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Interrailing tips and traveling on a budget is possible if you plan your journey carefully. Cost of train tickets, accommodation, food and entertainment do vary between countries in Europe, but there are many ways to enjoy a low-cost trip. Luckily, with some preparation, rail travel in Europe does not have to cost nearly as much as you may think! To help you plan the perfect trip around Europe, we have put together a handy guide on interrailing tips – How to interrail around Europe on a budget.


Interrailing tips No. 1 – Plan your route and compare train fares

Make sure to plan your European interrailing itinerary and to compare the costs of different train fares. Saving money is a key part of our Interrailing tips and to do so you should be traveling outside of the high season. Travel on the cheapest day of the week too. You will save yourself a lot of money and dodge the swarms of travelers. This will enable you to travel for a fraction of what it would normally cost during peak times. Compare costs on our website and begin planning and pricing up your train journey.


Interrailing tips – How to interrail around Europe on a budget

Save on accommodation by taking the night train

On any European travel by train adventure, one of the biggest expenses is accommodation. The choice of where to sleep for the night very much depends on your budget and the type of experience you are looking for. Night trains are a good option for spending less money on accommodation. There is no additional fee to travel on a night train and you will also maximize your time by traveling while you sleep. If you are traveling from Milan to Paris or Venice to Paris the Thello Trains are an efficient and comfortable way to reach your destination. Traveling on a night train is one of the great interrailing tips as it is a fantastic way to stretch your budget during your trip!

Milan to Paris Trains

Milan to Venice Trains

Venice to Paris Trains



Take advantage of free city attractions

In some cities, you can visit a variety of museums and attractions for free. London has an exceptional range of museums and attractions to visit, completely free of charge. In European cities, such as Copenhagen, free admission to museums is offered once a week. Berlin is incredible and has a free walking tour of all the city’s main attractions.

Interrailing tips – How to interrail around Europe on a budget

Many other cities like Amsterdam have an annual night where all museums open their doors to the public for free. Your budget does not have to be big to explore these incredible cities. Make sure to take advantage of all these wonderful free attractions.

Amsterdam to London Trains

Amsterdam to Berlin Trains

Berlin to Copenhagen Trains


Eat where the locals do – Interrailing tips

European cities can be expensive to eat, especially when you are on a tight budget. Try to avoid dining in restaurants situated in the main tourist areas. These are the restaurants that are more expensive and often the quality of food is less than places further out. Try to walk out of the main tourist areas and eat among the locals for delicious food that is half the price.


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