(Last Updated On: 05/11/2019)

A new high-speed Eurostar Train London to Amsterdam opened yesterday. Journeys between the two capitals used to take 5 hours and involved a change of trains in Brussel. The new train will transport 900 passengers a day and will take only 4 hours. Tickets for this train journey start at $47 one-way. The train stations used for this journey will be from London St.Pancras and Amsterdam Centraal station. In the beginning, there will be only two journeys in either direction per day. The high-speed train will travel at a speed of 186 miles per hour.



Train Between Europe’s Large Capitals, London to Amsterdam

The e320 Siemens Velaro trains are used for this new route. The route (Train London to Amsterdam) will also extend to Utrecht in the future. European trains are competing in regards to prices with European airlines, which they in their part have offered low-cost flights to passengers since the 1990’s.

London to Amsterdam is the second most popular flight route in Europe with over 3 million passengers completing the journey on an annual basis. Currently, EasyJet operates 21 flights from London to Amsterdam per week. The only route that is more popular in Europe is London to Dublin.

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European trains competing with European planes as with Train London to Amsterdam

For European trains to compete with existing plane journeys probably they will need to offer short journey times and low prices. The flight time from London to Amsterdam is only 1 hour, so a 5-hour journey Train London to Amsterdam downtown-to-downtown is still considered too slow.

The aim of the train journey (Train London to Amsterdam) is to attract passengers to this route hence to make the journey time as close to 3 hours as possible. Even though the flight for the route is one hour, airports are not all located in city centers and there is still additional travel time involved in this route, and not to mention the amount of time it takes for check-in and security on an airline. Examples of existing European train journeys that are considered short are London to Brussels, which takes only 2 hours and London to Lille, which takes only 1 hour and 22 minutes.

The convenience of Train London to Amsterdam

The new train offers passengers convenience, with room to work, power sockets, free wi-fi and, in 1st class, a meal and wine served at your seat. Traveling this route by train is also more environmentally friendly with planes leaving a significant carbon footprint. Eurostar’s chief executive, Nicolas Petrovic, comments:

The launch of Eurostar to the Netherlands represents an exciting advance in train travel and high-speed rail.

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Amsterdam can be your gateway to Germany, and you can train travel from Amsterdam to Germany as well.

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