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If the ancient temple stones could speak, they would talk of ancient civilizations, invasions, cultures, and love. The 12 Most Ancient Temples Worldwide are well-preserved and impressive in beauty and statue. From pharaoh’s temples in Egypt to Buddhist and Hindu temples in South-East Asia, these old temples are historical gems.

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1. Most Ancient Temples Worldwide: Palace of Knossos

The place of worship and center of political life in the Bronze age, the Palace of Knossos is one of the most ancient temples worldwide. Knossos temple was the center of the Minoan civilization in Crete. Moreover, the ancient temple is one of the most well-preserved temples in the world.

The first Knossos temple was built in 1900 BC on a hill, but one of the many earthquakes in Crete destroyed it. However, straight after that another temple was built and destroyed in a volcanic eruption. Thus, the Knossos temple standing today is the 3rd temple from 1375 BC. Knossos temple is one of the top history geeks destinations with its legends in relics.

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The Oldest Temples In Greece: Palace of Knossos

2. Gobekli Tepe

Predating Stonehenge by 6,000 years, the Gobekli stones in southeast Turkey are believed to be the relics of the first temple ever in the world. The 11,000 years old Gobekli Tepe stones were a place of worship on a hill.

However, there are no findings of a human settlement in the region, but the place was a point on the journey of many nomadic hunters and gatherers. So, the Gobekli Tepe temple served as a sanctuary, with religious significance.

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3. Most Ancient Temples Worldwide: Hagar Qim

Made with a 20 tones megalith stone at the center, the Hagar Qim temple is one of the most impressive temples worldwide. Thus, Hagar Qim is also a typical temple from the Maltese Prehistoric.

One of the most extraordinary features in Hagar Qim temple is an elliptical hole in one of the two chambers. On the first day of summer, the sun’s rays pass through this hole and illuminate a stone block. You can visit Hagar Qim on your trip to Malta, and admire one of the 12 most ancient temples in the world.

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4. Ancient Temples Worldwide: Temple of Seti

Extremely well-preserved, the Temple of Seti is from the nineteenth dynasty. Seti temple is the creation of Seti and his son Ramses II. The father started the creation, while the son completed the decorations and courtyards around it.

Today, you can visit the Temple of Seti, on a day trip from Cairo. When there you should pay attention to the Abydos graffiti on the temple’s walls.

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5. Most Ancient Temples Worldwide: Hypogeum Temple

The most ancient underground temple in the world is the most well-preserved temple of Hypogeum in Malta. The remarkable temple is 6,000 years old, 3 levels ancient temple of interconnected chambers.

The Hypogeum temple was first a place of worship and prayer, but later the ancient temple transformed into a burial site. Visitors can admire the red paintings on the walls, the only prehistoric paintings on the Maltese islands. In addition, you can see the special artifacts found in the temple in Valletta Museum.

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6. Luxor Temple

As you walk through the chambers of Luxor temple, you walk back hundreds of years of history. Every step leads you back to the age of Ramses II, and the religious life of ancient Egypt.

Luxor Temple has a huge significance in ancient Egyptian religion. Additionally, it is in the Luxor temple that God Amon experienced a rebirth during the pharaoh’s annual coronation.

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Luxor Temple


7. Most Ancient Temples Worldwide: Stonehenge

The massive stone circle is one of the history world’s biggest mysteries. Stonehenge stands proud in Wiltshire, England. It attracts hundreds of visitors to admire it. Experts in the history and archeology world believe that the druids built Stonehenge.

Stonehenge could have had religious purposes in prehistoric times. One of the signs is the arrangement of stones and the fact that the monument faces the sunrise. While it is still unclear how these giant stones were brought to this specific place in England, Stonehenge is one of the most popular temples to visit worldwide.

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8. The Ggantija Temples

The ancient Ggantija in Malta stands out among the 12 most ancient temples worldwide. This is thanks to the fact that it is a two-temples complex. Moreover, Ggantija temples earned their name thanks to the massive stones constructing them.

Moreover, in addition to visiting one of the largest temples worldwide, you could be walking through the oldest stone monument in the world.

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9. Ancient Temples Worldwide: Temple of Amada

Egyptian temples are renowned worldwide for their exquisite sizes, and design. The temples in Egypt are known for being the most beautiful temples worldwide. Thanks to the hieroglyphs and carvings on the walls, the Temple of Amada is no exception in beauty.

The small, yet impressive Amada Temple has exquisite carvings on the walls. The inscriptions share significant events in Egyptian history like the Lybian invasion of Egypt. So, if you wish to visit the oldest temples of Lake Nasser, pack your bags and head to Nubia.

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Ancient Temples Worldwide: Temple of Amada


10. Mundeshwari Devi Temple, Bihar

The oldest functional Hindu temple in the world, the Mundeshwari temple is in Kaimur. Small, but impressive in stone carvings, the temple is a symbol of Lord Shiva and Shakti. Visitors to Mundeshwari Temple can admire the fascinating carvings from the Gupta period and life back in 625 BC.

The beautiful temple is on Mundeshwari Hill, where many other significant relics have been found. If you are fascinated with the history of Hinduism, you should visit Mundeshwari Temple. You will discover more about the symbolism of Lord Shiva and Shakti residing together in one special place.

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11. Most Ancient Temples Worldwide: Borobudur Indonesia

Borobudur Temple in Indonesia is famous for being the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Today many Buddhists visit the Borobudur temple on pilgrimage on the island of Java.

When you visit Borobudur Temple, you will be astonished to see the 56,000 cubic meters of gray volcanic stone that form this Buddhist temple.

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Borobudur Indonesia

12. Temple of Hatshepsut

Holy of Holies, the temple of Hatshepsut is from the 18th century. Pharaoh Hatshepsut built the temple into the cliffs of Deir El-Bahri, so the temple’s facade against the cliffs’ landscape is one of the most impressive worldwide.

The ancient temple is from the New Kingdom period, but over the years the temple changed its purpose from a temple to a monastery. Deir El-Bahri means “Northern Monastery”, and there is even a chapel within the grounds of Temple Hatshepsut.

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Temple of Hatshepsut


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