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Sea Orchins, seahorses, bright colored fauna, and some of the clearest waters in the world, snorkeling in these 10 places is a mind-blowing adventure. These 10 best places for snorkeling in Europe, have an amazing visibility at 20 m. underwater, and are home to some of the most fascinating marine life on earth.

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1. Best Place For Snorkeling In The UK: Devon

From the rocky island to London Bridge, on the North of Tor Bay, here you will find one of the most beautiful snorkeling places in the UK. Jewel anemones in an array of bright pink and yellow, mussels, and unique tompot blennies fish, you could spend an entire day snorkeling in London Bridge.

Many visitors to the UK and Devon may not even know that they are traveling to one of the best snorkeling places in Europe. However, Devon is a fantastic snorkeling and diving destination in the UK. In addition to London Bridge, Lundy Island is another snorkeling gem, with gray seals, moon jellyfish, and dolphins to see.

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Devon's Cliff Snorkeling In The UK


2. Best Place For Snorkeling In Portugal: Berlenga Grande

Portugal is famous for its marvelous beaches, Berlenga Grande island is no exception. Just 10 km away from Peniche, one of the 10 most amazing surfing places in Europe, Berlenga is a gorgeous archipelago. It consists of 3 small islands of caverns, dark blue water, and a shipwreck.

In case you were wondering, you can admire the shipwrecks with snorkeling gear. Additionally, an amazing Atlantic underwater world of marine creatures like sunfish, corals, will be waiting for you beyond the mask. The ancient Fort San Juan Bautista overlooking this beautiful area will be in your eyesight as you come up, adding mystery to the entire experience.


Snorkeling In Portugal: Berlenga Grande


3. Port Cros National Park, France

Up to a depth of 8 m. in a special snorkel trail, you could be admiring the hundreds of fishes in Port Cros national park. This oldest marina nature reserve is one of the best snorkeling places in Europe. Plage de la Palud is the perfect spot to start your snorkeling adventure.

In contrast to the other amazing snorkeling places on this list, here you will find 6 informative buoys with interesting facts about the sea creatures you meet: East Atlantic peacock wrasse, painted comber, rare dusky groupers, and many other colorful fish.

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4. La Silfra, Iceland

One of the best diving places in the world, evidently La Silfra is an epic snorkeling place in Europe. Swimming between 2 European continents, with the family, or friends, in water melting from the Langjokull glacier, is an unforgettable experience.

Silfra is one of the best places for snorkeling in the world, due to the amazing visibility in 100 m. The colors underwater, swimming between the rocky trails and coves, and all this glory is just one hour from Reykjavik. Since the water tends to be very cold, you should book a snorkeling tour, with a proper swimsuit and gear to keep you warm.


Snorkeling in La Silfra, Iceland


5. Isola Rossa, Sardinia, Italy

Clear pristine water is a must for an amazing snorkeling experience. Isola Rossa in Sardinia has got the best conditions for fun snorkeling: clear waters, rocky landscape and caverns, marina life that will blow your mind, and white sandy beaches to catch your breath, between snorkeling sessions.

You will find the small fishermen’s village, Isola Rossa in North-West Sardinia. Corals, fish, and red rocks are the perfect setting for a summer holiday. In addition to sunbathing, you could enjoy water sports, scuba diving, and windsurfing on the Italian coast. So, be sure to pack waterproof bags, and an underwater camera to remember the underwater world of Sardinia.

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Isola Rossa, Sardinia, Italy


6. Cabrera Archipelago National Park, Spain

19 small islands compound the Cabrera archipelago, home to an amazing marine ecosystem, untouched by humans. Blue cave, the maritime nature reserve is one of the richest in Europe, and on your snorkeling expedition, you will discover more than 500 species. Scorpionfish, octopuses, leatherback turtles, are just a few of the sea creatures you will meet.

Moreover, you might get an amazing chance to see some dolphins from the boat, on your way to Cabrera. The Spanish coastline is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe, and Mallorca is a dreamy beach destination for travelers from all over the world. So, pack your swimsuit and snorkel gear, for an unforgettable and relaxing trip to Cabrera.


Cabrera Archipelago National Park


7.  Walchensee Lake Munich

Vast, blue, and deep, Lake Walchensee is a gorgeous Alpine Lake in Germany. 75 KM from Munich, this snorkeling destination is located in the center of the Bavarian region. So, as you come up for air and rest, the scenic views surrounding you provide the most serene setting for a divine experience.

With great visibility at 5m to 20m, Lake Walchensee is one of the 10 best snorkeling places in Europe. Furthermore, you can explore deeper and more than rainbow trouts and eels, in the clear water lake, as you go diving in Lake Walchensee.

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Walchensee Lake Munich is an amazing place for snorkeling in Europe


8.  River Snorkeling In Austria: Viecht Am Traunfall

While most people tell you snorkeling in the Mediterranean Sea is an amazing experience, river snorkeling is extraordinary. Tranquil fresh turquoise water, in upper Austria, Viecht am Traunfall is the best place for snorkeling in Austria. Viecht am Traunfall river is home to beautiful corals, and on your journey to these beauties, you will be invited to rock jumping and canyoning.

Therefore, snorkeling in the Austrian Alps is one of the most exciting snorkeling experiences in Europe. Once you complete your snorkeling trip, the green hills and river views are the perfect picnic and relaxation spot. Here, you can review the amazing underwater shots you’ve got, and enjoy the fresh mountain air in the Austrian Landscape.

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9. Medes Islands Spain

The Medes Islands are part of the beautiful nature reserve del Montgri. Located in the ultimate Spanish summer destination, Costa Brava, the Medes are home to spectacular marine life. If you are fascinated by marine life, then snorkeling here, will be unforgettable.

The seven islets of Medes, on the Catalonian coast, surrounded by the chilly Mediterranean Sea are a snorkeling paradise. In fact, snorkeling in Medes is one of the top things to do while vacationing in Costa Brava. With the kids, friends, or solo, the Medes are home to beautiful fauna, seahorses, sea stars, and barracudas.


Preparing to Snorkel in Spain


10. Best Places For Snorkeling In Europe: Elba Italy

Red gorgonians on one side, red and black corals on the other side of the coast, Elba is a paradise. The bay of Sant Andrea on the island of Elba is where any underwater adventure begins. Far from the port and promenade, the marine life in this Tuscan island is amazing.

In addition to beautiful corals, fish, and fauna, the Italian coast is one of the best in the world. So, if you need to catch your breath between cave exploring and searching for sunfish, then Elba’s sandy coasts are the perfect relaxation spot.

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Snorkeling underwater in Elba Italy Europe


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