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One of the best ways for love to bloom is to spend some time alone, just the two of you, and reconnect. Modern life is so hectic and busy, it is easy to let the magic and special connection you have fade away into the background. So, we have gathered some of the most solitude locations, the 12 best places for solitude lovers to rekindle the sparks and fire.

Under the pine trees, overlooking the ocean from your treehouse, you will find these magnificent places in the most breathtaking locations.

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1. Best Places For Solitude Lovers: Scotland

Lavish green highlands, vast lands, and hills where you can cuddle as you are looking at the Atlantic Ocean. The Scottish scenic landscape is one of the most epic views in the world. Between hiking, hiding away in your van, or cute little cabin, Isle of Sky is one of the most wanted couple’s trips destinations.

Moreover, Isle of Sky is famous for its breathtaking islands, ponds, and fairy-like spots. So, you could easily wander around, and explore the great outdoors together. The mystic almost divine scenery in the Isle of Sky has plenty of romantic spots for solitude lovers, so you needn’t worry about getting interrupted by curious travelers and can have the best romantic quality time together.


Best Places For Solitude Lovers: Scotland


2. Indonesia

The wild and untamed nature in Indonesia is known for being one of the most romantic settings in the world. Moreover, the nature reserves in Indonesia are home to countless waterfalls, natural pools, and wonders where the in love can hide away from the world for some alone time.

However, if you prefer breathtaking views of the Indian and Pacific oceans, then staying in a secluded private treehouse will be perfect. Indonesia is famous for its magnificent eco-friendly holiday accommodations. Wooden cabins, treehouses, and villas are the most romantic holiday rentals in Indonesia. In Bali, Ubud, with ocean or jungle views, Indonesia is one of the top 5 best places for solitude lovers.


Sunny day in Indonesia


3. Best Places For Solitude Lovers: Bled, Slovenia

Waking up to lake views amidst the mountains, Lake Bled is a charming destination for a couple’s getaway in Slovenia. Set in the Julian Alps, with forests around, the famous Bled castle, and an island you can swim to, Bled Lake is extremely romantic. The turquoise waters mirroring the trees and surrounding mountains create a unique and serene atmosphere for a breakfast for two.

Moreover, many of the holiday rentals on Lake Bled come with a private shore, straight from your private cabin. So, even though Lake Bled is a popular holiday destination in Slovenia, you can definitely find a little secluded piece of heaven for your solitude getaway.


Solitude Lovers - Fog picture: Bled, Slovenia


4. The French Alps

Cuddling up by the fire on a snowy night deep in the Alps is one of the most romantic things in the world. In the winter the French Alpine mountains are all covered in snow, sparkling in the sun on a sunny winter morning. The air is crispy and fresh, exuberating with a sip of black coffee before you begin your day down the slopes.

At night the views are especially romantic deep in the alps when the stars come out, and the only light in miles comes from your glamping pod. In case you didn’t know the Rhone-Alps is one of the most romantic glamping in the Rhone-Alps in France. Secluded, intimate, luxurious, and unique, perfect for romance and solitude.

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A Couple Sitting On Snowy French Alps


5. Best Places For Solitude Lovers: Piedmont Italy

Another terrific destination for a romantic getaway in Europe is Piedmont in Italy. The lovely wine region is situated between France and Switzerland, at the foot of the Alps. Piedmont is home to some of the most beautiful rentals for secluded lovers in the valleys of Val di Susa.

In addition to wine tasting, you could go on romantic hikes, and finish with a romantic picnic. Another great way to spend time together is to visit medieval castles, and Piedmont has some marvelous castles. So, Piedmont is a fantastic location for a couple’s retreat in Italy.

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Piedmont Italy Is For Solitude Lovers


6. La Sage Switzerland

From Chamonix to Zermatt, La Sage to Le Prelet, or Arolla, are three of the famous hiking trails in La Sage. The trails are quite long, but the views are epic and worth all your efforts. Moreover, the views you encounter on the way are some of the beautiful in the world.

Since these trails are quite long, you will have plenty of spots to sit back, relax, and have magnificent nature all to yourself. The crowds of tourists will be far behind, and it will be just you, the sky, green grass, the valleys below, and your loved one by your side. There’s no better place in Switzerland for a romantic and solitude time together.

