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Impressive in architecture, rich in history, in the most beautiful cities in the world, the 10 most famous landmarks to visit by rail that should be on your bucket list. From Europe to China, through the most famous gate of Berlin, and to the Forbidden City, here is a sneak peek at the landmarks that will leave you amazed.

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1. The Eiffel Tower Paris

It is really hard to miss this spectacular landmark, 300 meters high iron tower. Whether you are strolling in Le Marais, Notre Dame, or Latin Quarter, this massive icon of Paris will be in sight at all times.

So, if you are traveling to Paris for the first time, you will most definitely visit Eiffel Tower in daylight and at night for a view of the Eiffel all lit up. Therefore, you should be well prepared for your visit and know that the best way to travel to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or anywhere in Europe.

How To Get To The Eiffel Tower By Rail?

The best to travel to the Eiffel Tower is by train. The public transportation system in Paris is very efficient and comfortable. Traveling across the arrondissements and landmarks is super easy, and Eiffel Tower’s central location in the city means it is well connected to the French rail.

Champ de Mars/Tour Eiffel is the closest train station, and Eiffel Tower is just 2 minutes walking from the station. However, getting off at Trocadero station will offer more magical views of the tower and the Seine. You can take RER Line C to the Eiffel Tower every few minutes, and the metro ticket for a single journey is € 1.9.

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The Eiffel Tower in Paris at night


2. Most Famous Landmarks To Visit By Rail: The Great Wall Of China

The world’s greatest man-made landmark, the Great Wall of China took over 2000 years to build. The first wall construction began early in the 7th century, and later additional walls were added to reinforce and turn The Great Wall of China into one of the huge and mind-blowing landmarks in the world.

Since the Great Wall of China is so vast, you can admire it from many places across China, and can take up to 175 days to cross it fully. However, the best place to admire the Great Wall of China is Beijing, the suburbs of Beijing, and towns like Badaling. To conclude, The Great Wall of China’s size, historic significance, and out-of-this-world design make it one of the 10 most famous landmarks to visit by rail.

How To Get To The Great Wall Of China From Beijing?

You should Travel to Huoying Station by subway or take the Airport Express line. Then from Huangtudian Railway Station take the S2 train to Badaling Railway Station. You will see the entrance to the Great Wall at a 20-minute walk from the railway station.


Famous Landmark To Visit By Rail: The Great Wall Of China


3. Most Famous Landmarks To Visit By Rail: The Sistine Chapel Vatican City

Michelangelo’s beautiful frescos have been astounding visitors for ages. The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City is best to visit on Friday evenings and nights in the summer when it is less crowded. The greatest artwork in the world is accessible through the Vatican museums, and you don’t need to book a time to enter it.

The Sistine Chapel is named after the sixth Pope, who built it in the 15th century. Thus, the Frescoes adorning the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel depict the tales from the book of Genesis. In remarkable paint strokes and colors, the frescoes are well-preserved, and you can easily spend an entire day admiring the scenes.

How To Get To The Sistine Chapel From Rome?

The Sistine Chaple is in Vatican City, outside of Rome. therefore, if you are visiting from Milan, Florence or other destination in Europe, you should first take a high-speed train to Rome.  Then, take the train from Roma Tiburtina to Roma St. Pietro station, and it is 14 minutes walking to the Sistine Chapel.


The Sistine Chapel Vatican City Top view


4. Charles Bridge Prague

From Budapest or Vienna, it has never been easier traveling to Charles Bridge from any point in Europe. That is not surprising, considering the fact that the Charles Bridge in Prague is one of the most famous landmarks to visit by train. The gothic stone bridge, statues, central location between Mala Strana and the old town, are just a few of the reasons for its glory.

Furthermore, Charles Bridge is one of the most beautiful and oldest bridges in Europe. Therefore, you will encounter hundreds of tourists looking for the best Instagram pic spot on the Bridge. Yes, at any time of day and year, you will be joining the many visitors in Prague to admire one of the most famous places in the world.

How To Get To Charles Bridge By Rail?

Train travel in Europe is very comfortable and fast, so you can travel to Charles Bridge from any of the neighboring countries. From the main train station (In the local language: Hlavni nadrazi), it is about 13 minutes by metro to Charles Bridge. You could also get there on foot, it is a 25 minutes walk to Charles Bridge from the train station, but less recommended if you are arriving from Dresden, Budapest, or Zermatt.

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The landmark Charles Bridge, Prague


5. Most Famous Landmarks To Visit By Rail: St. Basil’s Cathedral Moscow

One of the most spectacular squares in the world, the Red Square in Moscow is home to the most breathtaking cathedral. St. Basil’s Cathedral is marvelous, with 6 chapels, beautifully and artistically painted in geometric patterns. The magnificent cathedral is beautiful in facade and interiors, with every chapel adorned with engravings and paintings.

