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It is rightly believed that travel is one thing that you buy to be or feel rich! And it is not always necessary that you have to part away with your hard-earned money to enjoy the riches. While planning to venture out in the sun-kissed tropical islands, or snow-covered ski slopes, or else the lush-green wilderness, you are making numerous resolutions continually. Make your dream come true by not making the same too complicated. Sit with your group and plan within your budget. Make the entire trip a savvy one. Group travels are an excellent means of having great comradeship. But not all sail smoothly, if not planned with perfection. It might sound irrational to keep track of the trip expenses, but there are too many hidden glitches in it. Avoid all the negative attributes related to group trips and plan logically. Read below the six hassle-free tips that are savvy ones to plan a budget-friendly group trip.

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1. Decide On A Travel Budget

Yes! You are right! You should decide on the destination first to get the know-how on the total expenses. But it sometimes stands tricky, as both being interrelated. And it is a very complicated affair too. Though you are planning your next trip with a group of friends, not all can afford it equally. Thus, get along with a limited budget, decided unanimously. The entire planning will become smooth, as most in the group will not have to feel pressured in spending a considerable amount. Also, decision-making towards choosing a destination turns easier, especially with the fixed budget in mind. Accordingly, you, along with the other group members, can take a call on the additional expenses like flights, rentals, food, outings, and much more. Complete cooperation is what is required, while planning for a group trip, to maintain togetherness.

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Savvy Tips To Plan A Group Trip On Budget


2. Split-Up The Entire Expense Figuratively

Try figuring out how to split up the expenses. Decide on the means and ways of splitting up the total costs amongst other group members. For instance, will you be solely responsible for the entire hotel room booking, or should you be sharing the same in half? Or, are you interested in taking responsibilities like cab hiring and day-to-day outings? In many group trips, taking over a particular chunk of duty is generally commendable. It lessens complications and evens out the entire travel-related expense.

If you have planned for a big-budgeted trip shortly, try setting up an individual account. You have to do the same well in advance. All involved in the group trip can deposit a particular amount, monthly, to save up the last-minute hassles. It is a smarter act of getting hold of good hotels, air-flights, and excellent cuisine.

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Split-Up The Entire Expense Figuratively


3. Believe In Economical Flights And Pocket-Friendly Yet Glamorous Destinations

While on the planning spree for a group trip, be a little proactive with your money. Focus on commercial carriers. There are many cost-effective airlines, hosting a handful of travel packages. Plan your move following discussing the hidden nuances with your group mates. For instance, you can chalk out your travel plan to Rome, Athens, and Istanbul via Malta. Or else, initiating your group trip from Berlin to Prague, Budapest and Riga stand a great choice! And how about a road trip or experiencing a week-long camp in the wilds with your group mates? Most of the time, weather acts as a hindrance. Irrespective of a torrential downpour, blazing sun, or windy blows, traveling in a car aided with a roof rack awning, is a blessing! It caters to full coverage and shading of the stacked-in luggage while making the entire travel experience a relaxed one.

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4. Act Smart While Ordering Food

A group trip is generally a successful one when there is no contention or argument related to food, especially. Yes! Most group trips breed’ contempt when the question arises with the food preference of each member. In such situations, positive thinking and healthy eating should be your motto. Splitting in the restaurant check guarantees problems and confusion amongst the group mates. For instance, in a group of ten, a single person pays the entire bill of a bottle of wine, and later the other people in the group pays in the interval, a significant confusion will take place. So, believe in splitting the check always. Or else, you can do it via ‘buddy-pairs.’ Club your portion with some other individual in the group and go ahead in paying the bill.

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Savvy Tips To Plan A Group Trip On Budget


5. Be Thoroughly Calculative With Expenses

Want to be technologically sound, and stand out as a smart individual amongst the group? Get the help of the various online apps that cater to all your necessities, related to expenses. Swear on applications like Splitwise or Google document, as they both permit all present in the group to access, view and edit, as per their requirement. But be alert of their individual positive and negative aspects.

You create a group in these applications, where the group members can log in quickly and can split the entire expense in percentages. Alerts send friendly reminders to the various people concerned about clearing the bill. While planning for tallying the group trip expenses, avoid keeping a tally or settling on payments verbally. Remember this to experience a peaceful trip ahead.

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6. Settle All Dues (If Any) 

Once you enjoy your group trip and land happily home, it is time to settle your old bills (if any)! It is better to settle down any old debts, during the time frame that you have agreed. Otherwise, it stands as baggage! Many prefer paying via various online applications, as it sounds savvy. And some savvier-minded individuals like to pay in person, in cash. Ensure that you pay within a week or so. Or else, you are going to lose out on the invitation for the next group trip.

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                                 Settle All Dues (If Any) 



It is none, but a mistaken belief amongst many that traveling around the globe is never possible without an unlimited credit card or cash flow. Or if somebody sponsors the entire trip! But it is better not to believe in the same. It is for sure that no travel takes place without any expenditure. The guidelines mentioned above will surely keep you and your get-away gang together for many upcoming trips. Be clear-headed on your decisions, and cooperate with your other travel companions, then the group trip will be no less than a dream!


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