Get ready to be blown away with Italy by train by the moment you step foot onto its great soil. The land of history, magnificent architecture, overwhelming culture and such elegant, sophisticated and well-mannered people will be something you’ll remember till your last day! Want to know a secret? Italy by train is even more spectacular than you can imagine!

Now, since you are going to the land of Romeo and Juliet by train, here are some useful tips you’ll probably want to follow (especially if you’ve never been to Italy and don’t speak the language fluently):


Finding Your Way around Italy By Train Schedule

For everyone traveling across Italy by train and wanting to get their facts together, choose between:

  • Trenitalia, the national rail service with all the national routes; it’s a regular speed train.
  • Italo Treno, for high-speed trains/routes.

The best option is to check out Italy by train, and to be on the safe side: compare prices, dates and times and find the option that best fits your budget and your travel map. Take a look at both to compare schedules. You’ll probably be confused with the terminology, so here are the abbreviated forms you’ll find on the Trenitalia site:

  • Rome Termini (central station) –> ROMA TE
  • Naples Centrale (central station) –> NA C.LE
  • Florence Santa Maria Novella (central station) –> Fl.SMN
  • Venice’s Santa Lucia train station
  • Venice Santa Lucia (on the island) –> VE. S.L.
  • Venice Mestre (on the mainland) –> MESTRE
  • Milan Centrale (central station) –> MI C.LE
  • Genova Piazza Principe (central station) –> GE P.P.
  • Genova Stazione Brignole –> GE BRIG
  • La Spezia Centrale (central station) –> SPEZIA
  • Pisa Centrale (central station) –> PISA C.

There’ll be times when you take Italy by train you’ll see one train station name at the top marked in black, followed by some others in red; this indicates there are a few train stations in the city you are traveling to, with the train taking you to all the train stops.


Italy by train toy

Should You Book Your Italy by train Ticket Online or Buy It at the Station

Great news about booking your ticket to Italy by train is that the online booking systems works flawlessly and is super reliable. Stations everywhere can be crowded – and who needs THAT type of stress, right? You are given the option to either book or directly pay for your train ticket online. However, if you are all about spontaneity – wait till you get to the station and purchase your ticket then.


How Do You Get to Italy by train Once You’ve Got the Ticket

When you get to Italy by train station, your next cue is a big hanging board. That’s where you’ll get all of the updated information you need. If you don’t see the board, look for a crowd of people standing underneath something huge – and voila! In case you don’t observe your train listed immediately, don’t start panicking. Make sure you are looking at the “Partenze” (departures) instead of “Arrivi” (arrivals) to avoid confusion. The least confusing option of all is to go by the train’s number and departure time. When you find your train, look for “BIN,” for “binario” (platform). Once you’ve got that sorted, you are right to go!


There’s was a joke I heard once: Whenever you feel ugly or lonely, go to Italy by train. No matter how unseemly you look, the local men will shout “Bella!” after you. Adorable, right? Don’t wait a minute longer, book your ticket at and start packing for Italy!


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