if you ask tourists from all over the world, they would say that Amsterdam has another side.  In comparison to the other cities in our best party cities in Europe, in Amsterdam, you’ll find trance sounds in most clubs, but also live music. Live shows are very popular in Amsterdam.

What Is The Best Nightclub In Amsterdam?

Just a few of the best live music clubs are Melkweg and Bimhuis, and the best nightclubs are De Marktkantine and Shelter.

Bremen to Amsterdam by Train

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Hamburg to Amsterdam by Train


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5. Party In Vienna, Austria

The city that we all know for its unprecedented opera and cultural life also has fabulous and fun nightlife. Contrary to other nightclub scenes in neighboring countries, the nightlife scene in Vienna is friendlier and more relaxed. For example, the entrance fee in Vienna is lower with relaxed door policies.

In Vienna, you can mostly find techno clubs, but also underground and acid styles in some clubs.

What Is The Best Nightclub In Vienna?

For the best techno parties go to Das Werk and Grelle Forelle. If you want a club crawl then head to the Gurtel, a road that runs through the city center. That’s where you will find most pubs and clubs clustered together. Be sure to check out Venster99.

Elektro Gonner is a great example of Vienna’s quirky nightlife. Located in an electric shop, it is also a space for video installations and electro music. Le Loft bar is located at the top of Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom with epic sunset and city views.

Salzburg to Vienna by Train

Munich to Vienna by Train

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Prague to Vienna by Train


Best party cities in Vienna Europe


More Info About Parties In Europe

What Season Is Best To Experience The Nightlife In Europe?

Spring and early fall are the best seasons for traveling and discover the best party cities in Europe.


What Is The Price Range For Entry Fees In Europe’s Nightclubs?

The entry fee varies from country to country. Most European cities are very affordable, for example, Prague and Budapest, 5-20 euros entrance and alcohol at reasonable prices, some places are more expensive, but the most important thing, is to come early, so you won’t have to stand a long time in the queue.


What City Has The Best Nightlife In Europe For New Year’s Eve And Christmas?

The best city for Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties is definitely Berlin if you are traveling on a tight budget. Amsterdam and Prague are gorgeous in winter, but a bit pricier.

To conclude, Europe has something to offer for any taste, desire, wickedness level, and budget. Our top 5 party cities offer the best of all worlds. You can certainly start gently with bar hopping or live music clubs and continue to the wildest dance floors in Europe, all in a single night. To top it all, every city is easily reachable via train travel, so if it is your wildest dream to have a crazy party weekend and visit all 5, then Europe awaits.


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