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One of the most exciting family vacations is going on a thrilling trip to one of the best theme parks in Europe. Only in France, you’ll have 3 amazing theme parks, and we have hand-picked the 10 best theme parks in Europe for your next family trip. The world’s best rollercoaster rides, enchanted forests, magical lands, fairies, and time-traveling attractions, are waiting for you, from France to Austria and the UK.

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1. Europa-Park In Rust Germany

The largest theme park in Germany, the Europa theme park has more than 100 attractions. Europa-Park is the second most popular theme park in Europe, after Disneyland in Paris. If your kids love rollercoasters, then they will have a blast on the 13 rollercoasters in the park.

If you are planning a trip to Strasbourg, then you should plan at least 2 days for Europa-Park.  This is due to the number of exciting attractions already mentioned, and the additional fantastic shows.  The youngest will enjoy an enchanting elf ride, and the Big-Bobby-Car circuit for aspiring race drivers, while the older kids and parents will be blown away on the Blue Fire Mega coaster in the Icelandic landscape.

Moreover, if you are indeed planning a long visit, then you could stay in one of the on-site hotels. This way you could make the most of your visit to Europe-Park, and experience all the themed areas: From Adventureland in Africa to Grimm’s Enchanted forest.

How To Get To Europa-Park?

Europa-Park is about 3 hours from Frankfurt, and you can reach it by train travel across Germany to Ringsheim. Then, you can rent a car or bus transfer.

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Europa-Park water slide


2. Disneyland Paris France

It’s probably the most famous theme park on our 10 best theme parks on Europe’s list, Disneyland in Paris is a favorite among visitors of all ages. The charming characters from our all-time favorite Disney stories, attract millions of visitors every year.

Disneyland is in Chessy town, in France. It is home to Walt Disney studio and attractions park, where you can step into a fairytale, and all your childhood dreams come true. The world of Walt Disney comes to life, in amazing attractions, and shows like Alice’s labyrinth and Mickey’s 4D show.

You can extend this magic to a whole weekend, and stay at the Disney hotels, or partner hotels that are just a free shuttle away from Disneyland.

How To Get To Disneyland?

Disneyland is just 20 minutes away from Paris. You can get here directly from Paris airport, or Marne-la-Vallee Chessy train station.

Amsterdam to Paris With A Train

London to Paris With A Train

Rotterdam to Paris With A Train

Brussels to Paris With A Train


Disneyland Paris castle


3. Viennese Prater Theme Park In Austria

Prater Wien is the best theme park in Austria, and one of the 10 best theme parks in Europe. Your family will have an amazing time on the many wild rollercoasters, and virtual reality attractions, like Dr. Archibald.

In addition, there are go-carts, haunted castles, and to top it all off, the giant Ferris Wheel in Austria. This grand Ferris wheel is open all-year-round and is one of Vienna’s top landmarks.

How To Get To Vienna’s Prater Theme Park?

The Prater amusement park is located in Vienna’s 2nd district, and you can reach it by taxi or subway from the city center.

Salzburg to Vienna With A Train

Munich to Vienna With A Train

Graz to Vienna With A Train

Prague to Vienna With A Train


Viennese Prater Theme Park In Austria Big Wheel


4. Gardaland Italy

As you might have guessed, Gardaland is located near Lake Garda in Italy. As a theme park that is located near water, the Gardaland theme park has many fun water rides, like the Colorado boat, and jungle rapids.

In addition, the Gardaland also has a sea life aquarium of course, of 13 themed areas, and 100 species. No doubt, your kids would be absolutely fascinated under the sea, and won’t ever want to leave.

On the contrary, if you are all about adrenaline, then you’d love the thrilling Blue Tornado rollercoaster. 

How To Get To Gardaland Theme Park?

You can take the Trenitalia train from Venice to Peschiera del Garda station, and then shuttle to Gardaland.

Milan to Venice With A Train

Florence to Venice With A Train

Bologna to Venice With A Train

Treviso to Venice With A Train


Gardaland Italy kids mushroom


5. Efteling Park Netherlands

Efteling theme park is one of the 10 best theme parks in Europe. The fairytales we all grew up on come to life in Efteling’s attractions and enchanted forest, from Hans Christian Andersen to the Brothers Grimm.

