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There are not many modes of transport better than the train, but a river cruise comes pretty close! It is a luxurious and leisurely way to discover the delights of Europe, seeing cities, regions, and countries from a new perspective. You can explore intriguing destinations that may otherwise be missed from a holiday itinerary. No wonder so many people choose the scenic route to see the 5 Most Beautiful Rivers In Europe To Explore!


1 of the 5 Most Beautiful Rivers In Europe: Danube

Length: 1,783 miles / 2,870km

Route: Germany – the Black Forest to the Black Sea

Take a Danube river cruise if you enjoy history, exquisite food, and unforgettable experiences. Travel through the modern city of Amsterdam in Western Europe on the Danube that slowly descends into Eastern Europe passing historic landmarks, such as Salzburg (the city of music), or jump off to visit ruin bars in trendy Budapest. This collection of European river cruises will sweep you away into a dreamlike space filled with new experiences, sights, sounds, smells, and gastronomic encounters. 

Munich to Salzburg Trains

Salzburg to Passau Trains

Vienna to Salzburg Trains

Salzburg to Vienna Trains

Danube river at night

2 of the 5 Most Beautiful Rivers In Europe: Rhone

Length: 505 miles / 813km

Route: The Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean Sea

Rhone River is a historic river of Switzerland and France and one of the most significant waterways of Europe. It is no wonder it is on our list of The 5 Most Beautiful rivers in Europe to explore. 

It is the only major river flowing directly to the Mediterranean Sea and has taken on is thoroughly Alpine. This makes it quite different from its northern neighbor, the Rhine, which leaves all of its Alpine characteristics behind when it leaves Switzerland. The scenic and often wild course of the Rhone, the characteristics of the water flowing in it, and the way it has been used by humans have all been shaped by the influences of the mountains, right down to the river mouth, where sediments marking the Rhone in an Alpine glacier are carried into the warmer waters of the Mediterranean.

Zurich to Chur Trains

Geneva to Chur Trains

Milan to Tirano Trains

Bergamo to Tirano Trains

Rhone Switzerland Rivers In Europe

3 of the 5 Most Beautiful Rivers In Europe: Main

Length: 326 miles / 525km

Route: Kulmbach to Mainz, Germany

The Main River is 327 miles long and is the longest river located entirely in Germany. Flowing from east to west, the Main joins the Rhine River at Mainz, Germany. The Main River begins in the Upper Franconia region of Germany; however, the river is only considered navigable between Bamberg and Mainz.

In 1992 the Main-Danube Canal opened, which connects the Main and Danube Rivers. The canal begins in Bamberg and meets the Danube River in Kelheim, Germany. This is now considered a major waterway that allows both passenger ships and smaller commercial vessels to travel between the North Sea to the west and the Black Sea to the east.

Cologne to Mainz Trains

Frankfurt to Mainz Trains

Berlin to Mainz Trains

Brussels to Mainz Trains

Mainz Germany Rivers In Europe


4 of 5 Most Beautiful Rivers In Europe: Seine
Length: 485 miles / 780km

Route: Northwest of Dijon, France to the English Channel at Le Havre

Many of the cities have a feature that identifies them, defines their existence, and acts as the pulse that runs through the cities heart. The Seine River in Paris is what the River Thames is to London, the Danube to Budapest. It is the epicenter, the area tourists migrate to, where they observe the famous attractions and capture memories. 

A Seine Cruise Is A Must!

We think you can literally choose just about any one of the Seine cruises offered and you will not be disappointed! You will be able to see the best of Paris, the city of love. Your choice is wide ranging. If you have limited time, cruises are available to fit into your short time there. For a more laid-back vibe, enjoy a Seine dinner cruise, gaze upon the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre museum, as you sail by. Or you can combine these attractions and cruise for an exclusive combo, climb to the second floor, admire the views, and then take a boat trip, enjoying dinner and a glass of wine. You can even take in a Moulin Rouge show if you so fancy? To view the real Paris, a Seine cruise is a must.

Amsterdam to Paris Trains

London to Paris Trains

Rotterdam to Paris Trains

Brussels to Paris Trains



The Last Pick For European Rivers – Dutch Waterways

Length: 528 miles / 850km

Route: The Netherlands to the North Sea

The small rivers, canals, and inland seas of the Netherlands make up the Dutch Waterways, and cruising here is a relaxing way to explore Europe and her striking low countries. Excursions around the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam often appear on itineraries, but the highlight of a Dutch Waterways river cruise is the series of 19 authentic windmills that line the canal banks in the region of Kinderdijk. Get your cameras ready. 

Equally wonderful are the floral displays at Keukenhof, the largest flower garden. Dazzling carpets of colors are created by seven million tulips, daffodils, and other blooms – at their magnificent best during April and May. Look out for shorter cruises at this time of year specifically focusing on the Dutch bulb fields.

Brussels to Amsterdam Trains

London to Amsterdam Trains

Berlin to Amsterdam Trains

Paris to Amsterdam Trains


Dutch Waterways and windmill


All aboard! Book that trains ticket to your River trip with Save A Train today and gets cruising! 



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