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There are many amazing cities to visit in Europe. Every city and street has its own character and charm. Vibrant, full of great cafes, boutiques, street art, sophisticated art galleries, and eco-friendly, if you haven’t been to these 12 coolest neighborhoods in Europe, here are a few reasons to pin down your bucket list.

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1. Coolest Neighborhoods In Europe: Neukolln, Berlin

Far from the main tourist attractions in Berlin, the Neukolln neighborhood is an institute on its own. The cool neighborhood is a mix between old and new, cultures, urbanity, and recreational green spaces.

Kababs, art galleries, and rooftop bars next to green parks make the Neukolln neighborhood one of the coolest in Europe. After a great day outdoors the huge Tempelhofer Feld, or Britzer Garden you could continue to the idyllic Richardplatz village or Klunkeranich car park turned rooftop bar.

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Gardens in Neukolln, Berlin Germany


2. Holesovice, Prague

Green parks, beer gardens with river views, and the contemporary art museum are just a few of the hidden gems in Prague’s coolest Holesovice neighborhood. Holesovice is home to Czech artists and young families, who spend their leisure time in Letna Park and dining in the many bistros around.

The once industrial area in Prague has transformed today into a creative space for designers and creative minds. So, it’s not surprising that one of the coolest neighborhoods in Europe houses quirky cafes, design shops, and art centers.

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Landscape of Holesovice, Prague


3. Coolest Neighborhoods In Europe: Ostiense, Rome

Ostiense is not the typical Italian neighborhood, but that is exactly what puts it in the 10 coolest neighborhoods in Europe. A former factory transformed into an art museum, street art instead of fountains, trendy cafes, and 1 non-Catholic cemetery where romantic poets Keats and Shelley found their place of everlasting sleep Ostiense is like no other hood.

The once gray spot in the Italian capital has little by little transformed into a place of vivid colors and creativity. Moreover, here you can visit the extraordinary Pyramid of Caius Cestius and admire its frescos, on your way to Eataly for Italian food. If you wish to live like a local, accommodation in trendy Ostiense is much cheaper than in the crowded touristic districts in Rome.

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4. South Pigalle Neighborhood Paris

Strolling down SoPi, to Rue des Martyrs, home to over 200 cafes, chocolatiers, and bars, South Pigalle is the it-place in Paris. In addition to South Pigalle being a foodies heaven, the cool neighborhood is where you can discover amazing museums and art. One of the most special museums is the museum of Romantic Life. In Musee de La Vie Romantique you can expand your knowledge about the romantic period in French history.

For a break from fine living, you can head to the Pigalle’s colorful basketball court. Pigalle’s basketball court is renovated, designed in vivid colors, for the best basketball game ever. Paris is a great holiday destination and one of the most fantastic vacation locations with great basketball courts in Europe.

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atmosphere in South Pigalle Neighborhood In Paris


5. Coolest Neighborhoods In Europe: Arbat, Moscow

The colorful and lively Arbat neighborhood is a fresh of breath air in the crowded Moscow city center. You will find Arbat full of charm, with the colorful buildings, cafes, and street art. As you stroll along the Arbat, you will discover the soul of the cosmopolitan city. The famous Old Arbat street is in the historic Arbat Quarter in Moscow preserved its significance as a merchant center, from the 15th century.

Nowadays, the Arbat neighborhood is full of chic boutiques, souvenirs shops, crafts, and many more treasures. In addition, while this area is very touristic, you will find it laidback, and scenic. To enjoy the best of Arbat, pin down a few days in your Moscow trip, at least. This way, you can explore the best of Moscow and the beauty of one of the most amazing places to visit in Russia.



6. 7th District Budapest

Young and fun, the 7th District in Budapest is a wonderland for travelers. With great bars, the best escape rooms in Budapest, an evening market, and cultural events, this neighborhood is always buzzing, in a good way. This cool neighborhood is also the Jewish quarter in Budapest, so you can also visit the great synagogue, a landmark on its own.

Moreover, the old streets have become a fertile ground for the rejuvenation of Hungarian culture. In addition to restaurants and shops, the main attraction in the 7th district is the ruin bars. Celebrating your best friend’s wedding, or birthday bash in an old quirky bar is an experience special only to Budapest’s coolest neighborhood.

