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The whooshing sound of a train drawing into a station, and the possibility of getting on and going somewhere completely unexpected. Can you think of anything better than Famous and Historical Train Routes?

Trains are a reminder of the Golden Age of travel. When people went traveling for months at a time and horses were possibly involved. Travel wasn’t about instant gratification and only looking forward to the destination.

No, travel meant enjoying the journey. Packing in trunks, and possibly a compass and several good maps. Travel meant going to a place where you knew no one, where even the air felt strange and your letter home might only arrive after your return.

In homage to the most satisfying mode of transportation, Save A Train brings you a list of Famous and historical train routes you should take in 2019!


Famous and Historical Train Routes


London to Venice on the Orient Express – The Longest Famous and Historical Train Routes

This will most definitely double up as a historic date! This is possibly the most Famous and Historical Train Routes and a romantic train route in the world. It departs from Paris on route to the Byzantine city of Istanbul. You could by a standard ticket from SaveATrain to travel this route, or opt for the more glamorous option and hop on the Orient Express. The intrigue of this luxury train was famously inspired Agatha Christie. These days it’s no longer operational in its original form yet its spirit lives on in Belmond’s Venice-Simplon Orient Express. There are two trains, in fact, one with carriages dating from the 1920s and 30s and the other is a historic British Pullman train.

The new route winds its way from London to Venice, on occasion including other destinations in Europe, and the once-a-year original Paris-Istanbul journey in August.

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Florence to Venice Train tickets

Bologna to Venice Train tickets

Rome to Venice Train tickets


Hamburg to Copenhagen

You should travel on the train that can be transported on a ferry. This is certainly one of the Famous and historical train routes you should take in 2019!

So, what happens once you get to the Ferry? Luckily train passengers are able to get off the train and enjoy the scenery once aboard the ferry. You’ll cross the Baltic sea in 45 minutes. The entire train journey lasts 4 hours and 45 minutes. Copenhagen with its open-faced rye sandwiches and incredible design aesthetic is a reasonable train ticket away from bustling Hamburg, Germany that you can of course, purchase from us, you will have a button at the end of this blog post.

Hamburg to Copenhagen Trains

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Berlin to Copenhagen Trains


Glacier Express – Switzerland

Connecting two of Switzerland’s most scenic mountain resorts, Zermatt and St Moritz, the Glacier Express is the most relaxing way to enjoy the stunning scenery of the Swiss Alps. Why have chosen this as one of the most Famous and historical train routes you should take in 2019?

Traveling eastward from Zermatt, the day-long trip covers 91 tunnels and 291 bridges as it rolls past southern Switzerland’s alpine meadows, pristine mountain lakes, and picture-perfect hamlets. Highlights of the journey include Oberalp Pass, the highest point on the ride at 6706 feet. Another is the famous Landwasser Viaduct — a magnificent six-arch structure standing 200 feet and plunging into a tunnel cut straight into the mountainside.

Zurich to Zermatt Trains

Geneva to Zermatt Trains

Interlaken to Zermatt Trains

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West Highland Line, Glasgow to Mallaig – Scotland

We’re currently addicted to the TV series Outlander, which focuses on old-school Scotland Highlanders. So there’s no wonder this is on the list of Famous and Historical Train Routes. The West Highland Line is an excellent way to experience the country’s wild, western coast. Once the train leaves Glasgow — Scotland’s biggest city — the urban landscape quickly succumbs to verdant glens and tranquil lochs. Heading northward, the West Highland Line passes through the remote wilderness of Rannoch Moor. It then passes the towering Ben Nevis, touching down in Fort William. Switching direction and moving westward, the train traverses the Glenfinnan Viaduct (featured in the Harry Potter film series) before arriving at the bustling port of Mallaig.

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Famous and Historical Train Routes in England

Passenger rail travel was one of the great British contributions of the Victorian Age. In the 20th century, railway enthusiasm and railway hobbyists seem to have proliferated almost as fast as the railways themselves. Historic steam trains, special scenic journeys, and narrow gauge railways have been restored. Here, you will find some of the best steam train and heritage railway journeys. Find them in the West Country counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, and Dorset.

As a lot of these trains are restored steam trains, Save A Train does not provide tickets on them. However, we do provide the best price for getting to and from the United Kingdom.



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