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Europe Travel in April means Europe Travel During The Spring Time! Since most of Europe is so far from the equator, most of the famous cities are still a bit chilly in April (Pack accordingly). Still, Europe Travel in April can be one of the best months of the year to visit the busiest and most popular cities here. Temperatures are warm enough for enjoyable sightseeing, yet the crowd sizes are much smaller than you will see starting in May and June. Here is our list of places to visit on your Europe travel during springtime!


The Italian Lakes

Europe Travel During Spring Time


This picture was taken in Europe Travel During The Spring, picture peaceful lakeside villages and deep blue waters set against the foothills of the Alps, where snow-capped peaks form a dramatic backdrop to the enchanting Borromeo Islands; beguiling Como, where mountains plunge into the deep waters and picturesque villages cling to the slopes. These sorts of scenes are the kind to inspire you to write poetry or spontaneously fold into a downward dog position. It’s just so amazingly peaceful!

Visit the region in April, Spring as part of the Insight Guides Enchanting Italian Lakes trip to stay ahead of the crowds.

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Europe Travel During The Spring in Barcelona / Spain



Celebrate the beginning of Spring and catch a train to Barcelona. It will not take much to fall in love in this Spanish city with the Spanish people, who always remember to relax and take a daily siesta – a quick nap after lunchtime, while relaxing on the white beaches, eating delicious paella, and drinking fresh sangria.

Lying in the Catalonia area, directly on the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Spain, Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain, and one of the most famous destinations for travelers to Europe Travel During The Spring. Barcelona is an interesting crossover of incredibly old architectural gems and modern design. If you are a big fan of Gaudi architecture, come here to view the alluring Sagrada Família, La Casa Batllo, and Güell Park. Barcelona is usually warm all year round, and you can visit this tourist friendly city at any time of the year.


In Bruges / Belgium

"In Bruges"

You may know that Bruges, Belgium, is pronounced “broozh,” but many, and the heroes of “In Bruges” the movie, certainly do not. They are Dublin hitmen, sent there by their boss for two weeks after a hit goes very wrong. One is a young hothead who sees no reason to be anywhere but Dublin; the other, older, gentler, more curious, buys a guidebook and announces: “Bruges is the best-preserved medieval city in Belgium!”

So it certainly seems. If the movie accomplished nothing else, it inspired many an urgent desire to visit Bruges.

Bruges is a two-for-one special all year round! Lying between France and Spain, the small city is well known for the strong influence the two cities bring, culminating infamous beer and chocolate. Along with Paris, Prague, and Budapest, this is one of the most romantic cities in Europe full of canals and old medieval houses.

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Europe Travel During The Spring in Cologne / Germany

Cologne - Europe Travel During Spring Time


This 2,000 year old city is located in western Germany and is the region’s main cultural hub. With medieval cathedrals and breathtaking river views, Cologne is a lust-worthy destination. Especially for those who want to jump into a new culture and experience a new way of life while traveling in Europe. Do not forget your camera! Cologne is an open-minded city. It is maybe not as beautiful at first look as other cities, but when you walk around, you will see that it is one of the nicest cities in Germany and definitely on our list for Europe Travel During The Spring.

The Altstadt (old town) has some very nice buildings, which lie right at the river Rhine. Just next to it is the Cologne Cathedral, a UNESCO world heritage site. It is worth the climb up into one of the two towers.

Cologne is about the atmosphere and its people. People in Cologne love their city. They have their own dialect and quite a few music bands who sing about the city in these dialects. Time to brush up on learning a new language!

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What are you waiting for? There are plenty of bank holidays that you can take advantage of and go to Europe Travel During The Spring. Save A Train also makes it super easy to book a train ticket to any of these destinations, quickly and effortlessly!



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