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Are you looking to visit Norway? Most visitors to Europe find train travel a luxurious pleasure. Do you know why? This gives access to the panoramic views, taking you to the dreamland of the real world. Consider here some of the things you should know while on a train-trip to Norway. After going through these details, you can easily find a Train Booking Website to finalize the things.


Rail Passes

Rail passes, like most countries, have a value in Norway too (When you travel above 14 days). It is a huge saving on money and gives further convenience to hop trains at your speed, and schedule. You can compare the cost in general, to the price of a rail pass, for the number of days you expect to spend on the train. Some of the bus and even ferry routes, are discounted if you have a rail pass. You can check for the bus and ferry connections covered by this pass on your travel route.


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Generally, tourists find Single train tickets much more comfortable to cover the whole of Norway. It is also cheaper in most cases.



You may need seat reservations at some instances which costs $5–20 for many long train rides and express trains. Consult a Train Booking Website in Europe, to check for the schedules of reservations as it may not be available outside Europe. You can also avail private and shared sleepers, on night trains with second-class rail passes.



There is no rail pass in Norway to cover the length and breadth of the rail routes in the country. But, these passes offer discounted travel on a few popular bus and ferry routes.


Norway in a Nutshell trip

This trip takes you to the scenic rail-bus-boat-rail route to explore the Sognefjord, and destinations on the Oslo–Bergen train line. You can call it a train travel package in Norway. There are also some age relaxations that you can check if you are traveling with family and kids.

We hope, this blog will better prepare you for your next Norway Trip.


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