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There are many wonderful and beautiful landmarks in Europe. Behind every corner, there’s a monument or a garden to visit. One of the most exciting and remarkable sights is a magnificent fountain, and we have hand-picked 10 of the most beautiful fountains in Europe.

Musical, extravagant, Europe’s fountains are spectacular. From Paris to Budapest, in the city center or on an island, these 10 amazing fountains are totally worth a visit.


1. Trevi Fountain In Rome

The largest and the most famous fountain in Rome is the Trevi fountain. This magnificent fountain spills about 2,824,800 cubic feet of water every day. Also, in Roman times it was a central water source. Thus, you’ll see that the Trevi fountain on the crossroads of three roads “Tre Vie” the three roads fountain.

In case you didn’t know, the Trevi fountain is one of the seven wonders of Europe. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the most beautiful fountain in Europe has featured many movies, like the Roman Holiday.

Where Is The Trevi Fountain In Rome?

The breathtaking Trevi fountain is just a 10-minutes’ walk from the Spanish Steps. You can also take the tram to Barberini station.

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Trevi Fountain is one of the Most Beautiful Fountains In Rome and Italy


2. Fontaine Du Trocadero

The most remarkable feature of the Trocadero fountain is the fountain of Warsaw in the center. It is basin-shaped, with 12 fountains surrounding it. Therefore, the scene of the Eiffel Tower and the fountain is absolutely epic.

The beautiful gardens and fountains were initially part of the Trocadero Palais, they were created in 1878 with the universal exposition. Facing the Seine river, in the background Palais du Chaillot, and at the front of the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadero fountain is the perfect picnic spot in Paris, and Europe.

How To Get To Trocadero?

You can get to the Gardens of Trocadero and the fountain by metro, to Trocadero station.

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3. The Latona Fountain In Versailles

There are 55 fountains in the gardens of Versailles, but the most beautiful and remarkable is the Latona fountain. La Latona fountain was inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Latona mother of Appollo and Diana, depicted with her children in this glorious fountain.

Facing the Grand Canal, you can easily spot and admire King Louis XIV’s vision from anywhere in Versailles. During high season you can enjoy the fountain musical show that takes place 3 times a week.

How To Get To Latona?

Versailles palace is located in Versailles town, just 45 minutes by train from Paris. You can take the train to Versailles Chateau Rive Gauche station. Then it’s just a short walk from the station to the palace and gardens.

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The Latona Fountain In Versailles


4. The Efteling Fountain

The most impressive musical fountain show in Europe is the musical fountain show in the Efteling theme park. You’ll be amazed by the 12 minutes light and water show, where frogs transform water into a beautiful ballet show.

The Aqunura fountain system was constructed for the Efteling 60 anniversary. To conclude, the musical show is a great end to a family trip to the wonderful Efteling theme park.

How To Get To The Efteling Fountain?

This amazing park is only an hour away from Amsterdam, so it’s perfect for a fun family day-trip from Amsterdam.

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5. 1o Most Beautiful Fountains In Europe: Trafalgar Fountain

Mermaids and Tritons are the central statues in the Trafalgar Square fountain. However, unlike the other fountains, there is no legend behind the choice of these sea creatures. The most beautiful fountain in London was originally constructed in 1841 to minimize space for demonstrators.

You’ll find the Trafalgar Square fountain right in front of the National Gallery in London. In addition, you should know that it’s where Londoners come for Christmas fun. So, you’ll have another great reason to visit one of the most beautiful fountains in Europe.

How To Get To The Trafalgar Fountain In London?

You can travel to Charing Cross tube station from any point in London.

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Trafalgar Fountain London UK


6. Swarovski Fountain In Innsbruck

Tyrol region is one of the most beautiful regions in Austria, as well as home to Swarovski headquarters. The Swarovski fountain is located in the Swarovski Crystal Worlds, a complex of amusement and food. It was actually designed for the crystal glass manufacturer, Swarovski.

The fountain is shaped like a man’s head. It is one of the most unusual fountains in Europe, and definitely worth a visit when you are hiking in Austria.

How To Get To The Swarovski Fountain In Innsbruck?

You can travel by train from Innsbruck to Swarovski in less than an hour.

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Swarovski Fountain In Innsbruck is the one of the Most Unique and Beautiful Fountains in Europe


7. Jet Deau In Geneva

Jet Deau, a water jet in English, is the tallest fountain in Europe and can reach 400 meters. Initially, the fountain was built to control the excess pressure of a hydraulic plant at La Coulouvreniere, but soon became a symbol of power.

Therefore, it is quite hard to miss Jet Deau when you visit Geneva. In fact, you could find your way to Lake Geneva, if you simply follow the water jet.

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Jet Deau In Geneva is The Most Special Fountain In Switzerland


8. Stravinsky Fountain, Paris

The Stravinsky fountain in Centre Pompidou is a musical tribute to the Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky. Bright colored lips, a clown, and other outrageous sculptures make this eccentric fountain one of the most unusual fountains in Europe. The design was created by sculptor Jean Tinguely and painter Niki de Saint Phalle. Both artists have very different styles: a Dadaist industrial on one hand, and bright on the other hand. So, together, their work celebrates the finest modern classical music of the 20th century.

Undoubtedly, the Stravinsky fountain will capture your attention when you admire it up close. It’s actually like witnessing a circus performance at the entrance of the world-renowned Pompidou center.

How Do I Get To The Stravinsky Fountain?

Fontaine Stravinsky is at the entrance to the Pompidou center. You can take the Metro to Hotel de Ville station.

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9. The Margaret Island Musical Fountain In Budapest

The largest fountain in Hungary displays a wonderful musical and laser show every hour. May until October, is the best time to visit Margaret Island in Budapest. You can enjoy a picnic while you watch the spectacular water and lights show.

Another feature that makes the Krizikova fountain one of the 10 most beautiful fountains in Europe, is that there’s a musical show plan for kids and adults.

How Do I Get To The Margaret Island Fountain?

You can get to Margaret Island fountain from the Budapest city center by tram.

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The Margaret Island Musical Fountain In Budapest is Most Beautiful Fountains and Musical in Europe


10. Krizik Fountain In Prague

The dancing fountain, Krizik fountain, is located near Prague’s exhibition center. Starting from 8 pm to midnight, you will be able to enjoy the best lights and the best music. There are 4 shows when each is completely different from the other in music and lights.

The Krizik musical fountain was constructed in 1891 for the exhibition center. It has been entertaining the crowds ever since. An evening with a show will be a great ending to a fabulous day in Prague.

How Do I Get To Krizik?

You can easily get to the Krizik fountain by tram to station Vystaviste.

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Krizik Fountain In Prague


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