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Lovers of modern art have many places to visit in Europe. With such a wealth of choice, perhaps the most challenging part is choosing a destination. However, if you’re looking to visit Europe’s prime hotspots for artistic exploration, why not plan your trip around it? With some well-planned train rides, you could visit all of our top picks of modern art galleries in Europe:


Tate Modern Art Gallery, London, England

Tate Modern Art gallery in London is one of the most popular contemporary modern art galleries in Europe. It isn’t the only one to visit in the city which boasts over 1,000 galleries. However, it is the one that is most popular with tourists. Tate Modern was initially part of the Tate Gallery which founded in 1897. Over time, Tate began expanding and in 2000 was divided into four different galleries. Out of those four, Tate Modern is the one with most visits, and it houses more than just artwork. If you wish to experience London’s art scene for yourself, you can easily reach the city by train from most major European cities.

Amsterdam To London Trains

Paris to London Trains

Berlin to London Trains

Brussels to London Trains



The National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy

Called La Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Italian, this art gallery in Rome has everything you need. And it recently got a fresh new look, so that the art may stand out even more at the exhibitions. This gallery is unique in its way of presentation. It focuses more on themes, colors and form than the similarity of eras and styles. That allows every visitor to experience art in a new, unique way, ensuring that the visit will be memorable. Rome is a great city to visit by train. There are some scenic routes you can take along the way to experience more of Italy.

Florence to Rome Trains

Naples to Rome Trains

Florence to Pisa Trains

Rome to Venice Trains


Kunsthalle Zurich, Switzerland

Kunsthalle Zurich Building


Switzerland’s contemporary and modern art scene is sprawling and vibrant, with numerous galleries keeping it alive. The one that is often recommended for a visit is the Kunsthalle Zurich. It has temporary exhibits that never fail to intrigue the visitor. These frequent changes help the Kunsthalle reinvent its identity every time. You can reach Zurich by train from Munich, Vienna, as well as other European cities you visit on your modern art hunt.

Munich to Zurich Trains

Berlin to Zurich Trains

Basel to Zurich Trains

Vienna to Zurich Trains


Pompidou, Paris, France

Pompidou in Paris is one of the Best Modern Art Galleries in Europe

No tour of modern art galleries in Europe is complete without visiting Paris, France. However, instead of the Louvre, we recommend heading to the Pompidou. There you’ll find a unique architectural structure with all of its escalators, plumbing, and steel frame visible on the exterior. But the experience doesn’t end there, as The Pompidou has over 50,000 works in its collection. It’s one of the most significant collections of modern and contemporary art which is certainly worth a visit. Get to Paris by train from London, Amsterdam, Brussels and other cities in Europe.

Amsterdam to Paris Trains

London to Paris Trains

Rotterdam to Paris Trains

Brussels to Paris Trains



Contemporary art galleries in Europe are certainly a sight to see. The best part about planning an art-oriented trip is that all these cities are easily reached by train. If you’re ready to go, Book Your Train Tickets now and enjoy the ride!



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