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Do you like traveling by train? Do you like seeing amazing castles in countries like France? If that’s the case, then you have reached the right place. That’s because this article “10 Charming Castles In France By Train” will give you a definitive list of the ten most charming castles in France. What’s more, we’ll tell you how to reach them by train!


1.    Chateau de Chenonceau

Chateau de Chenonceau is a unique one as they built it on the foundations of a mill in the 16th century. You can easily reach it via a train as the castle is very close to a station. You can get to it from Tours, a major city reasonably close to the castle.

Nantes to Tours Trains

Lille to Tours Trains



2.    Chateau de Chantilly

Located in the Domaine de Chantilly, this castle is indeed worth a visit once you see how it looks. It’s close to the center of Paris which makes traveling to it a breeze.

Dijon to Paris Trains

Reims to Paris Trains

Lille to Paris Trains

Tours to Paris Trains


3.    Palace of Fontainebleau

Yes, it’s technically a palace, but who cares, it’s breathtaking! They built Fontainebleau back in the 12th century, and it still looks impressive and well kept. It’s also easy to visit. You can reach it from Paris in less than an hour with Transilien line R.

Brussels to Paris Trains

London to Paris Trains

Marseille to Paris Trains

Amsterdam to Paris Trains


4.     Chateau de Breteuil

 Chateau de Breteuil

You can find this gorgeous castle within the national natural park that’s right outside of Paris. However, visiting this beautiful castle by train is a bit tricky as there is only a shuttle that goes directly to it. At least you can still enjoy a train ride to Paris!

Strasbourg to Paris Trains

Zurich to Paris Trains

Frankfurt to Paris Trains

Geneva to Paris Trains


5.    Chambord Castle

Chambord Castle is a truly mesmerizing and imposing castle that’s worth visiting. To get to it, you’ll need a taxi or shuttle from the town of Blois. However, reaching Blois is accessible from many cities in France. You can get to it in less than an hour and a half when traveling from Paris.


6.    Chateau d’Amboise

The castle of Amboise is among the most charming castles in France. It’s a real jewel of architecture from the Renaissance. You can reach the Chateau easily by train from several cities in France via a TGV or Intercity trains.



7.    The Famous Castle Chateau de Monte-Cristo

We highly recommend this cute, small castle as the famous Alexandre Dumas built it! You can reach the Chateau de Monte-Cristo easily with a local train line as it’s right in Paris! With that in mind, you can take any train if you’re coming from some other place.


8.     The Amazing Castle Chateau d’Azay-le-Rideau

Charming Castles in France - Chateau d'Azay-le-Rideau

It is a genuinely magnificent small castle built right on an island within a small lake! It can’t get any prettier than this. You can get to the castle easily by taking half an hour train ride from the city of Tours. Then you’ll only need to make a 20-minute walk to the castle.


9.    Chateau du Haut-Koenigsbourg

It might not be among the most charming castles in France, but we had to include it. The castle is rich in history, and it’s truly breathtaking, not only in its charming way! The closest train station to the castle is in Selestat, and you can reach it from Strasbourg or several other cities nearby.

Paris to Strasbourg Trains

Luxembourg to Strasbourg Trains

Nancy to Strasbourg Trains

Basel to Strasbourg Trains



10.    Chateau de Pierrefonds

The Chateau de Pierrefonds is undoubtedly the most deserving of being on a list about the most charming castles in France. You can only reach the castle by taking a train to Compiegne, then taking a bus to Pierrefonds.


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