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Venice is one of the most inspiring and magical cities in Italy and is easily accessible by train. By visiting Venice during the Easter holidays, you can enjoy the pleasant spring weather. This allows you to spend all day outdoors. Travel to the historic center on the water, take in the magnificent scenery or sample the delicious food of Venice for the perfect Easter break. Here is how to get to Venice by train for Easter.


Venice by train for Easter is possible from any Italian city

Venice is surrounded by water but it is well connected to the mainland and the rest of the world thanks to its efficient railways. Over the years Venice during the Easter holidays has become more and more popular, and airlines often increase their prices because of this demand. However, trains run regularly to Venice, so travelers can take a low-cost flight to Milan or Treviso and from there, take the train to Venice.

Milan to Venice Trains

Florence to Venice Trains

Bologna to Venice Trains

Treviso to Venice Trains


how to get to Venice by train for Easter

Venezia Santa Lucia railway station

It is very easy to get to Venice during the Easter break by train. The main railway station, Venezia Santa Lucia gives you access to every point of the city center on foot or by waterbus. This central railway station connects the city with many countries and other Italian towns.

Naples to Venice Trains

Rimini to Venice Trains

Salerno to Venice Trains

Rome to Venice Trains



Another good option is to get the train to Venezia-Mestre station. This is the first railway station that you see before you pass through the bridge that spans the beautiful lagoon. The Venezia-Mestre station is accessible from all the nearest cities by train.

Vicenza to Venice Trains

Ferrara to Venice Trains

Modena to Venice Trains

Bergamo to Venice Trains



Book early –  Venice by train for Easter

Events and celebrations take place during the Easter holidays in Venice. It is important to plan and book your train in advance.

Genoa to Venice Trains

Siena to Venice Trains

Pisa to Venice Trains

Arezzo to Venice Trains



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