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Sandy beaches, cliff views, clear blue waters, and amazing surfing communities, these 1o most epic surf destinations in Europe are perfect for surfers at all levels. From the Italian coasts to far Denmark, and Portugal,  here are the top beaches for surfing in all of Europe.


1. Godrevy Beach, England

When time is right, you could be riding some epic long walling lefts and rights here. Yes, Godrevy beach by the Atlantic is one of the most epic surf destinations in Europe. Located in Cornwell, one of the most charming coastal towns in Europe, this beach is an absolute favorite in the surf community.

Godrevy beach is part of St Ives Bay, and in the summer, you will find here many locals on their summer holidays. Mostly sunbathing, building castles in the sun, or admiring the lighthouse, not knowing that Godrevy offers some of the best swells in Europe.

When: spring, April for clean waves.

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Godrevy Beach, England is a great surfing location


2. Most Epic Surf Destinations In Europe: Peniche Portugal

An hour from Lisbon airport, the second most epic surf destination in Europe is waiting for you in Portugal. Peniche is actually a peninsula on the coasts of Portugal, which creates great conditions for legendary waves year-round. Moreover, Portugal’s beaches are some of the most dreamy beaches in Europe.

Exciting point breaks, and sandbar reefs, in addition to amazing long beaches, make Peniche surfing heaven. While Peniche is a peninsula, there are more than 30 surfing spots along its coasts, and plenty of places to rent surfing gear. One thing to keep in mind is that you need a wetsuit all year round, due to the cold-water temperature.

When: September to October

Where: Foz do Arelho is an amazing stretch of sand north of Peniche for beginners and pros, thanks to the accessibility into the lineup. The blue flag beach Supertubos is where you will ride the most famous wave in Europe, fast and furious. So, unless you are an experienced surfer, this wave will take you down hard.

Wave: 80 cm to 2.6 m.


Surf destination in Portugal


3. Bundoran, Ireland

On the breathtaking coastlines of the world, with stunning cliff views and shores to walk along, Donegal county is one of the most scenic regions in Ireland. Bundoran town in Ireland has one of the best surfing spots in Europe for the super-advanced surfer.

 Bundoran is home to the most famous waves, the Peak. The Peak is a perfect left, stronger and shorter. So, after riding the perfect wave you can grab a pint in the local pub, with the local surfers.

When: Winter.

For: advanced surfers.

Wave: o.50 to 2.7 m.


Amazing Surf location in Bundoran, Ireland


4. Most Epic Surf Destinations In Europe: Klitmoller, Denmark

Fishing boats, surfers, and the sandy beach meeting the soaring North Sea is the setting you will see in Klitmoller. This frame and weather conditions are what earned the tiny town of Klitmoller the name of “Cold Hawaii”.

In addition to surfing, Klitmoller is one of the best places for windsurfing in Northern Europe. So, you can surfers riding the waves all year round. Another amazing thing about Klitmoller is its proximity to Thy national park and its museums, where you can get inspired by Viking tales, before catching the perfect wave.

When: all year round.

Why: perfect weather conditions, for all surfers, all year-round.

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Klitmoller, Denmark Crazy Surf Destination In Europe


5. La Graviere Wave, Biarritz France

The beaches in Biarritz are some of the dreamiest beaches in France, let alone Europe. Therefore, it is no surprise that Biarritz is a legendary surfing destination in Europe. La Graviere wave attracts surfers from all over the world to the Atlantique Pyrenee in the quest after the perfect wave.

While Hossegor mostly attracts visitors for a holiday by the sea, the surf community here is one of the best in Europe. So, you can get insights on the perfect wave over coffee and croissants from the pro surfers in France. In addition, Hossegor hosts the annual WSL world tour event.

For: surfers in all levels and on all types of boards.

Why: Thick barreling beach break.

When: Autumn to spring, from mid-October the town shuts down, and waves level up to the epic la Grave. So, you can plan your trip to this epic surf destination, and stay in hotels or rented caravan by the beach.

Wave size: 0.5 to 2.5 m.



6. Most Epic Surf Destinations In Europe: Island Of Lewis, Scotland

Where the North swells meet the Atlantic, raging waves and fierce winds, create the most epic surfing spot in Scotland. The Island of Lewis in the interconnected Atlantic Outer Hebridean islands is one of the most picturesque places in Scotland.

Therefore, Isle of Lewis is a surfing paradise, but only for the most advanced surfers. The fierce waves are not for beginners that still struggle to paddle and entering lefts and rights.

When: autumn and winter.


Catching the wave on the Island Of Lewis, Scotland


7.  Scheveningen The Hague, The Netherlands

Windsurfing, kitesurfing, or surfing rights, The Hague is a great destination for surfing holidays, just a train trip away from Amsterdam. Even though it may seem like the weather is gray and not welcoming, but for surfers, it creates the perfect conditions for riding the perfect wave.

You can catch right swells all along the 11-kilometers coast, especially on Scheveningen beach. Here, you will find surfers on all levels and the best surf shops and facilities.

To conclude, The Hague is known for its political role in the world, it is one of the most epic surf destinations in Europe.

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Surfing in Scheveningen, The Hague, Holland


8. Most Epic Surf Destinations In Europe: San Sebastian, Spain

On the border between France and Spain, in the Basque Country, San Sebastian is a terrific seaside city, with epic surfing spots. Here, you will be jumping from wave to tapas bars, and then relaxing on the sandy beach in one of the most beautiful Spanish towns.

Cantabria has some amazing beaches and surf locations, like Zurriola beach, the ultimate surfing beach in San Sebastian. It is ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers. However, for magnificent views, check out the waves in La Concha beach.

Why: quick lefts in the open bay.

Wave: nice wrap-around northwest swell.

When: November to December.


Unique Coast line in San Sebastian, Spain

9. Watergate Bay England, Sennen Cove

Watergate Bay is the place to surf in the UK, and hundreds of surfers that attend the English national surfing championships will agree. Windsurfing and wave surfing are highly popular here, making Watergate Bay one of the 10 most epic surfing destinations in Europe.

Sennen Cove in Cornwell is another breathtaking beach and surfing place. Sennen Cove and Praa Sands are fantastic surfing places with amazing beaches.

Why: winds and openness are perfect for surfers at all levels.


Surfer at Watergate Bay England, Sennen Cove

10. Most Epic Surf Destinations In Europe: Sardinia, Italy

The beautiful Italian island of Sardinia closes the 10 most epic surf destinations in Europe’s list, with the Mediterranean Sea and sandy beach. Here, you can catch small to medium waves, or strong waves in the west part. Moreover, with 300 perfect days, Sardinia is a surfing paradise.

However, if you want to ride epic swells, then plan your surfing vacation in Sardinia, from November to January. Costa Verde, Buggero in San Nicolo, and Porto Ferro in Alghero are 3 of the beautiful and best  beaches for surfing.

When: September to November, or March to May.

Wave: 3-4 m.

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Drone View of Surfing in Sardinia Italy


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