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Finding money exchange points in Europe can be difficult for a tourist. What is more, in most places, you can expect to lose money on currency exchange rates. To help you out, we have made a list of the best money exchange points in Europe:


Currency Exchange In Rome 

In case you do not want to use an ATM, it is possible to exchange money at various spots within the city. There are many exchange points near Rome Termini, Rome’s main train station. However, we recommend Casa del Turista, which is a short walk from the station.

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Money Exchange In Milan

Tourists in Milan are likely going to visit Milan Cathedral, which is a good money exchange point. Look for exchange at the Piazza del Duomo, just a minute away from the cathedral. It also accepts traveler’s cheques, if you happen to have them.

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Currency Exchange In Paris

Paris has interesting money changers, some of whom have been around for a century. You can find many of them close to one of the city’s top attractions — Arc de Triomphe. The one we recommend is APS Change, at 30 Avenue de Friedland.

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Money Exchange In Berlin

When you are in Berlin, there are many money exchange spots where the rates are good. However, we suggest you look for Euro Change branch locations for the best rates. You can find them at the Europa Center, as well as the Alexanderplatz Station in Berlin.

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Currency Exchange In Munich

Munich is a big tourist city, so you should be wary of potential tourist traps. However, there are still plenty of spots where you can exchange money and get good rates. Ria Money Transfer and Currency Exchange are one of them. You can find it at Arnulfstrasse 1.

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Money Exchange Points in Europe


Money Exchange In London

As the capital of the UK and a major tourist city, London is full of suitable money exchange spots. To turn your money into pounds, look for either Covent Garden FX or Thomas Exchange Global at Leicester Square.

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Currency Exchange In Brussels

Finding the best money exchange spots in Brussels should not take you too long if you follow our tips. You can check the rate that a currency exchange offers you by comparing it to the live mid-market rate. However, to save time, you might as well head to the DME Change at Boulevard Adolphe Max 11.

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Money Exchange In Basel

The Swiss use Francs, so that is what you will need during your stay in Basel. If you go by train to Switzerland, you will likely go through Basel Bahnhof. There is a Travelex exchange close to it that offers good rates.

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Currency Exchange In Amsterdam

Banks in the Netherlands usually only offer money exchange services to their customers, which is inconvenient for tourists. When in Amsterdam, look for change offices on Damrak avenue. The most popular one is Pott Change, which you can find near the Royal Palace.

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Amsterdam Canal


Money Exchange In Vienna

You will need euros in Vienna. Airports and tourist spots are the safest options for money exchange spots. However, one of the places we recommend is the Interchange, opposite St. Stephens Cathedral close to the subway station. They also accept traveler’s cheques, which can be convenient if you have them.

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