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The Ultimate Nepal Travel Guide

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(Last Updated On: 25/02/2022)

Nepal isn’t on everyone’s bucket list, but it should be since it’s a destination that any traveler can enjoy and that will change those who visit. The country is home to the tallest mountain in the world, but it’s an attractive trip to take, even if you’re not a mountain climber. It’s also where some of the most important spiritual sites of Eastern religions are located and the local culture presents an exciting mix of different Asian cultures forged over millennia of complex history. Here is the ultimate Nepal travel guide to this amazing country.


Nepal Travel Guide: When To Visit Nepal?

It’s rather important to time your visit to Nepal since it’s affected by the monsoon that is common in the region. These could be rather severe and they can ruin your trip by keeping you locked in, or worse. The best time to visit is after late September since that’s when the monsoon season stops. Alternatively, sometimes, after April can also be safe and dry enough for a longer visit.

Between April and September is also one of the best times to climb Mount Everest but only to a certain point if you are not experienced. This is also the most beautiful time of the year to visit Nepal since the skies are clear and dry and you can see the beautiful mountaintops that attract so many tourists.

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Nepal Travel Guide: Mount Everest


Nepal Travel Guide: What To Visit?

There are numerous places you can visit in Nepal but the first on the list will always be its capital Kathmandu. It’s not like most of the cities you’ve visited because it is quite old and full of different smells from the craft stores and food. It was a royal city and one of the most popular locations in it is Durbar Square which is under UNESCO.

Another royal city is called Bhaktapur and it’s a bit distinguished from the other cities being on the trading route. The area is also under UNESCO but most of the buildings and statues were damaged after the earthquake in 2015.

Pokhara is one of the natural beauty locations in Nepal because it is surrounded by some of the biggest mountains in the world including Annapurna, Manaslu, and Dhaulagiri. They call it a gateway to the Himalayas and you can hike there or take some time to relax.

Another destination that should be on your list is the Chitwan National Park which is full of wildlife. Even if it isn’t like the preserved locations in Africa, it has some kind of safari atmosphere because of the animals that live there and the hard terrain. Make sure to visit in October when the weather is perfect.

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Nepal Travel Guide: How To Visit?

The most comfortable way to explore Nepal is in your vehicle. It’s a vast country and that’s the fastest and most convenient way to get around. It also allows you to make your schedule instead of being tied down by one.

To do so, you’ll need to obtain an international driving license Nepal authorities will recognize. That document is easy to get if you already have a national driving license. You’ll also need to produce both of them when stopped by the traffic authorities in Nepal. You will be able to use the permit for a year.


Travel Nepal Guide: The Himalayas


The Ultimate Nepal Travel Guide:

1. Bring Water

One important note to make about a visit to Nepal is that the quality of the tap water isn’t sufficient and it’s best to avoid it for health reasons. You can shower or brush your teeth using this water, but you shouldn’t drink it if you have any other alternative.

The best way to go is to invest in a water purification system that you’ll use during your stay in Nepal. Those are easy to get and easy to install and they solve this rather serious issue for you and those who accompany you during the trip.

2. Travel Insurance 

Nepal is one of the safest countries in the region. There’s no political turmoil and there’s very little crime or at least as little as you may expect in a large city filled with tourists. However, it’s still a good idea to have travel insurance while visiting.

This is an additional expense you’ll have to bear, but it’s worth the money since it will cover your expenses in case you get hurt or something gets stolen. There was an earthquake in Nepal in 2015, and that should be a reminder that unexpected things do happen and it’s best to be prepared. Take the time to explore a variety of different policies before making the trip.

3. Nepal Travel Guide: Lifestyle As A Tourist

You shouldn’t expect to have some kind of luxury in Nepal because the majority of people live in poverty. Power outages are happening daily and it’s a normal thing for them. Hotels work in a different way having their generators so you won’t have too many issues but having a separate charger for your phone and other appliances is necessary.

Because electricity is a luxury here, you shouldn’t expect to have fast internet also. Most of the locations will have a connection but it won’t be the same as you have at home. Transport can also be a problem if you don’t have your ride because busses are old and uncomfortable.

Those who are concerned about safety shouldn’t worry a lot because it is considered a safe country to travel to. Even if it’s a poor country, it isn’t like some beautiful locations in Mexico or other countries that are filled with crime. This is mostly because of the local people which are very friendly and will help you with anything in need.

When it comes to money and how much the trip will cost you, it is one of the cheaper locations compared to what it has to offer. For $1 you will get 103 Rupees but make sure you have enough with you because some ATMs will have a limit of 10 000 Rupees which is around $100. Meals and snacks will cost you from less than a dollar up to $3. Meals for the whole day in a hotel will be around $8.

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Transport In Nepal


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