St. Basil’s Cathedral is one of Moscow’s top icons and was built as a victory symbol to the defeat of Terrible Ivan, the Khan of Kazan. Thus, since 1561 it is attracting millions of tourists every year for a view of 1 of the most breathtaking landmarks in Russia.

How To Get To St. Basil’s Cathedral?

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is in the Red Square is, and you can take the subway from Leningradsky station to Okhotny Ryad. If you want to see the best of Russia, then a high-speed train from St. Petersburg is the ideal way to travel.


Famous Landmark To Visit By Rail: St. Basil's Cathedral Moscow Russia


6. Peterhof Palace In St. Petersburg

The Russian Versailles was built by Peter the Great as his country estate. On your trip to Peterhof Palace, you will visit the Lower Park, Upper Garden, Sea Channel, and two small palaces – Monplaisir and the Marli Palace. Peter the Great visiting Versailles in the 1770s and realized the french masterpiece into one of the most famous landmarks in Russia today.

The Tsar’s palace is most famous for the fountains, Grand rivers, biblical statues, and gardens. The Germans destroyed this magnificent palace in WWII but successfully renovated it to become a UNESCO world heritage site.

How To Get To Peterhof?

Peterhof palace is one of the top landmarks to visit in St. Petersburg. You can travel to Peterhof by train from Baltiskiy Station to Noviy Peterhof Station.


Golden Landmark, The Peterhof Palace In St. Petersburg


7. Most Famous Landmarks To Visit By Rail: The Colosseum Rome

The colosseum is one of the seven wonders of the modern world, therefore, it is best to visit the Colosseum with a guided tour. Otherwise, the entire rich history of this great construction will be lost for you. The Flavian emperors built this masterpiece as an amphitheater, with the idea of protecting the crowds from rain and wind, in mind.

Today you can visit all levels of the Colosseum, or admire it from the many restaurants and cafes nearby. In addition, the biggest colosseum ever built, is used today as a live music concerts venue. Here, you will see the biggest names in the music world, such as Elton John.

How To Get To The Colosseum?

You can reach the Colosseum from both airports in Rome, by train. There are trains leaving every 15 minutes to Tiburtina station, and then by metro straight to this Italian icon. Obviously, it is very easy to get to the Colosseum from the historic center in Rome.

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Famous Landmark from above: The Colosseum in Roma


8. Most Famous Landmarks To Visit By Rail: Westminster Palace In London

The most famous landmark in England is Westminster Palace and the Big Ben Tower. The Houses of Parliament. Victoria Tower and the most famous tower in the world, Big Ben, form the most famous landmark in England.

Overlooking River Thames, with the London Eye attraction nearby, the setting around Westminster Palace is superb. For amazing panoramic views, visit the London Eye all year round, because the entrance to Westminster is possible only on Saturdays, during July and August.

How To Get To The Westminster Palace And Big Ben?

Take the circle tube line to Westminster or Trafalgar stations. If you are arriving from the London suburbs, anywhere in the UK or Europe, then South Western Railway will be the best way to travel.

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Westminster Palace, London UK


9. The Forbidden City China

In the heart of Beijing, you will find the entrance to the biggest imperial palace in the world. Bigger than Peterhof, the Louvre, Kremlin, and the Vatican, the Forbidden City Palace has 980 palace buildings to explore. In contrast to the other landmarks in the world, this one is all wooden made. With 25 Chinese emperors lived in the palace in the past, the Forbidden City is the largest museum in the world.

The extraordinary landmark has righteously earned its name even nowadays. This is due to the fact that 40% of the palace is still forbidden to visitors. However, you can still see the entire complex from a hilltop in Jingshan Park. The Forbidden City might not be one of the most colorful and beautiful palaces in Europe, but it is most fascinating.

How Do I Get To The Forbidden City?

Shanghai to Beijing is about 5 hours by train, but in Beijing, you can take the metro to the Forbidden City.



10. Most Famous Landmarks To Visit By Rail: Brandenburg Gate Berlin

Brandenburg Gate is Berlin’s most important landmark, as it is the symbol of the Iron Curtain and once divided Berlin. The gate was initially built by the Prussian King Frederick William II, in the 18th century. Thus, the best way to learn about the history behind this icon, briefly and while meeting other travelers, is by a guided walking tour.

In the afternoons and on weekends, the Pariser Platz becomes a stage for many local artists and musicians. You can also witness the locals cycling through the gate and just sitting, chatting, waiting for the sun rays to view through the gate.

How Do I Get To Brandenburg Gate?

The most convenient way of traveling to Brandenburg Gate is by S-Bahn lines, the subway system. Take any line that goes to Brandenburger Tor station.

To Conclude, the location, historic significance, architecture, and magnitude of many of these landmarks attract millions of tourists every year. As you stand before every single landmark, in Europe, Russia, or China, you simply be amazed at the beauty and creation of every single site.

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Brandenburg Gate Berlin on a cloudy day


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