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The U.K. capital packs plenty of delights for travelers and locals alike. From Big Ben and London Eye to Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace – there are plenty of places to visit in London. Then there is also the vivid architecture, sprightly nightlife, and delectable cuisine. However, what most people often forget is that London is also a stone’s throw away from numerous travel train trip destinations in the U.K. and Europe.

Whether you want to escape the dull London weather and soak up some sun or immerse yourself in a rendezvous with history, you will find plenty of destinations around London. The best part is that you don’t even have to battle long security check queues at the airport. Instead, you can simply pick your destination and hop on a train from one of the many stations in London. Here are the 3 Best Train Trip destinations from London.

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The Magical Charm Of Train Rides

Whether you are visiting London for a few days or have stayed in the city for as long as you can remember, taking a train ride can change your perspective about the city. Beyond the urban metropolis embodiment, London is surrounded by a host of picturesque villages, college towns, beaches, and historic towns.

All of these destinations are easily accessible by train from London, and won’t take you more than a couple of hours to reach. A train ride from London is one of the most quintessential English experiences you will ever witness.

But the best part about these train trips from London isn’t the destination. The hour-long journey gives you a glimpse of the classic European countryside strewn with rustic castles, freshwater springs, and rolling hills.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at our picks for the best train trip destinations from London.


1. Best Train Trip Destinations From London: Brighton

If you are thinking about taking a train trip from London, Brighton is likely the first place that will come to your mind. Featuring a pristine pebble beach, hip cafes, plush restaurants, and narrow winding streets, Brighton offers a welcome break from the chaotic urban life.

Moreover, the idyllic seaside town is home to the stunning Royal Pavilion, a 200-year old palace that was once the summer retreat of the Prince of Wales. Famously known as the “Gay Capital of the U.K”, Brighton is also home to an impressive array of queer-friendly bars and a remarkable annual gay pride festival.

After soaking up the warm sun rays, a walk down the idyllic Brighton streets will let you discover a new side of the city. The narrow lanes are lined with vintage souvenir shops, vinyl record stores, and captivating art galleries.

Don’t forget to stop for a cup of coffee at one of the dainty cafes dotting these streets. Or you could enjoy a refreshing pint at one of the beer gardens. Also, keep an eye out for some of the finest living specimens of 16th-century architecture.

Other attractions in Brighton include Preston Park Rockery, which is the largest rock garden in the U.K, as well as the sprightly Brighton Palace Pier. It is as much of a treat for solo travelers as it is for families.

Whether you are looking for a quick day trip or a relaxing weekend getaway from London, Brighton is an excellent choice. Don’t forget to read more about the best things to do in Brighton, the U.K., for a weekend while planning your itinerary.

Reaching Brighton By Train

The good thing about Brighton is that you can reach the city from London in just about an hour. Trains to Brighton depart every 10 minutes from various stations, including London Victoria station and London St. Pancras station.

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Day Trip From London to Brighton


2. Best Train Trip Destinations From London: Stonehenge And Salisbury

With its medieval castles and regal palaces, the U.K has no dearth of attractions for history buffs. But if you want the first-hand experience of watching the pages of a history book come to life, a visit to Stonehenge is a must.

The colossal prehistoric stone structure, believed to be more than 5,000 years old, continues to baffle historians and archaeologists alike. Visitors can’t help but wonder how the builders managed to drag those massive blocks of stone to their current locations.

Situated less than 10 miles away from Salisbury, Stonehenge is a 90-minute train ride away from the U.K. capital. You will find plenty of buses and taxis at Salisbury station that will take you to the prehistoric site.

While you are there, don’t forget to explore other attractions that the region has to offer. These include the stellar timbered circle of Woodhenge and remnants of the mystifying Durrington Walls.

Also, it is a good idea to spend some time in the historic town of Salisbury. Head to the 13th-century Salisbury Cathedral and stroll down the Cathedral Close for a glimpse of Elizabethan and Victorian architectural wonders. Don’t indulge in a shopping extravaganza at Market Square before settling for a pint of beer at a quaint cafe.

Reaching Stonehenge By Train

Take a train to Salisbury from London Waterloo station. Once you reach Salisbury station, hop onto a private taxi or bus to reach Stonehenge. Make sure you book your Stonehenge tour in advance.



3. Best Train Trip Destinations From London: Cotswolds

You know a place is worth visiting when it has been designated as an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”. With its lush green hills, manicured flower gardens, honey-stone cottages, and idyllic mansions, Cotswolds is the spitting image of the classic English countryside you might have seen in movies.

Cotswolds is one of those places where you don’t need to do much for a relaxing getaway from London. Popular attractions in the region include the Broadway Tower, Burton-on-the-Water, Bibury, and Sudeley Castle.

Reaching Cotswolds By Train

The Cotswolds area is surrounded by a cornucopia of train stations, including Banbury, Bath, Cheltenham, and Morten-in-Marsh. The best way to reach Cotswolds from London is to take a train from London Paddington station to Morten-in-Marsh. The 90-minute train ride rewards you with breathtaking views of the English countryside.

The next time you find yourself craving a relaxing holiday, don’t waste too much time planning. Instead, board onto a train from any London station and escape to one of these picture-perfect destinations in the U.K.

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Train Trip From London to Cotswolds


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