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Whether you are traveling for a weekend or a long holiday in Europe, you should always make time to relax. A picnic is a marvelous way to relax and admire some of the iconic sites and views. So, to help you get started on your European holiday, we have hand-picked and packed a picnic basket of the best picnic spot in Europe. Just sit back, and enjoy the view!


1. Picnic In Petrin Hill, Prague

The views and atmosphere in Petrin Hill park make for one of the 5 best picnic spots in Europe. Ironically, located in Lesser Town, Petrin Hill is a green and charming park that overlooks Prague Castle. Petrin offers the most beautiful views of the capital, and you could climb up to the observatory tower for really scenic views of the city, castles, and bridges.

Petrin Hill is perfect for a picnic in Europe in spring, fall or summer. The leafage will look stunning in the fall and in the spring and summer all the trees and land will be blossoming and colored in green. Just grab yourself some scones with berries from Artic Bakehouse and you are all set for a marvelous picnic in Prague.

How To Get To Petrin Hill?

Petrin Hill is just across the Old Town and city center. You can travel by funicular, tram or bus, like all tourists. But, you can get to Petrin Hill by foot, cross Charles Bridge to Mala Strana and Lennon wall. It will take you about an hour if the weather is good and a picnic for sunset will be a great ending to this dreamy day in the city.

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What Ingredients are needed for the Best Picnic Spot In Europe


2. Picnic By The River In Saxon Switzerland, Germany

Grand rivers, snowy peaks ahead, and green meadows around you, Saxon Switzerland national park is a spectacular paradise. On a lazy morning or at the end of a long hike, the Bastei bridge is the ideal spot for a wonderful picnic.

If you are into adventures and a hiking enthusiast, you will surely appreciate taking a break for a picnic. On the other hand, if you prefer beautiful living and resting, a picnic by the river in Saxon Switzerland will top all your European holiday.

How To Get To Saxon Switzerland?

Saxon Switzerland is only 30 minutes’ train travel from Dresden. So, pack an Eierschecke, coffee, berries, and fruit from the local market and you are all set for a great time in one of the most scenic picnic spot in Europe.

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Binocular watching The River In Saxon Switzerland, Germany


3. Picnic By The Lake In Lago Di Braies, Italy

Blue pristine water and mountain tops reflecting in the lake, the views of Lake di Braies in South Tyrol in Italy will color your picnic with beautiful memories. Italy is culinary heaven, combined with spectacular lakes and mountains, it’s really unnecessary to elaborate on the many reasons this lake is on our top 5 best picnic spot in Europe.

If you are keen on hiking in the Dolomites, the circuit lago di Braie day-hike is quite easy. So, you finish off a wonderful day in nature, taking a bite from your Panini or pizza and admiring the views of the largest natural lake in the Dolomites.



How Do I Get To Lago Di Braie?

Lago di Braies is train travel away from Bolzano, the nearest city. It takes about an hour by train, or you can find wonderful accommodation nearby.

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Picnic Spot in Lago Di Braies Lake, Italy


4. Picnic On An Island In Margret Island, Budapest

Located on the Danube river, between Buda and Pest, Margaret Island is perfect for a spring picnic in Budapest. The island is 2.5 km, a favorite among the locals for outdoor fun in the sun. In addition, there’s a local market nearby, so there’s no need to carry your picnic treats from the city by public transport. You just grab all your favorites and a few local delicacies at the market and head to the island.

There’s also a Japanese garden on Margaret island that is totally worth a visit before or after your wonderful picnic.

How Do I Get To Margaret Island?

By tram or bus, Margaret island is very accessible by public transport. Insider’s tip: Budapest Card gets you special extras for public transport and attractions.

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Best picnic spot in Europe are inside the city


5. Picnic In Champs De Mars Paris

Paris has countless beautiful gardens and picnic spots along the Seine. The best picnic spot in Paris is right across the iconic Champs de Mars space.

It is a grand green space between the seventh arrondissement and Eiffel Tower. It is perfect for a picnic in Paris and offers the best seats for sunset. In addition to the landscape, it is also one of the 10 best viewpoints on the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Every summer Parisian families arrive to soak up the sun or enjoy the fall scenery of the gardens. It is very tranquil and provides a wonderful setting for viewing the Eiffel Tower night lights.

So, be sure to pack a fresh baguette, camembert, fresh fruit, wine, and head to one of the best picnic spot in Europe.

Bon Apetit!

How To Get To Champs De Mars Gardens?

You can take the metro or RER train. Simply get off at Champ de Mars-Tour Eiffel station.

Traveling can be overwhelming and exhausting because we will always want to see and experience absolutely everything. Europe has so many remarkable and unforgettable activities and views to offer. While you should always strive to see as much as possible, sometimes you just need to take it easy. Having a picnic with local delicacies is a fantastic way to explore the country and cuisine, without making a step.

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Picnic In Champs De Mars Paris


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