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Planning a solo trip can be hectic even for a seasoned traveler, especially when it comes to choosing the right destination to visit and the right activities to take part in while there. But most importantly, because you want to make the best of it for self-discovery.

Being alone on the road allows you to visit wherever you want at any time you want, without having to conform to someone else’s schedule. Also, you can challenge yourself more by being among total strangers, which boosts your confidence, and of course, self-growth.

That having been said, do you have a destination in mind for your self-discovery trip? This article highlights 7 of the most fun places to visit solo.

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1. Places To Visit On Your Self-Discovery Trip: Australia

Australia is the dream destination for most divers due to its endless diving opportunities both for amateur and experienced divers. And even if you aren’t prepared to dive, you will have a good time discovering the many hidden treasures the country has to offer. Australia is also home to the most extinct or endangered animal species, so you will have the rare chance of interacting with million-year-old fossils nearby.

But none of the said facts is the main reason why we have ranked Australia as a top destination for solo travelers. The key reasons are the country’s everlasting peace, reliable public transport, and cheap accommodation options. You will be very safe in Australia.

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Self-Discovery Trip to Australia


2. Thailand

The culture here is rich and the food is delicious, so you will have tons of food and culture-related things to explore and learn from the locals if at all you will be having time to spare. Accommodation and transportation are very affordable here, not to mention how accessible Bangkok is from all corners of the globe. And if your mind is anxious or troubled, you can always pop into a temple or a meditation center and meditate.

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Solo trip to Thailand


3. Places To Visit On Your Self-Discovery Trip: England

A couple of years back, London was the world’s most frequented city by solo tourists. That alone should tell you that this is a safe place to be when you don’t have company. Buckingham Palace is currently the biggest attraction for solo travelers, but it isn’t the only one in London. If you want to see the most attractions within a limited time, just join a London free walking tour when you visit the city next time.

Amsterdam To London With A Train

Paris to London With A Train

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Visit The Big Ben in London on your solo trip


4. New Zealand

Do you enjoy driving alone for long distances? Many sole travelers love New Zealand for the driving options it accords them. All you need is to rent a camper or an ordinary car and go to where the roads take you. This is a beautiful country to explore. The locals are also very welcoming and helpful whenever you want assistance.

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Venice to Milan With A Train


Self discovery trip to New Zealand


5. Places To Visit On Your Self-Discovery Trip: Peru

Almost every new place that your visit is special for a specific set of reasons, but Peru is one of the countries that simply stands out. This place has amazed so many people with its natural beauties and treasures, that people can not simply get enough of it. Its rich history, mountains, and traditional culture, which are interesting to every visitor. Thus, to experience all its national treasures, take a Peru tour, and get acquainted with the country.

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6. USA

The US is diverse, so you will never feel out of place no matter where you come from. The country is also very vast and has everything you need to be it mountains, parks, wild animals, or beaches. Speaking of beaches, you must visit Florida the next time you are in the USA and swim in the white sands. Furthermore, Disney might be the perfect destination for your self-growth journey as it will take you back to reminisce over your childhood, and a little bit of bittersweet nostalgia never hurt anybody. And if what you need is some quiet time alone, you can always stay in a vacation rental away from the crowds.

Salzburg to Vienna With A Train

Munich to Vienna With A Train

Graz to Vienna With A Train

Prague to Vienna With A Train


New York is a perfect destination for solo travelers


7. Places To Visit On Your Self-Discovery Trip: Japan

Japan is miles ahead of other countries regarding technology. If you are a tech futurist or investor, exploring the business opportunities that this city has will surely exhilarate you. The country is also home to beautiful temples, high-end hotels, and restaurants, as well as Asia’s best hidden natural treasures. What’s more, the efficient transport systems here will make your solo trip fun and hassle-free. If you are a music lover, you can bring your laptop and your music-making software to let inspiration hit you and maybe produce some lovely sounds to symbolize your solitary trips.

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Linz to Salzburg With A Train 


Self discovery trip in Japan

8. Malaysia

There are many things to do and learn in Malaysia, but the most interesting fact about this Southeast Asian country is that the bigger percentage of the population speaks English. That means that you will hardly lose your way when traveling solo here. The country has beaches, mountains, diving spots, and everything you would need to relax and enjoy life on your own.

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Traveling solo to Malaysia


In conclusion

Backpacking and solo traveling are becoming popular by the day because of the flexibility they precipitate. You are doing the right thing. Just remember to have a sufficient budget for your accommodation, food, and transport needs because you have to be self-reliant if you are to enjoy your self-discovery traveling.


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