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Europe, the beautiful land of splendor and fairy tales is undoubtedly a go-to destination for every travel enthusiast out there. With limitless awe awakening places to visit, Europe is known to be one of the beautiful abroad study hubs for International students as have an uncountable bounty of beaches, islands, palaces, castles, and historical monuments.

Undeniably cities like Rome and Paris are the must visit cities while voyaging through Europe, but if you are one of those people who are accustomed to exploring the Lesser Known Beautiful Destinations and relishing every ounce of the beauty of hidden gems, this list is just for you!

With that being said, read along to uncover the 7 understated places in Europe that are breathtakingly beautiful and will spike that adrenaline rush you are looking for.


1. Lesser Known Beautiful Destinations – Valletta, Malta

Valleta Malta

Valletta is amongst the smallest Lesser Known Beautiful Destinations cities of the world and is home to royal palaces, forts, and cathedrals that date back to the 16th century. This city is entirely a World Heritage Site as it is of great significance as a result of the historical sentiments held
by it. The best part about exploring Valletta is that maneuvering around the area is no complex task to do as the peninsula is small enough to be entirely covered on foot. Some great sights to never miss while in Valletta are the Upper Barrakka Gardens and Casa Rocca Piccola that possess views you would die for!


2. Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg Austria
Salzburg is located on the border of Germany, in the country of Austria, and is cuddled by the enormous Eastern Alps that is truly a sight to the eyes. This wondrous and Lesser Known Beautiful Destinations city is the birthplace of Mozart, the famed music composer, whose
childhood instruments are preserved and displayed in a museum. Apart from its historical significance, the city the decorated with Baroque styled architecture – an extravagant style from the early 17th century and is divided by the Salzach river, which makes visiting this city a time travel to the medieval age!

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3. Constanta, Romania

Constana Rmania is a Lesser Known Beautiful Destinations To Visit In Europe

What was once an antiquated city, Constanta is presently Romania’s third biggest city and another Lesser Known Beautiful Destinations in Europe and a clamoring seaport situated on the western bank of the Black Sea.
Constanta is home to numerous verifiable tourist hotspots going back to the tenth century, including the Ovid Square, where a bronze statue of the Roman artist Ovid stands, and the relinquished Constanta Casino, which features the architecture of Art Noveau. Constanta likewise has probably the most delightful seashores, where you will get an opportunity to sunbathe and loosen up. In case you are in an adventurous mood, there are multi day trips from Constanta, which include visiting two UNESCO Heritage Sites namely Danube and Tulcea along with relaxing towards the end at a famous beach resort, Mangalia.


4. Lesser Known Beautiful Destinations – Ghent, Belgium

Ghent Belgium is a Lesser Known Beautiful Destinations To Visit In Europe

Hidden under the shadows of all the more notable Belgian urban communities like Antwerp and Brussels, Ghent is a hidden gem in Belgium. With interesting towns and far less disorder, Ghent is sufficiently little to make you feel comfortable and enormous enough to spice up your experience. If you are fond of pretty museums, trendy bars, and canal side views, you will definitely want to add Ghent to your travel itinerary. A portion of the places that ought not to be ignored includes Gravensteen, a tenth-century mansion with canals and amazing views, the Belfry of Ghent, and the St Baro Cathedral.

Get ready to be intrigued by the raveled infrastructure that has stood the train of time and make your cameras buckle down for this pick of Lesser Known Beautiful Destinations in Europe.

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5. Helsinki, Finland

helsinki finland
Stashed at the boundaries of the Baltic, Helsinki is a European city that is worthy of exploration. Overflowing with innovation, Helsinki was the World architectural Capital for 2012. Their style is praiseworthy so, try not to be timid and join strolling visits around the downtown area to experience the rich history of the Finnish capital.
Consider visiting Helsinki during its perpetual summer days to boost your time there or put on your gutsy boots and fight the blanketed winter evenings. In any case, there are such huge numbers of sights to see, you will not have the option to completely reveal every secret it holds!


6. Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothernburg Sweden is a Lesser Known Beautiful Destinations To Visit In Europe

Gothenburg, located in Sweden, is home to Liseberg Amusement park, one of the top attractions in the nation albeit being one of the Lesser Known Beautiful Destinations. It is also the second-largest city in the country which is beyond amusing due to its inclusiveness of both land and sea and its divergent concepts like “Fika” (a Concept of enjoying coffee breaks) and Feskekorka (Fish church) Try visiting this city in August to witness their amazing music festival known as Way Out West. Not possible to visit during this time? The city will nevertheless pose as a pleasure to all your senses with the beautiful sceneries,
finger licking food, and lively streets. To top it, roaming around the city can be done right on your foot which means that you save on traveling funds and at the same time enjoy the social and cultural treats this marvelous city has to offer.


7. Lesser Known Beautiful Destinations – Split, Croatia

Split Croatia is a Lesser Known Beautiful Destinations To Visit In Europe

Split in Croatia is the perfect Lesser Known Beautiful Destinations for a holiday if you are on the hunt for a happening coastal city mingling with chill Mediterranean vibes. The Dalmatian cuisine here coupled with the fresh seafood will caress your senses and get you on your knees!
Further, relaxing at the Kastelet beach will relieve you of your stress and refresh you are being from within. If you are looking for some time in solace, you can take a ferry ride from here to Hvar, an island located less than two hours from the city. All in all, Split is a complete package which you definitely must explore!


So, what is it that you are waiting for? Plan your next trip to one of these Lesser Known Beautiful Destinations with Save A Train around these lovely cities and you will thank us later, Happy traveling!


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