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Hostels have had a bad rap for being dirty, dim, and stinky. But did you know that hostels have now been upgraded? For those who don’t know what hostels are, we did not just misspell the hotel and run with it. Hostels are cheap accommodations that will help you stretch your travel budget.


Whether you are a solo traveler or are traveling with your family or significant other, hostels have an accommodation type just for you. Hostels usually have shared rooms. A shared room could have 8 to 10 people all bunking together. Some have rooms that could have 3 or 4 people sharing a room. If you prefer your own space, many places offer private rooms or family rooms, if you are traveling with family.

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What To Expect

Hostels may not have the frills that hotels offer. So there might be no coffee machine inside your room, no free soaps, or your own refrigerator. You won’t even be getting free towels. But some hostels actually sell soap and other necessities at a cheap price. And sure, you probably won’t have your own dresser or closet in shared rooms, but they do have lockers where you can store your things. You might have to bring your own padlock though. If your bag is too big and after checkout, you still want to do some last-minute sightseeing, you can leave your bag at the luggage store.

Aside from having a clean place to sleep and a secure locker to store your stuff, some of these places offer other amenities as well. Some places will have things like pool access, free breakfast, free coffee, community activities. Some even have saunas and massage showers and indoor restaurants.

Okay, sure, you probably will not get the same privacy you would in a hotel. There are communal areas like bathrooms, kitchens, lounge areas, and workstations. However, this is a good way to meet people. If you hang out in the communal areas you could meet travelers from all over the world. And even start meaningful friendships with people you meet in your travels and have new future travel buddies, too! People who work in hostels are usually fun and sociable people, so it’s good to mingle and interact with them, as well.

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Where To Find Them

Some hostels are in city centers or in places you otherwise won’t even discover. Freehand Miami, a hostel in Florida, is only two blocks away from the beach and offers free iced coffee to its guests. And a Swiss spa hostel started by a nonprofit called Hostelling International has an indoor restaurant that overlooks the Swiss Alps.

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How Much They Usually Cost

If you are a budget traveler, it’s highly likely that you will be very much interested in staying in a hostel. Prices could start from as low as a few cents to $100 for shared rooms, depending on which part of the world you are in, but it’s very rare for prices to go higher than that. Even the hostel that overlooks the Alps goes for around $64 per night.

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