The Fata Morgana will take you to the Far East and lands of Sultans, while water coasters and steam coasters will take you beyond your wildest dreams. The world of fairies awaits you for a boat ride in the dark and mysterious Droomvlucht.

No words will be enough to describe the magic of the Efteling theme park for the entire family, so you simply must make time for this theme park on your vacation in the Netherlands.

How To Get To Efteling Theme Park?

You can take the train from Amsterdam to ‘s-Hertogenbosch, and then bus directly to Efteling theme park.

Brussels to Amsterdam With A Train

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6. Legoland Theme Park In Windsor UK

When all the attractions are entirely lego-made, this theme park is another paradise for kids. Legoland theme park in Windsor was created for kids around the Lego toy system.

Therefore, every single rollercoaster, boat, and passenger train is crafted of huge lego pieces. This amazing theme park in England is located in Berkshire and only half an hour from London.

How To Get To Legoland Theme Park In Windsor?

You should take the train from London Paddington to Windsor & Eton Central with connection, or direct train from London Waterloo. Then, there are shuttle buses from each train station to Legoland.

Amsterdam To London With A Train

Paris to London With A Train

Berlin to London With A Train

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Legoland Theme Park In Windsor UK


7. Asterix Theme Park In France

In case you don’t know, Parc Asterix is based on Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny’s famous comic book series, Asterix. Therefore, close to 2 million visitors enjoy the marvels of the second biggest theme park in France. The first is of course the magical Disneyland.

In Asterix theme park you can find the grand Discobelix and have a super swirling time, meet the dolphins and other animals at Village Gaulois, and of course enjoy the other exciting attractions.

How To Get To Park Asterix?

Asterix theme park is only 30 minutes from Paris on line B on the RER train from Paris Gare du Nord. Then you get off at Charles de Gaulle 1 Airport, and head to the park shuttle.


Asterix Theme Park In France rollercoaster


8. Futuroscope Park In France

Dancing with robots, time travel, and travel to the 4 corners of the earth high above, Futuroscope theme park is out of this world. This amazing theme park is located in the beautiful Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in France.

Futuroscope combines sensory attractions with science and will be great fun and educational experience for the entire family.

How To Get To Futuroscope Theme Park?

You can get to the extraordinary Futuroscope theme park by Eurostar to Lille or Paris, and change to TGV.

Paris to Rouen With A Train

Paris to Lille With A Train

Rouen to Brest With A train

Rouen to Le Havre With A Train


Futuroscope Theme Park In France Glass building


9. Chessington World Of Adventures Theme Park In The UK

Chessington World of Adventures in the UK is a safari-themed park. This means that any family visit to Chessington amusement park turns into a family adventure to the mysterious and captivating world of wild animals and across Africa.

In addition to the wild adventures, you can enjoy lodging in Safari and Azteca themed hotels, and extend your stay. So, if you are into wild adventures, you will have an amazing time across the park on jungle rangers, Tiger rock, and river rafts.

Chessington world of adventures is designed for the adventurous family, and you are bound to have the time of your life.

How To Get To Chessington World Of Adventures?

Chessington wild theme park is 35 minutes from central London by train. So, you can take the South-Western railway from Waterloo to Chessington South station.


Chessington World Of Adventures Theme Park In The UK


10. Fantasialand Theme Park In Germany

In Fantasialand all children’s fantasies come true in 6 magnificent worlds. In every world, you can enjoy the most thrilling rides, and sights of light and color.

So, what makes Fantasialand one of the best theme parks in Europe? China Town, Mexico, Africa, Berlin, Wuze Town, mystery kingdom, and Rookburgh, with an amazing attraction in every world. From Black Mamba to the famous Taron, these rides will blow you away.

How To Get To Fantasialand?

You can take a shuttle from Bruhl train station. Fantasialand is located in Bruhl, just 2o minutes from Cologne.

To sum this fun up, Europe’s brightest minds have created the most amazing theme parks in the world. Whether you are traveling with toddlers or taking the older kids for an adventure, the 10 best theme parks on our list have the best attractions for all ages.

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