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Romantic, exciting, along the coasts of Italy, in the French Alps outside the doorstep, or somewhere in China, these top 10 wanted couples trips will amaze you.

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1. The Most Wanted Couples Trip: Romantic City Break In Paris

In inspiration to the most romantic movies, Paris is the most romantic setting for a Hollywood-style couple trip. The most romantic city, and one of the most traveled in the world, is still and always be the most wanted destination for couples.

If you have a passion for everything French, patisserie, French gardens, and charming alleys, then a city break in Paris is ideal for you. Moreover, a romantic trip to Paris is the most wanted destination for a couple that loves splurging, and living la vie en rose.

Amsterdam to Paris With A Train

London to Paris With A Train

Rotterdam to Paris With A Train

Brussels to Paris With A Train


The Most Wanted Couples Trip is the Romantic City of Paris


2. Most Wanted Couples Trip to Italy: Amalfi Coast

Food, breathtaking views, and the sea, make the Amalfi coast one of the most wanted destinations for couples trips. The colorful places on the cliffs, winding roads, and the sea by your side, are all you need for a pampering couples’ vacation.

Amalfi Coast is a 50 kilometers coast of charming little alleys, beaches, and hidden travel accommodations with unforgettable views. You could go cruising, or sunbathing, cooking, or dining in one of the wonderful seaside restaurants. The options on Amalfi Coast are endless, even in the tiny towns along the Italian coast, just take your pick!

Milan to Naples With A Train

Florence to Naples With A Train

Venice to Naples With A Train

Pisa to Naples With A Train


Amalfi Coast is on every couple bucket list


3. The Isle of Skye, Scotland

With breathtaking cliffs, scenic views, and fascinating culture, Scotland is one of the most stunning places in the world. The Isle of Skye is one of the breathtakingly beautiful regions in Scotland, and you will need at least 2 weeks to enjoy its many beauties.

Whether you want to admire the view, or discover it on foot in one of the many hiking trails, Isle of Skye is a natural wonder. For example, if you are an adventurous couple, then you will love discovering the geological formation of Quiraing. On the other hand, you could have some romantic time in the Fairy pool, or visit Dunvegan castle and garden.

In other words, the Isle of Skye is an amazing destination for a couples trip, thanks to the spectacular Scottish highlands, valleys, and amazing coastline. Here, you could walk hand in hand, simply enjoy the adventure together.


The Isle of Skye, Scotland


4. The Most Wanted Couples Hiking Adventure In Switzerland

With snowy peaks, green meadows, and scenic views that look like paintings, Switzerland is an amazing couples trip destination. The most wanted couples trips in Switzerland are Zermatt, Rhine Falls, and Lauterbrunnen valley. If you love adventures then Zermatt is the perfect ski destination for you, and if you want to relax in a picturesque setting, then Lauterbrunnen valley is ideal.

Switzerland has endless couples trip destinations, so it really depends on your goals for the romantic getaway. Either way, you will find many romantic spots, for a second honeymoon, or simply because you want to cherish one another, on a special occasion. Therefore,  it is really recommended to plan at least 7 day trip to Switzerland.

Lucerne to Lauterbrunnen With A Train

Geneve to Lauterbrunnen With A Train

Lucerne to Interlaken With A Train

Zurich to Interlaken With A Train


Couples Hiking Adventure In Switzerland


5.  Venice, Italy

Great food, amazing atmosphere, and many hidden romantic spots. A trip to Venice is on every couple’s bucket list. The number of tourists traveling to Venice every year is outstanding, nonetheless, its charm and beauty will captivate you every single time. In fact, it is so charming, that you won’t even notice everyone, and just have an amazing time on your romantic getaway.

A trip to Venice is one of the top 5 most wanted couples trips because it is perfect for a short weekend. The city has many sights, Italian food, and wonderful accommodations options, so you will find paradise on a gondola. However, if you wish to escape and discover surrounding Italian gems then Venice, you can go on one of the many day trips from Venice.

Milan to Venice With A Train

Florence to Venice With A Train

Bologna to Venice With A Train

Treviso to Venice With A Train


Venice canal, Italy


6. Most Wanted Couples Glamping Vacation: The French Alps

Glamping is one of the hottest travel trends in Europe, combined with the French Alps, and you have the most romantic couples’ trip. This type of camping is more pampering and luxurious than basic tent camping. Set in the wild and gorgeous nature, with the breathtaking views of the French Alps.

Cuddling up in your private bungalow, cozy cabin, waking up to the birds singing, having coffee, and going hiking straight from the doorstep – fairytale romance. When your love nest is fully equipped, and in the most scenic locations, you don’t need anything else for an unforgettable romantic vacation.

Lyon to Nice With A  Train

Paris to Nice With A Train

Cannes to Paris With A Train

Cannes to Lyon With A Train


Most Wanted Couples Glamping Vacation is The French Alps


7. Amsterdam: Relaxing Houseboat Holiday

Amsterdam is one of the fun cities in Europe for couples, and a houseboat stay is the most romantic in Amsterdam. The houseboats are one of Amsterdam’s icons, parked along the canals. However, once you step in, you will find it super cozy, intimate, and shielded from the crowds admiring the canals.

Without a doubt, Amsterdam’s vibes, atmosphere, culture, and beauty impress couples from all over the world. Furthermore, city and river views, cafes outside your window, your romantic getaway will be dreamy.

Brussels to Amsterdam With A Train

London to Amsterdam With A Train

Berlin to Amsterdam With A Train

Paris to Amsterdam With A Train


Relaxing Houseboat Holiday in Amsterdam


8.  Couples Trip To London

Great food markets, charming Notting Hill, Kensington Gardens, a couples trip to London is an unforgettable trip. The city offers so many activities, so you might think it is too much for a romantic getaway.

Therefore, it is worth doing a bit of research, from the best location, and things you really want to do. In other words, put together a list of the markets and attractions you want to visit. In addition, leave plenty of time for cocktails on the many rooftop bars. The whole essence of the trip is to bring romance back and have blast together.

Amsterdam To London With A Train

Paris to London With A Train

Berlin to London With A Train

Brussels to London With A Train



9. Most Wanted Couples Trip In Italy: Wine Trip In Tuscany

Vineyards, silky green hills, and Italian food, a trip to the Italian wine capital is on every couple’s bucket list. Walking along the vineyards, sipping from your red wine, and indulging in the tranquil atmosphere, surely you will agree that Tuscany sounds divine.

Indeed, Tuscany is one of the top couples trip destinations every single year. The magic views and wine captivate couples from all over the world, making them return every year.

Florence to Milan With A Train

Florence to Venice With A Train

Milan to Florence With A Train

Venice to Milan With A Train


Panoramic view of wineries in Tuscany


10. Most Wanted Couples Trip In China: Yulong River

China is a fascinating destination, and the Yulong River is one of the most scenic and fascinating places. Yulong River is part of Li River, long and endless, surrounded by green plantations, villages, and rice fields. Thus, going on an adventure along the Yulong River is a magical experience.

In addition to the natural beauty, the Yulong River is home to many villages and ethnic people. Thus, you will have a rare opportunity to learn about the way of life in the Yangshuo area, culture, and art, as it has been for centuries of years.


Simple couples Trip In China's Yulong River


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