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Above the clouds in La Sage Switzerland


7. Best Places For Solitude Lovers: Tuscany Italy

Wine, Italian villas, and hundreds of miles between enchanting small towns, nothing can top Tuscany as a romantic getaway for solitude lovers. The postcard-like scenery makes any heart beat faster with amazement and adds to the magical atmosphere. When the two of you arrive at Tuscany, you will completely lose yourselves and leave all troubles behind.

Monticchiello, for example, a fifteen-century village, is one of the best places for solitude lovers in Tuscany. You could wander around this ancient village, exchange kisses, inside of its walls, stone passages and admire the views of Tuscany’s green hills.

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8. Black Forest Germany

The dense, evergreen Black Forest in southwest Germany is so vast that any couple can go completely off-the-radar. From hiking to relaxing, the Black Forest is an amazing destination for a couple’s retreat. For example, If you are an outdoor-loving couple, you can find many great hiking trails in the Black Forest, like the trail to Triberg waterfalls, and perhaps have a picnic nearby.

Alternatively, you can head to Baden-Baden for a relaxing time in a luxurious spa or just stay in and relax in your private outdoor hot tub. Either way, traveling to the Black Forest will be a promise for magical moments, for the solitude lovers in Europe.

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A Small Waterfall In the Black Forest, Germany


9. Best Places For Solitude Lovers: North Coast Of Northern Ireland

With fantastic cliffs and magnificent views, the north coast of Ireland is one of the most impressive regions in the UK. Northern Ireland had quaint little seaside towns, with small charming cottages, and a trail that leads straight to a view of the ocean. So, there are enough romantic secluded spots to watch the sunset or walk along the shore.

For instance, Ballintoy Harbour has a rocky landscape and shore for romantic walks and picnics. Another very romantic place is the Giant Causeway, a unique place to explore with your significant other. The North Coast of Ireland is a beautiful holiday place for solitude lovers.


The Best Place For Solitude Lovers: North Coast Of Northern Ireland


10. Ferdi Mountain Austria

Between the charming Enns Valley and Dachstein mountain range, Fredi Mountain is one the best places for solitude lovers. Thick pine trees, dramatic peaks before you, and serenity all around, Fredi Mountain creates the perfect setting for a romantic getaway.

Moreover, this secluded region is home to some of the most romantic home-away-from-home lodges. With a private sauna, terrace, and exclusive view of the Austrian mountains, Fredi Mountain is one of the 12 best love destinations, for some magical quality time. In fact, Fredi is so remote, the best way to reach it is by car since there is no public transport to this particular spot in the Austrian mountains.

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A Couple On Ferdi Mountain, Austria


11. Best Places For Solitude Lovers: Algarve Portugal

Sandy beaches, dramatic coves, turquoise water, and the sun kissing your face, there is no place dreamier than Algarve. Ponta Da Piedade with its caves, cliffs, arches in honey tones against the turquoise water is one of the most breathtaking images in the world, and one of the most romantic ones. Another wonderful beach to get lost on is Praia da Rocha. Secluded, quiet, beautiful, and perfect for your love birds to wander around, sun-bath, and relax.

Algarve’s natural gems are a stunning summer paradise. The beaches and reddish coves are perfect for romantic fun by the sea. Stare into the sunset, jump into the water, or have a glass of wine, romance is in the air in Algarve. To top it all, this secluded beauty is in close proximity to Lagos, so you can run away anytime you wish.


Paddling On Algarve, Portugal


12. Cotswolds England

Spreading over five counties, Cotswolds manors, and stone bridges seem to have been frozen in time. This picturesque region is home to Prince of Wales’s Highgrove estate and charming stone houses. One may think they have traveled back in time, in the privacy of your very own cottage. Moreover, as there is exquisite architecture, suited for royals, the fine gardens don’t fall far behind the Queen’s garden in Buckingham Palace.

So, while Cotswolds is a bit far away, secluded in the English countryside, it is the perfect place for solitude lovers. The choice between hiking, and cheese tasting, can be a difficult one when on holiday, but one thing is for sure, Cotswolds is a very romantic destination in England.

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Cotswolds England countryside


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