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One of the most popular routes to travel in Europe is from to London to Amsterdam, a quick journey with over 4 million passengers making the trek each year. A top option for transportation is by train via Eurostar, the high-speed rail connecting the two European capitals. This route, which opened in 2018, remains a good choice for those looking to save money and enjoy the convenience that rail travel provides.

Below, you can find all the details you’ll need to help you manage your London to Amsterdam Eurostar journey.

Eurostar Train Times From London To Amsterdam

The Eurostar runs often, with up to 16 departures per day depending on holidays and weekends. The first train from London to Amsterdam in any day departs London St. Pancras at 07:16 and takes a total of 3 hours and 55 minutes, arriving into Amsterdam Centraal at 12:11 (Amsterdam Centraal is the dutch name to Amsterdam Central Station). This is often one of the cheapest tickets available, so if you’re not averse to rising early you can save some money and head out at the break of dawn.

Route times are nearly ever hour, which leaves you plenty of options for departure times. The last train of the night departs at 17:16 and arrives at 22:11, which is just enough time enjoy a late-night snack in the Dutch capital. Check our site which you can find a button the right of the screen or just click, for the complete London to Amsterdam Eurostar timetable.

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Booking Your Ticket On The Eurostar

All Eurostar train tickets include at least two pieces of luggage and a handbag. If you’re traveling with quite a lot of baggage, you can also opt for a ticket that allows you to bring more items. While budget airlines may charge less for their initial bookings, bag fees and seat choice charges quickly add up, which means you end up paying more for a whole lot less.

Ticket prices for this London to Amsterdam Eurostar journey tend to fluctuate a lot, so we recommend buying tickets as soon as you’re able. Generally speaking, these tickets go on sale three months in advance, though on occasion you can find them up to six months before your date of travel. We recommend using our Save A Train world train tickets website to find and book your train tickets, which automatically searches all available inventory to get you the price possible, guaranteed.

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Pricing And Types Of Tickets On London To Amsterdam By Eurostar Train

The Eurostar train operates three-class cabins depending on your budget. For those simply looking to get from one place to another, second class tickets are your best option. Those on business travel may instead prefer the Standard Premier or Business Premier ticket, both of which allow you to sit in first-class coaches and provide a meal during your journey.

As we’ve mentioned before, pricing varies according to your travel dates, so you’ll want to book your train ticket as soon as availability opens.  If you book far enough in advance, you’ll be looking to pay about 92 dollars round-trip, or about 46 dollars one-way. Waiting until the last minute can drive prices sky-high, with costs nearly doubling the later you buy your ticket.

Keep in mind that from May onward, the direct train from Amsterdam Central Station to London St. Pancras will begin operating, which will save you several hours of travel time on your return journey. Also beginning are direct services to Rotterdam. These services will also be cheaper than current pricing.

Fare Type Amenities Restrictions
Second class
  • 2 pieces of luggage and one hand bag included
  • Seat choice available after booking
  • Food available for purchase
Non-refundable. Before train departure, you can exchange your ticket. A change fee of 40 Euro and fare difference applies. If the new ticket is less expensive than the original ticket, the price difference will not be refunded.
Standard Premier
  • 2 pieces of luggage and one hand bag included
  • Upgraded seats feature more legroom and a premium experience
  • A light meal and drinks will be served at your seat
Non-refundable. Before train departure, you can exchange your ticket. A change fee of 50 Euro and fare difference applies. If the new ticket is less expensive than the original ticket, the price difference will not be refunded.
Business Premier
  • 3 pieces of luggage and one hand bag included
  • Upgraded seats feature more legroom and a premium experience
  • Chef-designed meals and champagne will be served at your seat
  • Access to an exclusive lounge before departure
  • Taxi booking services are available
  • Free cancellations and unlimited exchanges up to 60 days after departure on all routes between the UK, France and Belgium.
  • Free cancellations and unlimited exchanges up until departure on the direct route between the UK and the Netherlands, plus free exchanges on the indirect route (Thalys/Eurostar via Brussels) up until departure.

It’s worth noting that the Eurostar is not available to those who hold a rail pass, so if you want to make this journey an enticing and affordable, buy your train ticket in advance. You can find trains tickets online at various websites, though those websites show inflated prices of Eurostar train tickets compared to Save A Train website.

Once in the capital, you can connect onward via a number of different Amsterdam trains. High-speed train services are also offered to a number of locations throughout the continent.

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Onboard The Eurostar Train From London To Amsterdam

Once onboard, the total travel time from London to Amsterdam by train is approximately 3 hours and 52 minutes. Combined with your pre-departure arrival, your total journey time will be around 4.5 hours.

The train itself features standard seating as well as tables that allow you to work and eat with ease. These tend to book up early, though, so make sure to pick in advance if that’s what you’d like. Regardless of where you sit, you’re guaranteed to have good legroom and plugs to charge your devices.

As previously mentioned, there’s free WiFi onboard, so you can keep up with all your email and social media needs. Depending on your ticket, you can also head to the dining coach, where you can find food, drinks and snacks. If you’re seated in a first-class cabin, the food will be brought directly to your seat.

Upon arrival, there’s no need to go through passport control, though after Brexit and the removal of the UK from the EU these services may change. Be sure to check local laws before you embark on your journey.

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Why Travel Europe By Train?

Of course, the real question is why exactly Europe is best experienced via train travel – after all, this well-connected continent is easily traversable by plane, car, or bus. However, there are few things as romantic as the wild scenery outside your window on a train ride, and for first-time travelers there’s almost nothing more convenient than hopping on board a train just before it departs. This is in deep contrast to Europe’s airports, where advanced check-in time is in excess of two hours and you spend additional time and money commuting to the airport location.

Speaking of travel time, Europe is renowned for its high-speed railways, which far outstrip its winding motorways. Trains throughout the continent are quick and often direct, which means less time commuting and more time exploring.

Train stations also have the benefit of being well-located as they are often built inside the city centre. They usually provide multiple departure times per day on thousands of routes, which means you’ll always have an option for travel.

Finally, train tickets are more inclusive, allowing you to bring luggage and choose your seats without paying hefty additional fees.

All this is to say that, while Europe has many options for travelers, nothing beats the good old train journey.

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