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Ciao! You’re planning the destination of a lifetime in Italy! It is the birthplace of the renaissance and a city that promises to elate and inspire you because of its works of art, architecture, and its love affair with food. Italy is the true home of gastronomy. Plates are not just served as meals, they are creations. While you are exploring this whirlwind city of wonder, where can you find left luggage locations in Italy?

Walking its cobbled streets, soaking in the palpable ambiance of passion, makes it a bucket-list destination. The only thing that can ruin the romance is having to haul your luggage with you because who wants to be burdened everywhere you go? Luggage free and happy is the way to travel around Italy and to do this you can make use of many left luggage locations in Italy.


Left Luggage Locations In Airports

A safe and simple option for storing luggage, on a layover, is at the airport or if you have a free day without a hotel. Keep in mind that in major hub airports this is an easy option, but smaller airports may be trickier so do your research before you get to your chosen airport. It’s best to check ahead of time by visiting the airport’s website to find left luggage locations in Italy.

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Left Luggage Locations in Italy Airports


Popular Airports

Milan Malpensa Airport’s left luggage is located on the Arrivals level of Terminal 1. It is open daily from 6 am to 10 pm. Costs vary, for a small item, you’d pay about €3.50, for a larger item about €4, and each for 24 hours.

Rome Fiumicino Airport’s left luggage is on the ground floor of Terminal 3. It is open daily from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm and will cost about €6 per item for 24 hours.

Venice Marco Polo Airport’s left luggage office is on the ground floor, inside the airport terminal at access 1. They are open daily from 5 am till 10 pm, but times may vary in winter.

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Train Stations Where You Can Store Left Luggage

Stations In Rome

Rome has three main train stations, Roma Ostiense, Roma Termini, and Roma Tiburtina. You are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to providers of storing left luggage locations in Italy.

If you are passing through via train for the day, then the lockers are the way to go. All of these stations have luggage checking services, some self-service.

You can expect to pay between €10 and €15 per day, on average. As a small side note, train stations are also great for stocking up on food and water for the day, renting bikes, and drawing money.

Stations In Milan

Trains are the most convenient way of getting around Europe and in Milan, there are four main train stations, Milano Lambrate, Milano Rogoredo, Milano Centrale, and Milano Porta Garibaldi.

As we said previously, there is no shortage of service providers because it is a great need when you are on the move.

Maximum storage times and hours for left luggage locations in Italy vary for different stations and you will pay on average €10 to €15 per day. There may also be weight restrictions, in some cases so be sure to double-check.

Stations In Venice

Venezia Santa Lucia is the central train station of Venice and has a plethora of options for left luggage locations in Italy. The same as Milan and Rome, Venice offers reasonably priced left luggage storage.

Some will have weight differences and possible time differences. Self-service locker shops are conveniently placed all over Venice.

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Left Luggage Locations Around the City In Hotels

Your first port of call will be your hotel, hostel, or Airbnb for a left luggage location. After you have checked out, don’t be afraid to ask because many establishments will keep left luggage for free. It’s usually only for a certain amount of time so be sure to get those relevant details.

Inquire at the front desk about options for safes and lockers. Leave a small tip if you give your luggage to a porter.

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luggages in Hotel


Left Luggage Private Services

Stow Your Bags

This is a popular European choice and has a stellar reputation. We’re focused on Italy and they have branches in Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, Pisa, Catania, and Bari, making sure to cover all of Italy and its famed cities. Self-service is a great choice.

Avoid lines and take advantage of 24-hour surveillance and most importantly, your bag is insured for up to €300.

Deposito Bagagli Offices

This is a left luggage option specific to Venice.

You will find them at the arrival hall of Venice Marco Polo Airport, the Venice Santa Lucia Railway Station, the Piazzale Roma, and the Venice Cruise Terminal. It has cleverly been placed in areas of transportation. This makes it the ideal choice to drop and go.

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Left Luggage Locations in Italy



When you travel to Italy and you need left luggage locations, it is therefore vital to check ahead according to your itinerary. Check times, check weight restrictions, and check costs, be prepared! Most importantly, enjoy Italy, luggage free.


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