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It’s the dream – go on holiday and get paid for it. Not only that, but have your flights, accommodation, and food paid for you too.

Impossible, right? There is no way anyone in the world would pay a back-scratching nobody like you to experience the jet-setting exploits of an A-list globe-trotting superstar.

Except… THERE IS!

That is right, it is possible for you to trek the world on someone else’s dime – but you are going to have to use the internet with the acuity of Rain Man to pull it off.

The finest travel bloggers have their journeys paid for them thanks to a mixture of talent, luck, and skill – here is how you can do the same.

Learn how to write

Whether you’re a travel vlogger, blogger, or Twitter, nothing beats an effective turn of phrase. That’s why it’s important for travel influencers to learn the most elusive of skills, writing.

Take a regular stab at writing good copy by taking an hour a day to scribble your thoughts. Keep a diary, write a personal blog, post on Twitter prolifically – with these skills in your back pocket, you’ll be able to express yourself more effectively and perfect a tone of voice that could gain you a popular following on the web.

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Get a boost on your followers

Who are you going to trust more on social media – the Instagram user whose only follower is their mum and a bot from Russia, or someone with more followers than Kim Kardashian?

The answer’s obvious, and it’s why you should spend cash investing in followers as you start your journey to become an influencer.

Buying followers from sites like Greedier Social Media is the ideal way to accrue a baseline of integrity that you can then build upon in the future.

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Contact the right people

The travel blogging industry is competitive, and more people are giving it a go every year. Once you have a solid baseline of followers and content, the only way to get yourself noticed is to get in touch with travel providers who could sponsor you to go on holiday.

To make the deal worthwhile, you’ll have to make it clear that sponsoring you will provide these people with valuable exposure and key into their demographic. This is a quid pro quo arrangement, but one that will allow you to see the world.

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Understand your audience

Your newfound sponsors won’t stick around for long if they don’t think you can engage with your audience – and that’s why you need to know exactly who your demographic is.

That means finding out your audience’s average age group, their likes, and dislikes, what sites they regularly visit, and what they do when they’re away from the web. With this information at your disposal, you’ll be able to create content that your followers love – and keep your sponsors on the side.

Those are our tips! Can you think of any other ways to become a high-flying travel influencer? Then let us know in the comments below!

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