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A quintessential travel journey is to travel to Europe by train. It is fast becoming the preferred eco-friendly travel method. Travel, in essence, not only broadens our horizons but broadens our perspective. Think of St. Augustine’s prolific words, “The world is a book and those that do not travel, read only one page”.

In this tech-savvy,  digital age connection is fast and furious. With all of its benefits, we lose connection with the most important part of traveling and life, the present moment. Train trips through Europe inspire, are comfortable, and romantic.

For those of us who don’t live in a country where train travel is prominent, it can be a mysterious adventure. Another great perk of European train travel is that, unlike airports, European train stations are located right in the middle of towns. It cuts unnecessary costs of our finely tuned travel budgets.

By choosing a train through Europe, we are choosing a means of travel that will not only engage us but allow us to see much more than we usually would. One such routing opens up twelve main European highlights and is done in about 3 weeks. Read on to find out how to travel European Highlights By Train In 3 Weeks.


European Highlights By Train Day 1: Vienna, Austria

The train through Europe’s journey begins in Vienna, the capital city of Austria. Two glorious days of adventure await. Baroque streetscapes and imperial palaces set the tone to showcase artistic, architectural, cultural, and musical masterpieces. This is alongside its envied coffee-house culture and vibrant design scenes.

Mumok is a must-do when in Vienna. It is known for its avant-garde and sometimes shocking artistic creations, which include works by Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. The collection in its entirety consists of almost 10,000 artistic delights.

Salzburg to Vienna Trains

Munich to Vienna Trains

Graz to Vienna Trains

Prague to Vienna Trains

Vienna is a stop on your European Highlights By Train


Day 2: Salzburg, Austria

Your train through Europe continues, spending a day in Austria’s Salzburg city. It is on the border of Germany and has spectacular views of the Eastern Alps. Salzburg’s claim to fame is a story-book town that was once home to the world’s greatest composer, Mozart.

The hills are alive in Salzburg. It was once used as the filming location for the highly acclaimed, “Sound of Music” and there is a palpable sense of artistic creation. It also exudes a quiet serenity.

Munich to Salzburg Trains

Vienna to Salzburg Trains

Graz to Salzburg Trains

Linz to Salzburg Trains

Salzburg, Austria


European Highlights Days 3: Munich, Germany

The next two stops on a train through Europe are Munich and Stuttgart in Germany. It would be best to spend a day in each of these renowned destinations.

Munich and its Bavarian heritage are where beer and the brewing tradition have formed an integral part of their culture, for almost seven centuries. The Oktoberfest is at the top of the list in Munich. It is celebrated by millions of people that visit from all over the globe, to partake in the festivities. 

Dusseldorf to Munich Trains

Dresden to Munich Trains

Nuremberg to Munich Trains

Bonn to Munich Trains

Visit Munich on your European Highlights By Train


Day 4: Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart has an elegant feel, where fast cars and fancy restaurants create an ambiance of modern life but there is more to Stuttgart than just modern. Stuttgart has wine taverns and chest-nut shaded beer gardens that show a laid-back, kick your feet upside.

Nuremberg to Stuttgart Trains

Munich to Stuttgart Trains

Frankfurt to Stuttgart

Heidelberg to Stuttgart Trains



European Highlights Days 5: Strasbourg, France 

Hopping back on the train, it’s off to France! Spend a day in Strasbourg.

Strasbourg balances between a medieval past and a progressive future. Its Gothic Cathedral is an architectural wonder and roaming through the old town’s twisting alleys and enjoying tavern food comes highly recommended. 

Paris to Strasbourg Trains

Luxembourg to Strasbourg Trains

Nancy to Strasbourg Trains

Dijon to Strasbourg Trains

Strasbourg is on the European Highlights By Train


Days 6 – 8: Paris, France 

Paris needs little introduction with its iconic architecture including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Notre Dame Cathedral. The word Parisian is synonymous with style and for good reason. Expect world-class cuisine, shopping, and galleries which are a never-ending source of inspiration and bliss. The best train trips in Europe will always include this renowned city.

Amsterdam to Paris Trains

London to Paris Trains

Rotterdam to Paris Trains

Brussels to Paris Trains

Eiffel Tower Paris, France


European Highlights Days 9 & 10: Brussels, Belgium 

Once Paris has wooed with romance, spend the next two days in Brussels, before the next train leg. Two days in Brussels will consist of art deco facades and visiting the Grand Palace square. It’s located in the heart of the city, where the 17th century past comes to life.

Luxembourg to Brussels Trains

Antwerp to Brussels Trains

Amsterdam to Brussels Trains

Paris to Brussels Trains

Colorful Brussels, Belgium


Days 11 – 13: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is where to cruise along historic canals, which is commonplace, and stroll through museums and vintage-filled shops. Drinking, dining, and design scenes enthrall and entertain. Amsterdam is a city of surprise and is home to the Van Gogh museum as well as a host of other treasures on display.

Brussels to Amsterdam Trains

London to Amsterdam Trains

Berlin to Amsterdam Trains

Paris to Amsterdam Trains

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


European Highlights Days 14 – 17: Bremen & Berlin, Germany

Head back to Germany and spend five days on the train through Europe in Bremen, Berlin, and Dresden. One day for Bremen (in the picture below), visiting its many museums and galleries such as the Bremen Overseas Museum. It’s a port city, Bremerhaven is where to enjoy fresh seafood and learn about a fascinating harbor history.

Berlin will need three days of immersion. Berlin has a reputation for being the “city that never sleeps”. Take advantage of its vibrancy! Nights are for revelry and days are for cultural pursuits.

Frankfurt to Berlin Trains

Leipzig to Berlin Trains

Hanover to Berlin Trains

Hamburg to Berlin Trains


Bremen and Berlin, Germany


Day 18: Dresden, Germany

Dresden needs only a day, marvel as its Grand Dome and its Versailles-inspired Zwinger palace houses museums. The town was established in 1743 and had to be rebuilt after World War 2. It has been nicknamed ‘Florence of the Elbe’ thanks to its idyllic location.

Berlin to Dresden Trains

Hanover to Dresden Trains

Potsdam to Dresden Trains

Nuremberg to Dresden Trains

Dresden, Germany stop along European Highlights By Train


European Highlights Days 19 – 21: Prague, Czech Republic

The train trip in Europe ends in Prague, after a whirlwind of wonder. Prague is the city of spires and is often compared to the beauty of Paris. It’s also described as being home to Europe’s best beer. Enjoy the spectacle of a 14th century stone bridge, a hilltop castle, and a lazy river. It is the perfect way to end a train journey through Europe.

Nuremberg to Prague Trains

Munich to Prague Trains

Berlin to Prague Trains

Vienna to Prague Trains

Prague, Czech Republic


The best train trips in Europe will make sure you are comfortable and rested. Appreciate the scenery along the way, the safety of traveling by train, and squeezing in as many sights as possible. There is no better way to travel. Book with Save A Train today!



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