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Green parks, hiking trails in the mountains, and comfortable weather are perfect for having fun outdoors. Europe’s cosmopolitan cities have everything so you could try all the outdoor activities Europe has to offer. From cycling in Amsterdam to surfing in Munich, these 7 best cities for outdoor activities in Europe are the ideal holiday destination.


1. Best Cities For Outdoor Activities In Europe: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

When the city is built around the river canals, you are bound to spend the holiday outdoors. Amsterdam is known as the most bicycle-friendly city in Europe. Riding a bicycle is not only a means of transport but a way of life for the locals.

Cycling is a great outdoor activity in Europe, for traveling and sightseeing. Another option is exploring the city on a boat, under the lovely bridges and Dutch architecture. On the way, you can hop off for a drink at another boa cafe or a charming restaurant by the Amstel river.

Fresh air, blue sky, and changing landscape make for the perfect setting for staying active and in shape while on vacation.

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Amsterdam canals outdoor activity


2. Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland has the most scenic views in Europe, and Geneva is surrounded by stunning nature. Thus, the locals make the most of the views and lands around them, staying outdoor and active. For example, Lake Geneva, also known as Lake Leman is a favorite for water sports.

Boat rides, fishing, kayaking, swimming, or rafting, are only a few outdoor activities to do in Lake Geneva. You can rent a boat or take an affordable sailing course.

If you are a mountain person, then the Swiss Alps’ trails are a short ride away from the city. Mountain biking, hiking, camping, and skiing in the winter are great outdoor activities to enjoy in Geneva.

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3. Best Cities For Outdoor Activities In Europe: Munich, Germany

Munich is home to one of the biggest urban parks in the world, Englischer Garten. Vast and green lands are ideal for outdoor activities, thus placing Munich at the top of the 7 best cities for outdoor activities in Europe.

In Englischer Garten, you can stay active, by going running or chilling, on a picnic by the water, sun-bath, and swimming. Another great spot for outdoor activities in Munich is the man-made Eisbach river, in the English garden. It’s a favorite place for surfers for catching waves and practicing their moves.

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Munich Germany river surfing


4. Vienna, Austria

Staying in the city or heading out to the countryside, Vienna is a terrific city for outdoor activities in Europe. Cruising on the Danube, or heading outside the busy center to Lainzer Tiergarten natural reserve, Vienna has many outdoor activities to offer for any type of traveler.

If you decide to stay in the center, one of the best ways to go sightseeing is by Segway tour or cruising in the Danube river. But, if prefer exploring Vienna like a local, and discovering its hidden gems, then the natural reserve is perfect.

25 sq km of woodland and wildlife are waiting for you in the largest city park in Vienna. Walk around, jog, or have a picnic in this green oasis, which will make your Viennese holiday complete.

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Walking in the woods Outdoor Activities in Vienna


5. Best Cities For Outdoor Activities In Europe: Zurich, Switzerland

When the peaks and landscapes of the Alpine mountains are around, and a stunning lake ahead, you are bound to be one of the best cities for outdoor activities in Europe. Zurich is a fun and vibrant city, where you can travel take the SZU train to the observation tower. The observation tower is located on the Uetilberg, the city’s beautiful mountain with wonderful views of the surroundings.

If you like hiking, then you can climb down to the center through the various hiking trails from Uetilberg. Another great outdoor activity in Zurich is having fun on the right bank of the river, in a game of beach volley or just relax, at the Flussbad Oberer Letten, the locals’ hangout spot.

If you prefer to do it like a tourist in Zurich, then hop on a boat for a cruise around Limmatschifffahrt that will take you under the city’s 7 bridges.

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The observation tower view in Zurich, Switzerland


6. Nice, France

Running or enjoying a morning swim in the sea, is one of the most exuberating activities. Even when you are on vacation, staying active and in shape balances with tasting local cuisine and pampering yourself. On top of all this, an active state of mind feels wonderful when the French Riviera inspires you and fuses with energy and vitamin c.

Nice is an amazing city for outdoor activities in Europe. Horseback riding on the beach, swimming, looking for seashells, and having a picnic at sunset are all great outdoor activities to enjoy the best of the French Riviera.

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Horseback riding Outdoor Activities in Nice, France


7. Best Cities For Outdoor Activities In Europe: Florence, Italy

Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. You can discover the city like all tourists, or in a completely special and unforgettable way. Walking or cycling through the landmarks and viewpoints are two fantastic outdoor activities in Florence.

However, if you want to try two extraordinary outdoor activities, and a few of the best outdoor activities in Europe, then try a hot air balloon flight and skydiving. Florence’s architecture and parks are stunning and the view from above will literally take your breath away.

If you want to beat the crowds of tourists and try new outdoor activities, then Florence is an amazing city for outdoor activities in Europe.

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Air baloons in Florence Italy


Outdoor Activities In Europe

Europe is full of surprises. Regardless of the number of times you have traveled to Europe, there’s always a new adventure. Our 7 best cities for outdoor activities in Europe are ideal for adventurers and thrill-seeking travelers. In addition, to those of you that simply want to explore the beautiful outdoors and landscapes.


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