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Bar in the 7th District of Budapest


7. Coolest Neighborhoods In Europe: Langstrasse Zurich

Translated as the longest street, the Langstrasse neighborhood in Zurich breaks everything you know about the punctual country. Langstrasse is Zurich’s bad boy, hip, adventurous, with bright neon lights and always ready to party. Langtrasse has amazing food venues, bars, and clubs for a nightcap, just take your pick.

Moreover, the coolest neighborhood is one of the friendliest LGBT destinations in Europe. Here you can get your groove on in the LGBT-friendly Les Garcons bar/pizza place, for example. To conclude, this amazing neighborhood rarely sleeps and will cater to you in its many ethnic restaurants, parties, and after-parties of course.

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surreal picture in a Coolest Neighborhood in Langstrasse Zurich


8. Amsterdam-Noord

With vast green spaces, beautiful architecture, and the charming little village, Amsterdam-Noord has got it all. The cool neighborhood is right across River IJ, so Noords provides amazing picnic spots and live music gigs locations. In addition to all these charms, Amsterdam-Noord is home to the highest swing in Europe, for adrenaline lovers.

However, if you are planning a more active vacation then the river is perfect for outdoor activities. Cycling, running, and even boating, River IJ is perfect. The bottom line is that Amsterdam-Noord is a Dutch little world inside the lovely Amsterdam city. The options are endless, and the atmosphere is fantastic, not surprising travelers keep coming back to one of the coolest neighborhoods in Europe.

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Tulips By the canal in Amsterdam-Noord


9. Coolest Neighborhoods In Europe: Shoreditch London

Most travelers know Shoreditch thanks to the fantastic Brick Lane market. However, Shoreditch is the best place to go shopping for one-of-a-kind pieces in the great independent boutiques. This is just one example of the unique sides to the graffiti-painted neighborhood. Shoreditch might not be picture-perfect, but it definitely has a soul of its own.

Precisely because Shoreditch is not the typical classic English neighborhood, it has become a home for local artists. In addition, this urban neighborhood is the best place to try street food at the market or pop-ups, catch a film at the rooftop cinema and look for the hidden wall art around the corner. To conclude, Shoreditch’s special character makes it the coolest neighborhood in London.

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Coolest graffiti in Neighborhoods In Europe: Shoreditch London


10. Findhorn, Scotland

On the beautiful Scottish coastline with views of the Atlantic ocean, Findhorn is magical. While located in Morayshire, some call it a settlement, rather than a neighborhood in city terms. Findhorn is a fantastic holiday destination, particularly a seaside holiday destination. Here, you will find great opportunities for watersports fun or relaxing on the beach.

Moreover, Findhorn has an amazing eco-village, and recreational traveling is very trendy nowadays. This green side adds a trendy vibe to the relaxed area, together with the great landscape and atmosphere.


Findhorn seaside, Scotland


11. Coolest Neighborhoods In Europe: Vesterbro, Copenhagen

Anyone staying in Vesterbro will say that this cool neighborhood has a few small very different neighborhoods in it. One is young, seductive, and once Copenhagen’s red lights district and the other has a French chic about it. Vesterbro is full of contrast, so anyone visiting Copenhagen for the first time will find something great to their liking.

In other words, Vesterbro is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Europe because it has something amazing to offer to everyone. From green spaces to fine restaurants, chic boutiques, and Absalon community house where you can dine with the locals, Vesterbro’s community is very welcoming and easygoing. Therefore, it is no wonder Vestrbro is in the top 10 coolest neighborhoods in Europe every year.


Coolest Neighborhoods In Northern Europe: Vesterbro, Copenhagen


12. Porta Venezia, Milan

The most fashionable neighborhood in Milan, Porta Venezia hosts Milan’s Fashion Week and closes with a bang the top 12 coolest neighborhoods in Europe. Art, Italian food, around the corner from the best shopping spots in Milan, yet laid-back Porta Venezia is little Italy, away from the crowded touristic center.

Port Venezia boasts villas-turned art galleries, cafes, and gardens, like the stunning Giardini Publici. Porta Venezia’s great ambiance attracts locals, expats, and travelers to hang out, mingle, and party during the Milan Gay parade, and every day until then. So, if you are planning a weekend getaway in Milan, better make it a week’s long, at least.

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Porta Venezia, Milan


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