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Amazing views, colorful and fun, there are amazing basketball courts in every city you dream of visiting. If you are an enthusiastic basketball player, pro, or just want to shoot some hoops, these are the 10 best holiday locations with great basketball courts.

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1. Munich Germany 3D Basketball Court

Home to one of the most amazing football stadiums in Europe, Munich is a fun and great active holiday location. If you want to practice some hoops in a terrific basketball stadium, then Munich’s 3D basketball court is where you should practice.  This German basketball court will take your game to a new level of lumps, and if you manage to slam here, you will succeed anywhere.

In other words, the 3D basketball court will inspire you to up your game. You will need to keep steady over the lumps all around this crazy court. Other than that the basketball is in great condition for any game, if you wish to stay active on your vacation, and of course bring your team along.

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Munich Germany 3D Basketball Court


2. Pigalle Basketball Court Paris

Most tourists travel to Paris for shopping and living the good life, for a relaxing or romantic holiday. While Paris is a popular location for a dreamy and pampering vacation, it is also a great location for outdoor activities. Paris has lots of parks and the River Seine for walking, or cycling, in addition to the most colorful basketball court.

Pigalle basketball court is a creation of Nike, ill-Studio, and french fashion brand Pigalle. Their collaboration created this crazy, tucked-away between 2 apartment buildings basketball court. Pigalle’s gradient colors are super funky, in the middle of a Parisian neighborhood. This basketball is completely functional and great to shoot some hoops on 17 Rue Duperre.

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Pigalle Basketball Court In Paris France


3. Rooftop City Hall Court Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik is a wonderful holiday location, surrounded by views of the Adriatic Sea. Terra-cotta rooftop houses everywhere, white facades against the turquoise sea, attract hundreds of tourists every year. Dubrovnik is enclosed by stone city walls, well-preserved over the centuries, and so is one of the best-designed basketball courts in the world.

This basketball court is right on the rooftop of the City Hall, with amazing views of the Adriatic Sea. Just imagine shooting hoops with breathtaking Old Town views and a blue infinite horizon. The rooftop City Hall basketball court is undoubtedly one of the greatest basketballs worldwide.


Unique Basketball Court in the Rooftop City Hall of Dubrovnik Croatia


4. House of Mamba Basketball Court Shanghai China

Shanghai is one of the most modern and funky cities in the world. Mind-blowing skyscrapers, and bigger-than-life landmarks, and to top it all off is the House of Mamba basketball court, by Nike. This epic basketball court is fun and innovative, perfectly designed for one of the best holiday locations in the world.

The Shanghai House of Mamba basketball court is a full-sized basketball court completely equipped for your best game yet. The court was designed for the Nike Rise tour in China, and you will be amazed by the reactive LED visualization. So, every step you make to the hoop makes the floor light up, and the crowds scream with amazement.



5. Brighton Beach Court England

Sandy golden beach, great promenade, and fresh sea air, Brighton is a great holiday location. While England is mostly known for the gray sky, Brighton is a wonderful seaside holiday destination. Brighton’s seaside location makes it ideal for outdoor activities.

Shooting hoops under the sunshine and even jumping from the court straight to the sea is a terrific experience. Brighton’s beach basketball court has great conditions for any type of player or game. So, if you are looking for a great active vacation, basketball, swimming, and relaxing on the beach is a great way to relax and get those energy levels up again.


Brighton Beach Court In England


6. Nike Basketball Court Thames River London

You could spend 8 days in London, and still not discover everything this exciting city has to offer. From shopping to art and music, London is a great holiday location for solo travelers and families. Therefore, it will not surprise you that London is a great city for outdoor activities, with terrific parks and the Thames River.

The Regal & Jordan basketball court on the Thames River is a terrific outdoor basketball court. The players enjoy a nice refreshing breeze from the river between games and can soak up the beautiful river and city views. Moreover, the court’s design provides top conditi0ns with portable adjustable hoops and a patterned Nike floor for a smooth and injuries-free game.

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7. Belgian Basketball Court In Aalst

Gorgeous in the fall, super crowded in December, when hundreds of tourists arrive for the annual Aalst festival, there is another reason to visit Aalst all year-round. One of the most remarkable things here is Aalst’s colorful basketball court, the work of artist Katrien Vanderlinden. With various shapes of different colors, Vanderlinden based her art on a children’s game, Logical Blocks.

So, Aalst has always been a great holiday location, and this new basketball court is the best for keeping up with the fitness routine while on vacation. Not only that, but the design is truly breathtaking and worth the hour trip from Brussels just to admire one of the most unique basketball courts in Europe.

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Kids playing basketball in Aalast, Belgium


8. Nosara Costa Rica

With Panoramic Pacific views, lush green mountains, and tropical weather, Costa Rica is a paradise for any traveler. Just sitting and watching the horizon, or walking on the beach will set you straight to relaxation mode.

Costa Rica is everyone’s dream holiday destination, for relaxation or surfing and outdoor fun. Therefore, it is no surprise one of the most stunning vacation villas comes with a great basketball court. Finca Austria Nostra villa has an amazing basketball court overlooking the Pacific and a swimming pool. What more does one need on a luxurious vacation?


Seaview Basketball Coutry in Nosara Costa Rica


9. Hong Kong Basketball Court

Vibrant, innovative, exciting, and fun, Hong Kong’s basketball court is iconic just as its home is. Hong Kong is one of the best places to visit in China thanks to its cosmopolitan nature. From great views to beaches and tours around the island, Hong Kong makes everyone come back again and again. The Hong Kong basketball court is big, new, colorful, and located in a great neighborhood.

Choi Hung Estates basketball is one of the best basketballs in Hong Kong. Moreover, it is also one of the most colorful locations, so ideal for great photos. If you have never visited Hong Kong, definitely book a trip to this amazing destination, it’s one of the 10 best holiday locations with great basketball courts.


Hong Kong Urban Basketball Court


10. Tempelhof Basketball Court Berlin

Fun in the great outdoors is the essence of Tempelhof feld park. From cycling the basketball, or just chill, Tempelhof is the perfect spot in the fast-paced life in Berlin. Berlin has great nightlife and is very friendly to all its visitors, so it’s not surprising the city’s planned to accommodate everyone.

Berlin’s Tempelhof basketball is one of the great basketball courts in Europe. Located at the entrance, at the picnic area, and surrounded by green trees and grass, this basketball court will make you feel amazing with every breath and hoop.

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Tempelhof feld park Basketball Court Berlin


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