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The list of the best cities in Europe for vegetarians is starting to finally get longer. It might have been slightly slow to get going but the vegetarian scene is finally taking off. We all know that meat-centric dishes dominate the menus in many European countries. But things have changed. These days, you don’t have to go hungry if you’re a traveling vegetarian. Nor will you have to cater exclusively for yourself.


Here are some of The best cities in Europe for vegetarians and how to get there by train.


The best cities in Europe for vegetarians

Best cities in Europe for vegetarians: Berlin, Germany

Honestly, going meat-free has some of the more patriotic restauranteers swoling at the thought, but for the restaurants that have embraced it, we take our hats off to you! Berlin now offers an incredible array of vegetarian restaurants. We’re talking vegan ice cream to the impressive veggie burgers. Most vegetarian restaurants in Berlin is high quality and also super trendy. Berlin was even named The New Vegetarian Capital of the world by Saveur in 2015. And even at the most traditional restaurants, there are options suitable for the veggie eaters among us.

Munich to Berlin Trains

Frankfurt to Berlin Trains

Hanover to Berlin Trains

Hamburg to Berlin Trains


Best cities in Europe for vegetarians: Barcelona, Spain

We absolutely love Sain and how it has embraced Vegetarian and Vegan food! Barcelona, in particular, is so keen to be welcoming, that it declared itself ‘veg-friendly, a friend of vegan and vegetarian culture’ in March 2017. City Hall even produced its own vegetarian guide to the city and has encouraged its residents to try out meat-free Mondays. Like most places, you’ll find a mix of simple veg-friendly places and purely vegan restaurants like BioBento and the appropriately-named Veggie Garden. Cake lover? Then you need to visit Santoni Cafe, which serves vegan pizza, vegan muffins, and vegan croissants, among other delicious treats.


Best cities in Europe for vegetarians: Stockholm, Sweden

If you’re looking for fine dining vegetarian-fare then look no further than Stockholm.  This popular Scandinavian city definitely makes our list for The best cities in Europe for vegetarians. It’s also super easy to get to by train! One vegetarian restaurant not to miss: Many think Hermans ( is the best vegetarian restaurant in Europe. They offer an all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet with an incredible view of the city.


Best cities in Europe for vegetarians: London, England

Surprised? We didn’t think so! London really has it all! Including a stunning amount of Vegan options. Soho boasts the country’s first all-veg pub – The Coach & Horses is London’s (and maybe England’s) best-known vegetarian restaurant. It offers vegan and veggie slants on British pub classics. If you’re feeling adventurous then Vanilla Black is where you need to be! We recommend the iced avocado with an olive crumb and the Jerusalem artichoke cake with brazil nut milk and cabbage. Sounds tempting to anyone, not just vegetarians.

Amsterdam To London Trains

Paris to London Trains

Berlin to London Trains

Brussels to London Trains


Best cities in Europe for vegetarians: Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow – Never mind just vegetarian, it’s one of the country’s most vegan-friendly cities and an ever-increasing haven for all things vegetarian.

It seems like there’s a new veggie or vegan hotspot opening almost weekly, and the demand for it is definitely there. Time after time it has been voted the most vegan-friendly place in the UK. VegFest (Europe’s largest vegan festival) has also added Glasgow to its roster.


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